how long do birds live

It is generally consider difficult to extract information on the exact longevity of each and every bird in our surroundings. This is so because there are around 10000 different kinds of bird species in the world making it difficult to collect data on their life expectancy.

However, it is said that birds do live for a longer span of time. For example, few parrot species like cockatiels and budgies can live up to twenty years in confinement provide their needs are well look after. On the other hand, bigger parrot species like macaws can go on to live up to a hundred years provide they are also taking well care of.

 How Long Do Birds Live

The life span of birds depends on various factors. Every species of bird have different life spans. The environmental factor is not really consider that important while estimating their life expectancy as most birds are born and grow in the wild and their bodies are pretty much adaptable to their nearby surroundings and changing atmosphere there.

It is also assume that the lifespan of birds is dependent on their sizes. If a bird is bigger in size, it may live up to a few more years than a bird that is smaller in size. However, this is not always true and we sometimes get to witness the opposites as well.

 How Long Do Birds Live

It is say that birds can live for a longer time if held in captivity. Even if the captivity is zoo captivity. That is because when in captivity, the needs and wants of the birds are take care of. They are fed in proper time intervals, given food that suits their body, water intake, etc.

On the other hand, a bird living in the wild may not always get all these adequate needs necessary for its long survival. The longest living bird in captivity is an Andean Condor which lives for seventy-seven years. And the longest-living bird in the wild is the Northern Royal Albatross which lives up to sixty years.

 How Long Do Birds Live

Birds are knows to live a difficult life. In fact, the mortality rates of birds are higher than their birth date these days. There are many reasons for it. For example, habitat destruction, deforestation at large scales, global warming, diseases, loss of food, and accidents amongst many. Today studies have find that besides species, something that really affects the life span of every bird is the nutrition they get and the housing where they are kept.

Unlike other pets like cats and dogs, the owners of birds do not really find it important to consult an avian veteran regarding the nutrition that needs to be provide to the birds. In most cases, it is witness that birds are fed low nutrition and high-fat food including seed food that causes hyperlipidemia and other diseases.

 How Long Do Birds Live

Pet birds are mostly see to be a cage in small cages wherein they don’t get the opportunity. To exercise as they are unable to move to cause weight gain and heart/kidney failure. Also, indoor birds are more prone to chemical-base air, smoke, and other toxins which can reduce their longevity. On the other hand, birds living in the wild are more prone to being shot down by hunters, loss of water availability, lack of food, etc.

These points prove that it is immaterial whether a bird lives in the wild or in captivity. The longevity of the bird cannot be dependent on one sole reason. It is utmost that all birds require proper care and nutrition. To live a long, healthy, and happy life. Birds like parrots can live for decades whereas there are birds that do not live for even five years. It is very necessary to keep a check on their nutrition and health to let them live a long life.

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