Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Beautiful Victoria Crowned Pigeon: Important Facts


Having pet is a matter of choice and different people have different taste of pets but there are people who love birds more than anything and if you are among them then you might have come across Victoria Crowned Pigeon and if not then you should watch that bird and you would be pleased to see this beautiful creation of nature. This bird can be sighted in zoos as well as in forested areas and this particular variety of pigeon is so beautiful that you would instantly fall in love with it the moment you would see this bird and that is the reason that many people wonder about petting this bird because at the end of the time it is a pigeon and pigeons are very good pet but the story about this variety of pigeon is quite different and they are not that easy to handle kind of birds and as they are habituated to live in huge space so you cannot keep it in cage every time and you can pet them only if you can get a huge house and lots of spare time to look after this bird and so it is not idle for office going person because this bird do need lots and lots of your attention. If you still want to keep this in your home as a pet then there are certain things that you need to know about this bird before getting it in your home and if you are wondering about that then here is everything that you need to know about Victoria crowned pigeon:

Historical Fact About The Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

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You would mostly find this bird in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom and they are rarely in homes as they are actually not the best pet option but bird lovers often get them home and as they are rare in pet trade so getting one Victoria crowned pigeon for your home is very tough and you may have to do a lot of researches as well as studies to get the perfect one for your home otherwise you may mistake them with the wild one and that would not be good for the wild bird as well as for your home at the same time. This bird is so beautiful that it has been named after Queen Victoria’s crown and this is because of the beautiful crown that they have on their head. They are actually from the New Guinea Island and previously they were used to be captive for a year. You would be amazed to know that this bird is the longest living pigeon variety in the world and they are also the only living relatives of the Dodo birds which have already been extinct. This so saddening to hear that hunter still hunt this beautiful bird for the features and they are also eaten by many people and that is threatening the population of Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Now that the species is already a threatened one so the hunting has decreased a lot but as the deforestation have not so they are still dying in huge numbers.

About The Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The best thing about this bird apart from beauty is the life span of this bird and they can live for about 25 years which is a great thing because animals rarely lie for more than 15 years and losing a pet is very saddening and if you want a lifelong companion then you can surely check this bird out but the only thing is that you would have to make special care about this bird for keeping it alive for a long time and they do need special attention all the time and it is better to create a huge cage for them so that they don’t feel suffocated at all and also they live healthy life in huge space. This bird is definitely bigger than that of a normal pigeon and their height can reach up to 29 to 31 inches which are like a medium-sized bird and this is their head to tail height. They are very lightweight as compared to their height and they can weight about seven to eight pounds so they can have easy flights. Their beauty is something that attracts everyone and they come in a beautiful blue color and have a powdery textured feathers which feel so soft and also they have shades of purple in their neck to check region and the best part about their look has to be the blue and white feathery crown which enhances the beauty of this bird and they have red eyes and medium-sized beak. They have quite huge wings which look beautiful when they take a flight.


Victoria Crowned Pigeon

This bird is kind of happy go lucky and they are very intelligent so dealing with them is quite easy but they do crave for attention at the same time. They love to be fed by tourists on the ground and they love to be free all the time and they have a quite booming call which is very different from that of a normal pigeon. They do look good when they take flight but they are not that fond of flying and they only fly when necessary and they cover short distances only at one time. They like to live in high trees without any such disturbances and that is the reason that keeping them at home is hard.

How To Keep Them At The Home:

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Now if you are planning to get this bird in your home then plan for a pair because they cannot live alone and loneliness can kill them as well. You would have to provide them with a roast in different heights so that they can jump on and stay there and they love to climb up in height. You would have to keep their space clean otherwise they can fall sick soon and they love to eat figs and you can also offer them small fruits and nuts and also grains can be given to them. They need to get a proper serving of fresh fruits or vegetables as well for being healthy and they would need some space to stretch their muscle and to play around.

These were everything that you need to know about the Victoria crowned pigeon and for more such information you can browse through Petsnurturing.