Doggie Doors

Dog ownership demands the most versatile capabilities as it constitutes quite a lot of work. However, when there is immense love for pets one would happily agree to immerse themselves in all the intricacies that come in the form of care and provide them with a healthy lifestyle. But, it is quite impossible for the owners to be physically present to take care of every step of the puppies. Consequently, it is essential to always look for easier options that would not only serve the needs of the puppies but also save a lot of effort. One such idea is to install doggie doors that can be easily accessible to dogs especially, puppies which require extra attention.

This alleviates the struggle to keep work aside every time the dog needs to go out for peeing. An organized doggie door even allows the dogs to stretch their legs, control wet weather conditions, and many more and keep the pet happier.

Here are various doggie doors that one can choose from, however, before that one needs to understand the needs of their pet.

What to Consider While Choosing a Doggie Door

What to Consider While Choosing a Doggie Door

Various parameters are considered while choosing the perfect fit for the pets. The aim is to give them easy access and enough space to move around without any hindrance. Some of the important criteria are discussed here-

Size – the first criterion is to select the size of the door that allows easy movement. Too short or too high a door can accidentally hurt the pet or they simply may refuse to use it. Hence, it is vital to opt for lower step-over and wider doors to facilitate easy mobility without any trouble or pain.

Materials- vinyl flaps are generally used as it is flexible and easier to install. But, it damages over time and requires reinstallations frequently.

Insulation and Efficiency

Insulation and Efficiency of Dog Door

Most manufacturers offer a good insulation layer and energy efficiency. However, before opting one needs to check whether they provide an insulated flap, a double flap, or fasteners to keep the flap secured in extreme weather.

Security- this is the most important aspect to check out as this not only alleviates the stress of the owner but also keeps your dog happy. A manual lock is a must, however, many doors are available with extra security options.

Types of Different Doggie Doors

Currently, a wide range of doggie doors is available in the market in various sizes and styles. People also go for customized solutions according to their pet’s home situation. The most common types of doggie doors are discussed below-

Door-Mounted Pet Door

This is a classical type of doggie door with a simple flap so that the dog can easily go in and out. The owner can keep the pet inside by securing the flap with a block. One can easily install such types of doors on their own, however, it can be a bit tedious at times. Moreover, new door models with two or three flaps are available these days which can be easily installed in the outer yard to keep intruders away.

Wall-Mounted Pet Door

Rather than restricting the dog to a particular position inside the home one can choose a wall-mounted pet door. This allows the pet to have more space often in the backyard garage or garden. This type of door is installed by creating a space inside the wall to allow easy passage for the pets. This is the most complicated while installing however with professional aid it can be of huge help.

Window-Mounted Pet Door

Window-mounted doggie doors are easy to install and come with locking covers. This allows owners to let their dogs free all the time and only lock them when needed.

Sliding Glass Door Installation

Dog owners with sliding glass doors can install this type of doggie door where a small area is replaced with a flap-operated door. Sliding glass doors are installed with independent locks to secure the doggie door.

Electronic Dog Door

Electronic doggie doors are by far the most secure option of all. Especially, when there is fear of wild animals and other intruders this is the best option. Like the usual dog doors, it is also installed in the main doors of homes, however, it comes with an extra layer of insulation which is very convenient for people living with their pets in extreme weather conditions.


Giving dogs a secure yet independent, and keeping them healthy is the goal of every dog owner. As ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, choosing the perfect doggie doors reduces a lot of worries and makes life beautiful for both the dog and its owner.

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