How long can a dog go without eating?

That’s an oddly phrased question – you must ne’er build your dog “go while no food.” Hundreds of dog owners have a question, “how long can a dog go without eating”. Then let me tell you, if your dog is sick, and you’re asking what to do with your disturbed dog if it has gone too long while he is without food, then take him/her to the vet now.

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Dogs and cats usually hide symptoms once they are sick. For dogs and for lions—the solely huge cats that sleep in clusters—evolutionary history settled that weak members of a pack can be targeted and killed for being the “weakest link” within the group.  I am explaining this as a result of concealing sickness continues to be an awfully common attribute in our domesticated dogs and cats. Which means that if they are sick they will keep it covert for as long as attainable, then by the time you notice symptoms—like refusing to eat or drink—whatever ails them might have progressed into one thing quite seriously. (A vet friend of mine says regarding our dog & cat companions that in cases of great illness, the symptoms or “warning signs” usually return too late. This behaviour is usually additional pronounced in cats, though it’s additionally a standard attribute seen with dogs.)

This data isn’t meant to imply certainty that one thing terrible is afflicting your dog if he or she is not on their regular consumption schedule; however, that might be the case. Till your animal is evaluated by a vet, it’s impossible to inform which—meaning your dog has to be seen by a vet asap.

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Can you elaborate on your question? How long can a dog go without eating? Is he/she is having any health issues? What are the other symptoms? Might the animal have eaten one thing toxic, like components of a social unit plant, medication, one thing tough (like a sock) or human food that’s toxic to dogs? Common human foods that are toxic for dogs embody grapes/raisins—which truly increase in toxicity the longer they’re left untreated during a dog’s system—onions, chocolate, etc.

If your dog skips a meal, and has symptoms like diarrhoea and is refusing to drink water additionally, bring them to the vet ASAP. If there are no other different symptoms then wait to examine if they’ll eat their meal a touch later or at successive supper time. If a whole day has passed and your dog isn’t eating—even if no different symptoms are a gift and they’re still drinkable, it’s still enough to cause for concern to warrant a visit to the vet ASAP.

Best of luck, and if you care to reply with additional details, I’m happy to elaborate on something which will be useful to you. Simply remember: once unsure, see a vet!