dog food brands to avoids

Our dogs mean a lot to our family and us. We always ensure that we are giving our best to give them a healthy and joyful life. Many times we unwillingly get those things and products that may harm our pooch. One of the core subjects to keep your dog healthy is the right food. And when I say right food, it means there are certain dog food brands to avoid. We must understand that all the food products we buy from stores or brands are not made to maintain the same quality. There are hundreds of food products that your dog can consume. You have to understand that every product is not the same. Some products contain ingredients, which are not helpful and suitable for your pup. For all those who don’t know, there is a difference between good and bad dog foods. Dog foods play a vital role in maintaining the health of your companion. Thus, it is exceptionally significant to explore and differentiate the list of bad dog food.

In this blog, I list some of the worst puppy food brands you must avoid while shopping for dog food. So, before wasting any time further, let us move on with the blog. I have listed all those dog foods to avoid that may cause harm to your dog’s health.

List of Bad Dog Food in this year: Avoid It for the Good

Here are some of the worst dog foods to avoid. I have listed 11 different dog food brands to avoid if you are planning dog food.

IAMS Dog Food

IAMS Dog Food: dog food brands to avoid

IAMS Proactive Health Dog Food seems to be beneficial based on the packaging. The core item of the product is Chicken, which is one of the best sources of protein consumption. Though chicken is the best source, it even has some additional additives that are not good for dogs.

It includes fillers like sorghum and corn meals that are not good for your dog’s health and digestive system. It does not have any additional nutritional value. Both the ingredients have no plus points, instead, they are heavier to digest.

If you want to know why this is a dog food to avoid for your dog? It contains beet pulps. Beet pupils are high in sugar-containing meat that is not good for dogs. Your dog can quickly put on weight. Putting on weight is an excellent source of welcoming health problems.

Kal Kan Complete

Kal Kan Complete: dog food brands to avoid

Kal Kan is one of the oldest brands. Anyhow, it is considered in bad dog food brands list all because of the primary ingredient. Corn is the primary ingredient in the Kal Kan brand. You will never want to feed your dog with fillers.

Corn is not a raw ingredient. There are chances that manufacturers are using preservatives to keep the corn fresh for consumption. It indicates that there is a significant risk if you let your dog consume this product. The other ingredient is the bone meal. Bone meal is beneficial, yet your dog will not get any extra benefits of nutrition and proteins.

Wheat is one more filler ingredient in the food item. Wheat may not suit every dog and cause them health or digestive problems. Thus, it is better to avoid this bad dog food.

Twin Pet Dog Food

Twin Pet Dog Food: dog food brands to : avoid

Like the previous worst dog food product, Twin Pet Dog food has corn as its core ingredient. This brand is popularly known for being a plant-based nutritional diet. Secondly, it has 37 to 49% of meat by-products that are not healthy for your dog.

If you want to serve them with meat benefits, get the real meat. These by-products in the food item are not fresh. Secondly, the product is even made up of wheat fillers, a lousy source of food consumption for your dog friend. Thus, this is again considered in the list of bad dog food brands.

Purina Dog Chow

Purina Dog Chow: dog food brands to avoid

It is said that the cost of the brand also indicates the quality of the product. As per all the other worst dog food on the list, this one is the cheapest of all. It is one such dog food that has the lowest protein and nutritional value.

Corn, whole grains, and soybean are the core ingredients in the product. Or we can say that they are not worth investing and feeding to your companion. The worst part about the food brand is that the product can be harmful to your dog’s health.

Thus we can say that this is a dog food to avoid.

Gravy Train

Gravy Train: dog food brands to avoid

The only problem with this food item is the quantity of the real meat. Real meat is comparatively less than a beef by-product. Beef by-products are not a healthy source of ingredients for your dog to consume. There are other fillers too that are not healthy for your body.

The product contains cornstarch, preservatives, soy, and additional colorings. All these fillers are very risky for more than average dog breeds. It is said that dog stomachs are usually very sensitive. They need healthy food items that support their digestive system. Thus, you can say that this is the worst puppy food you can get.


Pedigree: dog food brands to avoid

Pedigree is one of the most prevalent dog food brands. However, there are some particular products of pedigree that are considered in the list of worst dog food. Many such products contain the majority of whole-grain corn.

