Mini Satin Rabbits

Have you recently seen a cute little rabbit with shiny fur? Are you planning to buy a rabbit or Looking for the one that can be your companion? Or did someone recommended it to you? No matter what it is! The choice is perfect.Having a mini satin rabbit is the best thing you could do regardless of your age and family members. We all know, there are few pets that aren’t suitable for the home with children, luckily this isn’t the case for satin rabbit or its miniature version.

Still, if you are planning to keep it in an outdoor closure, you can’t do that. Why? They are very small in size and relatively calm, it will take just minutes for prey to have it as a morning breakfast or good night’s dinner.

Before getting this little and adorable Havana, you should know about its personality traits and appearance. Here in this blog, I will tell everything about the mini satin rabbit, from its origin to its care and few facts about it.

Breed Overview

mini satin rabbit
Breed groupRabbit
OriginUSA (United States of America)
Weight3 to 4.5 pounds
Life Expectancy5 to 8 years
TraitsCalm, Sweet, Friendly, Docile

History and Origin of Mini Satins

History and Origin of Mini Satins

In the mid-1930s, the standard sized satins had made their way up in the popular rabbit species. They were bred by a well-known breeder, Mr. Walter Huey and after a few decades, a woman named Ariel Hayes of Michigan tried to breed mini satins but was unsuccessful. She left her quest in 1982.

Don’t worry; the journey was continued by the many breeders between 1980-1996. During this time, Mr. J. Leo Collins obtained the certificate of development and focused on creating only two breeds: the red and the albino white.

In 2006, the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association accepted the red-eyed mini satin rabbit breed. After that, many colors have been accepted by ARBA, of which few are black, blue, chocolate, chocolate agouti, copper, chinchilla, opal, otter, siamese, silver marten, tortoise, and broken (any color mixed with white).

What does a Mini Satin Look like?

What does a Mini Satin Look like

Imagine a softball with shiny furr! That’s precisely how a mini satin rabbit looks like. It has a full rounded body (including head). The only expression you will see on his face is, “I’m cute little pet, let me do this (and that).” Your heart will meltdown with a single look only.

As its name suggests, it is smaller in size, and it will weight a maximum of up to 4.5 pounds. It can be your partner in happy and sad times for 5 to 8 years. The attractive point of this breed is its beautiful soft and shiny fur along with erect ears (maximum 9.6cm).

Temperament of Miniature Satin

Temperament of Miniature Satin

What are the characteristics of an obedient child? Well-mannered, friendly, and calm. These all together describe the temperament of miniature satin. The behavior of this cute little bunny will attract you.

Though they are quite easy to handle, different bunnies have variations in nature, some are very affectionate, and others are neurotic. They are social creatures and make good pets when kept in pairs or trio but make sure it’s of the same gender.

As male and female can get territorial, they will stay opposite of that when spayed. If the rabbits are non-bonded, keep them in separate cages. You will need to socialize them in their early stages.

They do get along with other pets but make sure they are friendly enough with dog and cat as if not it will be a risk to your rabbit’s life. Little bunnies can’t handle too much of loud noises and activity, and there are chances of them being injured too.

So be careful!

Mini Satin Rabbit Grooming

Mini Satin Rabbit Grooming

The most significant plus point is there is little to no grooming needs of mini satins. You heard it right! There is no need for regular grooming. You will need to do a bi-weekly brushing of its hair to maintain them.

They will shed more than usual in spring or fall, so don’t worry! Rabbits tend to shed during these months. The important thing to remember is – Don’t ever bath a mini satin rabbit instead, spot clean them with a damp cloth.

How to Train Mini Satin Rabbits?

How to Train Mini Satin Rabbits

As I said, you would need to socialize it at an early age for acquiring its playful nature. When it comes to training, they will be your student with a patient mindset. You can train it to use one litterbox, as they tended to choose one space to go to the bathroom. You can train them to react when called by their name and can even enjoy learning tricks.

Health and Care for Miniature Satins

Health and Care for Miniature Satins

As for their care, you will have to make sure its cage is maintained well, and no bathroom cleaners used as it is toxic for them. Outdoor closures are not recommended for them. You can go with small and indoor closure.

The indoor closure should be large enough for the rabbit to move around freely and it should be wired with a firm base. Along with that, a hay bedding is necessary on the bed, which will require everyday spot clean-up and should be replaced at the end of the week.

Mini satins will need 1/4th cup of fiber every day and their diet is composed of pellets and hay. You can also feed it green leafy veggies, carrots, watercress, pear, peach, and mango. Apart from all these, you can also give it rabbit food available in the market and online stores.

This pretty little rabbit isn’t prone to any serious health issues, but a regular inspection of ears is needed for mites. With that, you will need to check its teeth (any over-grown teeth can harm your little pet). Their soft fur is susceptible to flystrike. Flies lay eggs in the coat of rabbit, and when they hatch, they make burrow inside it, as soon as you realize this, take it to the vet for treatment.

When it comes to spaying, bucks can be spayed when they are 3 ½ months old, while does can be neutered within 4-6 months of their birth.

 mini satin rabbit

Final Call on Mini Satins :

Mini satins are cute little pets that will make you feel accompanied even in tough times. It will sometimes greet your guests and will patiently hear all your problems. Just like every other pet, every line of the mini satin has its own temperament. You will need to check with the breeder about its traits before getting one.

Whether you are a single, senior, first-time owner, or a family with children, mini satins make an excellent pet. Don’t wait much longer and get it from the genuine breeder.

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