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No matter how much you love your pets and you want to keep them with you, there will be a time when you unwantedly have to leave them alone for some time. This could be unexpected travel, trips, vacations, or emergencies. It’s always best to take your beloved dogs or cats with you, but what if the hotel or the place you’re saying will not be pet friendly? Now there will be a huge issue of where you should keep your pet in the middle of your vacation. This is where pet boarding options come in handy.

If you’re also facing the same situation and searching for ‘dog boarding near me,’ you’ve come to the right page!  Apart from the no pet policy, travel with pets is really expensive. Sometimes, people leave their pets with neighbors with no pet experience. Imagine your neighbor feeding dog food to your cat or vice versa because they don’t know the difference between the two. Horrible, right?

On the other hand, home dog boarding is the best way to help care for your four-legged friend while you are away because of work or some other thing. Pet boarding is the perfect option when you’re going for either long or short trips.

Are you also looking for the best dog boarding for your beloved puppy? Just by typing best dog boarding near me on google, you’ll see hundreds of pages in front of your screen. Yes, many pet boarding is available all over the country, but finding one will not do the job. You’ve to find the right one for your puppy, and it’s essential and extremely important.

So to help you out and make your travel stress-free, we’ve made a list of ‘dog daycare near me.’ These pet boarding services will give your dog a complete care routine, and your doggo will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Before getting onto the list of best boarding for dogs near me, let’s first understand what dog boarding actually is and what are its different types.

What is Dog Boarding?

dog boarding near me

Dog boarding is a place where you can leave your dog overnight or for a few days. Dog boarding is sometimes called a dog hotel, kennel, or dog resort. This facility center can be a traditional dog kennel-style place or a more modern free-roaming dog hotel.

It provides all kinds of dog services, including pet sitting, Pet walking, grooming, and many more. These places have a safe environment for your puppy where they can have a fun and relaxed stay.

Types of Dog Boarding

These days different types of dog boarding are available. So if you’re confused about which one to select, here are three types of dog boarding:

Kennel Crates

dog boarding near me

If you want to train your puppy on how to socialize or your pet has anxiety issues, kennel crates will be the best option. Boarding kennels will take care of your dog while you’re away.

It has all the basic facilities such as basic shelter, food, and exercise. They also provide extra services, including bathing and grooming and extra exercise. Your dog can leave their kennel 2-3 times a day to play with other dogs.

Private Pet Boarding

dog boarding near me

Another type of pet boarding is private rooms. This is especially for the dogs who don’t feel good in kennels. This is an in-house boarding where the pet has its own personal room with all its personal things like a bed, toys, and blanket.


dog boarding near me

This is best for those pets who feel anxious without company or when they are left alone. Cage-free dog boarding means your puppy can enjoy being with other dogs throughout their stay. They’ll share food with others and sleep in a room which is shared between a maximum of five other dogs.

7 Best Dog Boarding Near Me

Now you know what dog boarding is and various types of pet boarding. Now it’s finally time to know about the pet boarding near me. Whether you’re looking for ‘boarding kennels near me,’ ‘dog hotel near me,’ or ‘boarding for dogs near me,’ you’ll find the perfect place for your puppy in the below list. We’ve also included the cost of dog boarding per day and years of experience.

So, let’s get started.

1. Kirsten H.

Dog Boarding Near Me
  • Location: Cedar Grove, TN
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Price: $8-15/hr
  • Experience: 10 yrs exp

If you’re living in Tennessee and looking for dog boarding near me, the Kirsten H. will be a great option for you. With 10 years of experience and Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified, this place is perfect for your dog to feel the same at home. She has been helping and rescuing animals for a very long time.

She currently accepts only small dogs weighing 40 lbs. or less and charges about $8-15/hr. She is a nonsmoker and owns a reliable car with a pick and drop service within a 25-mile radius which is absolutely free of cost. She provides boarding, pet sitting, walking, grooming, and transportation services.


“I have known Kirsten for many years, and she is reliable and very kind to our fur babies. She treats them as if they are family and not someone’s pet. You will never have to worry if they are being cared for properly, and they probably will even look forward to staying with her as they get to know her better. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Dawn D. (Feb 7th, 2022).

