How Long Are Cats in Heat

If you have decided to get a cat at your home, you must take proper care of your cat. You must know everything about your cat, and one of the important things to know is the heat cycle and how long cats are in heat.In simple words, a heat cycle is a reproduction cycle in unspayed female cats. This cycle is also known as the oestrous cycle.

Stay with us to know everything about the heat cycles of the cat.

What Does it Mean When a Cat is in Heat?

What Does it Mean When a Cat is in Heat

To people who don’t know what heat means, we will explain it to you in simple words.

When a cat is in the heat, it simply means that the female cat is ready to mate or, say, have sex, and they can become pregnant. It is also known as the oestrus stage and begins when the cats are 5 to 10 months old.

Can Male Cats Go Into Heat?

Can Male Cats Go Into Heat

No, the male cats don’t go in the heat. Only the female cats go into the heat, so there is no question of how long these males go into heat because the question could only be how long are female cats in heat? Which we will answer further. However, it must be noted that male cats reach sexual maturity at the same time as female cats.

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat?

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat

If you decide not to get your cat spayed, then you need to know how long cats stay in the heat.

According to the experts, the answer to the question How long are cats in heat? Is – average for seven days. However, it can range from 3 days to 20 days. This internal state can occur multiple times in a year.

A cat enters the heat every 15 to 20 days, and this cycle will keep going till the cat gets pregnant or gets spayed.

A cat will start entering the heat when they are four to five months, which coincides with the time you would have your cat spayed.

Now, you are well aware of how long cats are in heat.

Signs That Your Cat in the Heat

Signs That Your Cat in the Heat

After knowing how long is a cat in heat, you must know the signs of your cat in the heat.

Here are some common behaviours you may notice when your cat is in the heat.

1. Increase in Affection

When cats are in heat, their affection level increases a lot. At this time, they love to be petted and scratched on their back. So, if you find a sudden increase in affection, you must know that your cat is in the heat.

2. More Vocalization

When your cat is in the heat, you will hear a lot of “meows” throughout the day and louder than before.

3. Putting Their Hindquarters in the Air

Another clue your cat is looking for a mate is if they raise their butt and wriggle it slightly.

4. Rubbing the Face on the Things Around the House

The cats rub their face on the things around to spread their scent. If you notice your cat is increasingly rubbing its face on things at home, like jeans and a sofa, then the cat is in the heat.

5. Spraying Urine and Menstruation

Urine spraying is another symptom that your cat is in heat and eager for a relationship. Occasionally, cats may bleed while they are in heat. This is entirely typical. There may be a problem with more blood than usual, such as a urinary tract infection.

Stages of Cat’s Heat Cycle

Stages of Cat’s Heat Cycle

1. Proestrus

This stage is of one or two days.

The cat might begin attracting unneutered male cats at this point, but she won’t be prepared to breed with them.

Some of the cats may show an increase in affection and rub their head & neck against the objects in this phase.

2. Estrus

This stage is of one to two weeks. In this stage, the cat is open to mating. Whether or not she mates will determine how long this period lasts.

At this period, a female cat will exhibit more obvious indications. She might roll about on the ground, oud calls or vocalizations, rub against things and crouching on the ground with her bottom raised. In this stage, many cats may also lose their appetite and become more affectionate towards their owners.

3. Interests

This stage is of 2-3 weeks. At this stage, the estrogen levels of the cat will reduce a lot, and the cat won’t show any type of sexual behaviors.

4. Anestrus

Now, the fourth stage is anestrus, when the female cats have stopped reproducing. At this stage, the estrus cycle and cat’s reproductive organs are inactive.

Due to the increased exposure to sunshine, outdoor cats are more likely to go through this stage.

5. Diestrus

This stage happens if the cat becomes pregnant during the estrus stage. At the Diestrus stage, the fertilized eggs turn into embryos. After mating, the embryos will take around 12 days to implant in the uterus.

At What Heat Stage Can My Cat Get Pregnant?

At What Heat Stage Can My Cat Get Pregnant?

The term “in heat” means the time in the cat’s reproductive cycle when she can become pregnant. When the cats are in the Estrus heat stage, they can get pregnant. When the cats reach sexual activity, they experience being in the heat – which is typically around the four-month mark.

Are Cats in Pain When They Are in the Heat?

Are Cats in Pain When They Are in the Heat

The cat heat cycle is a normal part of every cat’s life. Being in heat may not result in pain. However, they may face discomfort during that period.

When your cat in heat makes a loud, wailing sound, you may presume they’re uncomfortable. But rest assured; the increased vocalization is just your cat’s way of attracting a potential suitor.

What Should I Do If the Cat is in the Heat?

Knowing what to do if your cat is in the heat is very important. You can do various things if the cat is in the heat.

Here are some of the things that one can consider to calm your cat when she is in the heat:

  • Show affection to your cat
  • Keep distance between them and male cats
  • Use catnip
  • Make them sit on a heating pad or warm towel
  • Make use of artificial cat pheromones
  • Clean up the litter box

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Cat From Going Into Heat?

Heat behaviours may lead to various problems for the cat’scat’s parents. Thus, you must know how to prevent your cat from entering heat.

The only way to prevent your cat from going into heat is to get her spayed. Healthy kittens can be spayed when they are of six to eight weeks. Getting the female cat spayed before their first heat cycle is advised.

Benefits of Spaying the Cat

Here are the benefits of spaying or neutering cats:

  1. Spaying removes the possibility of unplanned reproduction.
  2. It removes the possibility of testicular cancer.
  3. Decreases the production of testosterone, thereby reducing the possibility of pet-to-pet aggression.
  4. Reduces the cat’s tendency to roam around looking for a mate.
  5. Spaying reduces the chances of urine spraying.


1. How Many Days Does a Cat Bleed in the Heat?

Like humans, cats begin having an estrus cycle at the start of puberty, around the age of four to six months, and the cycle can last anywhere from seven to ten days.

2. Do Indoor Cats Go into Heat?

If the indoor cat is not spayed, it will go into heat.

3. Do All Cats Cry When in Heat?

When the cat is in the heat, she may moan and meow more than usual.

4. Do Cats Need Diapers When in Heat?

Diapers are a great way to save your carpet and couch from getting bloodstains.

5. What Are the Disadvantages of Spaying a Cat?

The most common disadvantage of spaying is – weight gain.

Final Thoughts

Here, we conclude our blog on “How long are cats in heat”? Now, you will be able to understand your cat’s heat cycle well. So, do make the necessary steps for spaying your cat and, most importantly, consult the vet to get the best idea about the condition of your cat.

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