Whole grain corn is the primary reason for common digestive problems in your dog. Whole grain corn is a reason for the cause of allergies in dog breeds. They even use artificial flavors and beef by-products. Both of them are not healthy for every dog breed. Read all the ingredients on the pack before buying. If you find any such ingredients in the same brand, consider it bad dog food immediately.

Cesar Filets

Cesar Filets: dog food brands to avoid

One of the most crucial ingredients in dog food is salt. If salt is overused in the food item, it is no longer a healthy content. The higher salt content in the food product is the base cause of all the health problems.

If you think salt content won’t affect your dog’s health, you are wrong. It can adversely affect their health, causing them to have weak bodies. If you want your dog to live a long and healthy life, it is essential not to serve them with this worst dog food.


Diamond: dog food brands to avoid

Diamond Dog Food is recognized as a premium food product. However, the price rates are not at all justifying the premium quality of the food brand. The chelated minerals are one of the good things about the food brand.

The brand contains more of a plant diet which is not beneficial for your dog. Dogs require more animal meat, real meat. It is full of wheat, soy, and corn. Honestly, all these things are not helpful for your dog. In short, it means that there is no need to invest in these bad dog food brands.

Kibbles N’ Bits

Kibbles N' Bits: dog food brands to avoid

Kibbles N Bits is not a prominent dog food brand for your dog. It does not contain the proper nutrients. The core ingredient is corn, and the leftover food is mixed with soybean. It even contains wheat flour and meat by-products.

Honestly, there is no actual meat in this entire food. The entire food is a complete synthetic combination of food. All this sums up the fact that it is not at all helpful for your dog.

Ol Roy Dog Food

Ol Roy Dog Food: dog food brands to avoid

When you commit to the dog owners for the excellent quality, you must stick to your words. Unfortunately, Ol’ Roy fails to stick to their commitment. The base ingredient of the food item is corn and soybean.

They contain additive fillers like ground wheat and meat by-products. The food also contains a particular amount of citric acid, which is not advisable for dogs breeds. Citric acid causes digestive issues and dental problems. In general, all these ingredients in the food item fit in a bad dog food brand list.



Beneful is a dog product that Purina runs. They are good and promising in keeping their words. The food product contains all the real meat in them. The problem steps in when there is a high containment of meat by-products. No matter how much you try to maintain the proteins and nutrients with the help of real meat, adding by-products eliminates them all.

They use additive preservatives and food coloring to make the food look more appealing and tasty. This factor turns out to be the ideal reason for common health issues and allergies.

What Factors Do Dog Food Brands Avoid?

Before that, we move on with the list and understand what factors to consider for all those dog foods to avoid.

When we go to any store to buy dog food, we consider the raw contents that make the final product. In this, there are several factors that we usually avoid reading before we buy. Here are those factors that are worth considering as bad dog food brands.

Synthetic Components

dog food brands to avoid: Synthetic Components

I am pretty sure every food brand has particular food dyes and flavors added to them. Honestly, they are not required if you add a sufficient amount of nutrients and varieties of animal meat.

When you consider these two core ingredients in the right amount, there is no need to add additives, flavorings, and food colors to the food product. If you utilize various proteins and different real meat, there is no need for any additional additives.

Foreign Fillers

Foreign Fillers dog food brands to avoid

Many dog food producers consider ingredients like soy, wheat, grains, corn, and other fillers in the food. This is a strategic move. It makes the food look like there is more than meat and proteins in the food.

Though these are not extremely harmful to your dog’s health, foreign fillers affect their overall calorie count. So being loyal and caring owners, we must take their utmost care. These stomach fillers will fill them fully but may harm their health shortly.

Four-D Meats

Four-D Meats dog food brands to avoid

Four D products are a by-product that is considered a good source of protein and mineral consumption. However, the matter is, these by-products are substitutive ingredients. Proteins and nutrients from a by-product must be a core source of consumption.

Even the vet suggests that by-products are not the correct choice for your puppy. By-products are leftovers that are risky for your dogs. These leftovers, at times, are lower in quality that can worsen your dog’s health.

The Bottom Line 

Our dogs are our real friends. It is our primary duty to take their complete care. Serving them with healthy dog food is crucial. I have listed all the dog food brands to avoid for your dog. All the dog food on the list is not at all reliable. It is a humble request to check all the ingredients on the back of the pack when you buy any for your dog.

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