2. Joan S.

dog boarding
  • Location: Oakland, CA
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Price: $30-50/hr
  • Experience:
  • View Full Profile: Joan S.

Joan S. is the owner of the Doggy Daycare And Boarding. She lives in a Jack London Square apartment and offers both pet boarding at her or your place. She can help your pup with sitting, walking, and boarding with a hybrid work schedule. Dogs are allowed on furniture, and there are also extra services like bathing and grooming.


“I’ve used her services when the children were toddlers and just recently as tweens and to help me train my new puppy. She was able to calm my puppy down, who has separation anxiety. Joan was assertive with her training technique and quickly had my puppy warm up to her. Joan is very flexible with my many asks for caring my children and pets.” – Ging L. (June 30th, 2022)

3. FurBabySitter

dog boarding
  • Location: Miami Beach, FL 33141
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Experience: 1 Year
  • View Full Profile: FurBabySitter

FurBabySitter is owned by Shaina Ruiz, aka Nina. She is popularly known as an animal whisperer and holds a good experience with dogs. She has 2 dogs and 2 cats of her own. She provides various services such as overnight stay pet sitting, pet care, any small pet sitting, and many more.


“Amazing! She took care of my animals with so much ease.” – Sandra Brown (Aug 21st, 2021)


dog boarding
  • Location:  Miami Florida
  • Rating: 5.0
  • View Full Profile: ORANGE GROOMING INC

Are you looking for kennels near me? If you live in Miami, Florida, check out Orange Grooming Inc. Directed by Yoelvis Molina and Andreina Molina, this is a modern facility with excellent services.

All the groomers are professionals with more than 15 years of experience. They provide quality services, including fashion and beauty treatments such as Straight & Curly, Color highlights, Decorated Pawdicure and Braided & Glittered hair.

You can contact them for services for your dog like full grooming, regular baths, Boarding & Daycare, Special shampoo treatments, etc.

5. Madison C.

dog boarding
  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Price: $12-20/hr
  • View Full Profile: Madison C.

Do you have to travel for some days and you’re searching on google, dog kennel near me? No worries, your search ends here!

Madison C. loves animals and owns a cat and a tripod dog. She will take good care of your pets when you’re at work or away! You can view her full profile and contact her for dog walking, boarding and sitting.


“Madison helped care for our dogs while out of town. She even sent pictures which helped us know they were well taken care of.” – Dean J. (Feb 23rd, 2022).

6. Nicole R.

dog boarding
  • Location: Cheltenham, PA
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Price: $15-25/hr
  • Experience: 1 year
  • View Full Profile: Nicole R.

Nicole R just graduated with her master’s degree in occupational therapy and is also studying for her boards. She has years of experience in pet sitting (dogs and cats) for her friends and family. She provides multiple dog boarding and sitting services in Cheltenham, PA.


“Very personable, she appears to enjoy her job; my fur baby loves her. If she loves her, then I couldn’t ask for anything else. I would recommend her any time.” – Lee S. (Aug 13th, 2021).

7. Onhowliday Pet Sitters

best dog boarding near me
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Experience: 10 years
  • View Full Profile: Onhowliday Pet Sitters

If you’re looking for a place that can be your pet’s second home, contact Onhowliday Pet Sitters. Whether you’re going out of town or there is an emergency, you can leave your pet here without worrying too much.

Onhowliday Pet Sitters is a trustworthy and reliable dog kennel. They have over 35 years of experience and have also trained hundreds of dogs. They can provide various dog boarding services, including dog behavior therapy and conditioning.


“We had a great experience! George was very kind, professional, and knowledgeable. Because we have a Great Dane, we were looking for someone who was going to be comfortable sitting a dog of his size, and George has tons of experience. We also appreciated that he would send us pictures every day.” – Liza Z.

Find the Best Dog Boarding Near Me!

best dog boarding near me

So these are some of the best dog boarding near me.

I hope this in-depth dog boarding guide has helped you to understand what dog boarding is and how it works. Now, based on your needs, you can pick either dog daycare near me, boarding kennels near me, or a dog hotel near me.

If you find this blog on pet boarding helpful and informative, share it with your friends and family looking for the best dog boarding nearby.

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