Cat Behavior Myth

Felines are one of the most desire animals in many households because of the warm, tender, and bewildering characteristics that they possess. However, a lot of people do not really like this particular animal because of its behavior. Cats are known to behave in a mysterious way which is not like by many. However, these Cat Behavior problems are just myths and stereotypes that have been exaggerating by people now and then. Let’s check out a few of them!

Cats Love Solitude And Like To Remain Alone At Home:

Cats Love Solitude

This is one of the common myths about cats that they love to be alone and stay away from humans. But this is not true. Much like other animals when left alone, cats too develop separation anxiety which might lead them to lack appetite, vocalization, and vomiting. In fact, cats do need more grooming and love than any other pet animal. It is very important to keep your cat engage with you by playing with them, petting them, and talking to them.

Cats Cannot Be Trained Or Instructed:

Cats Cannot Be Trained

The fact that cats cannot be train is absolutely false. It is as easy to train cats as it is easy to train a dog. Cats can be taught positive husbandry characteristics like brushing, handling, or nail trims, foundation behaviors like attention, targeting, and also some fun tricks like rolling over or giving high fives! It is important for the owner to take it positively to train cats as this may not only encourage the cat’s enthusiasm and activity but also help strengthen the animal-human bond. Still, you can always Discipline a cat.

Showing Their Belly Means They Want To Be Petted There:

Cat Showing their belly

Lying against their belly and showing their abdomen may mean a lot of things other than that the cat wants to be petted in their belly area. Some cats use that as a defensive mechanism when they can find no other way to escape. Lying on their back they can use their claws and teeth to attack the predator. It may also mean that the cat is in a playful mood and wants to play with its favorite toy or feather. Also, it may mean that they are very much comfortable in that particular environment and want to rest.

Cats Who Scratch Furniture Are Ill-Mannered Felines:

Cat Scratching Furniture

It is not at all true that cats that are find to be scratching furniture, sofa sets, or carpets are ill-manner. Scratching is absolutely normal behavior for cats. When they scratch these kinds of stuff, they simply strengthen their claws, mark their territory or stretch their muscles. To avoid getting your sofa set or furniture from getting ruined, one can actually provide them with scratching mats especially meant for this purpose.

Cats Do Not Really Get Along With Other Cats In The House:

Cat Behavior

This is yet another myth about cats not enjoying the company of their fellow felines. Having another cat in the house, especially from the same breed can make the cat friendlier and help get a companion. It highly increases their chances of bonding with the other cats making them more social around other animals and even humans. They may have their own playtime and make them active animals altogether.

As we can see these are some common myths about cat behavior. That makes a lot of people reluctant on making felines their pets despite their liking towards the animals. These myths need to be debunk as cats make for an amazing pet. It can grow actively amidst a favorable environment.

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