Continental Giant Rabbit

First, tell me, what do you think about rabbits? Aren’t they cute, fluffy, and adorable? Of course, they are! Do you know? The majority of people prefer dogs & cats as a pet. And after those, if there is any animal that is loved by other than it is rabbit. But most of us are scared to pick them up, not because they are hard to catch, but because they seem fragile and small. Here’s a solution for people who want to have a bigger rabbit. Continental Giant Rabbit – they look like a giant version of Rabbit.

Are they also polite, generous, and responsible? Let’s find out.

Breed Overview

 Continental Giant Rabbit
Scientific NameLepus Curpaeums
Height 4’4”
Weight13 pounds to 35 pounds
Life Expectancy4 to 7 years
Personality TraitsPlayful, Gentle, Intelligent, Friendly, Easy to train
Also KnownGerman Giant, Gentle Giant, Conti

So, here I am with an Encyclopedia on Continental Giant Rabbits. What can you expect from this article?

– History

– Appearance

– Personality Traits

– Grooming

– Diet

– Common Health Problem


History of Continental Giant Rabbit

This one is the oldest and largest breed in Rabbit kingdom, whose history or origin dates back to the 16th century. But they were in the books till 1893. This German giant has descendants from both the Flemish giant (Belgium) and Belgian hare.

In the late 19th century, they were sent to Britain from Europe in order to increase their size as they were being used as meat. This breed was also seen on small livestock shows, and since then they have become popular as a pet.

But what pulled pet lovers towards it? Its docile nature. This breed was given a cute nickname- Conti by their loving owners and the same is accepted largely.


 Appearance of Continental Giant Rabbit

How will you recognize the continental giant rabbit? The following points best describe the physical features of the Conti:-

  • The outlook of it will make you remember the Mandolin. It has a semi-arch-shaped body. The arch starts from its shoulder and ends on its tail.
  • The hindquarters are muscular and broad. The front legs are sturdy, straight, and well-proportioned.
  • They both have board head but the male will have a bit more broadness than the female. You will find a dewlap in female rabbits.
  • They will mesmerize you with their wide-open, round, and bright eyes.
  • The ears are thick, robust, rounded, long, help upright, and covered. The straight standing ears will make you think, Is it keeping an ear on me? (There is a measurement of the ears, it should be 25% of the body.)
  • The coat of the German giant resembles a furball. Soft, smooth, glossy, dense, and thick. Even the undercoat is thick and has hairs in abundance.
  • This giant rabbit comes in two types – white and colorful. The colorful Conti have light gray, steel gray, fawn, sandy, and black fur.

Personality Traits

Personality traits of Continental Giant Rabbit

Do they make a good pet? Are they as lovable as others? Let’s find out their temperament:

  • I already stated a few of the temperaments of this larger breed rabbit, like playful, friendly, docile, gentle, etc. They act more like a dog, so when you can get a dog, get a Conti.
  • They are easy to train and will react upon calling their name and also uses the litter.
  • If you want them to be human-friendly, handle them gently and frequently when they are young.
  • They love being handled and picked, but as they have a giant size, it’s necessary to handle them properly and with care. Or else, there are chances you will hurt its spinal.
  • If the rabbit is fearful or in pain, it will kick out on the handler, the only reason is the holding person may be causing the pain. So without trying to soothe, free it and everything will be normal.
  • Don’t let inexperienced children hold it directly, as they have a very fragile body.
  • Conti is a food lover and eats lots of food. That eventually results in plenty of waste. So you will need to take care of its needs and don’t let it get overweight.
  • There is one thing that you need to keep in mind, always keep your german giant in a cage or separate hatch. And they do have a habit of chewing so keep them away from cables and wires.


 Grooming needs of Continental Giant Rabbit

The grooming needs of the gentle giant are a bit high. But that is obvious with this much coat fur. Normally they will keep their selves neat and clean, but sometimes it gets troublesome and that time you will have to help them. (Especially when they get old.)

  • Daily grooming is needed in order to keep their coat in good condition. It will also help in the recognition of any injury or infection.
  • But don’t let them clean themselves, as it may cause a deadly infection. They clean themselves by licking and with the chances rises of wool-blockage in the intestine.
  • Clean the Conti’s ear once in a while with baby wipes or a clean cloth dipped in pure oil. Don’t let mites or parasites grow in the ear.
  • Make sure to clean the eye corners if you see any eye discharge (white dry stuff on the corner of the eye).
  • Last but not least, trim the toenails to avoid sore hocks, which can make them feel pain while walking and hopping.


 Diet of Continental Giant Rabbit

Every pet has its own dietary need and Conti’s necessities is good quality food. You should provide it with high-quality hay, good pallets, and fibrous vegetables.

Hay will provide it with a high amount of nutrients, but still, leafy veggies are necessary for the fiber. Ensure easy access to pure and clean water.

Serve the recommended portion of food only, or else there are chances of getting obese. And with the over-weightiness comes serious health problems. And I am sure you won’t want that to happen.

Common Health Problem

 Common health of Continental Giant Rabbit

Every living being on this earth suffers from health problems, and even Contis are not spared. Let’s look at some common health issues they suffer from:

Overgrowth of Teeth: You will have to keep a close eye on the teeth. Why? They have an excellent and continual growth of teeth, which have to keep in control with a good diet. Overgrown teeth can make them suffer from pain and injuries in the mouth. Get them to chew toys, which will keep the teeth worn down.

Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease: There are high chances of your rabbit suffering from these fatal diseases. So as a pet parent, make sure you vaccinate them. Both diseases can be passed on to the animals through infected utensils, bedding, or any animal, so take care of cleanliness too.

Over-Weightiness: Don’t let your Conti get overweight or it will get obese and that will cause some serious health issues. Over-weighted giants can groom themselves with ease.

GI Stasis: A problem caused when there is a hair blockage in the intestine and can result in death too. So it is important to prevent and monitor the issue. Give gentle one, the hay as a part of a meal for a nutritious diet, and hay will also help in the passage of hair and destroying the blockage.


Now you everything about the Continental Giant Rabbits, so let’s get the answers to a few questions that most people have doubts about.

1. Do Continental Gaint Rabbits Make a Good Pet?

Yes, they do make a good pet. Its friendly, playful, and submissive nature of it is loved by everyone. Not just this, they are intelligent too, do react when you call their name and are quick learners.

2. How Much Does the Conti Rabbit Cost?

According to current pricing, you can get a Conti Rabbit for around $300 – $500 (excluding all kinds of fees and taxes).

3. How Big Can Continental Giant Rabbits Get?

The name itself suggests that they are the giant ones, but how much? A continental giant rabbit is bigger than 3’ and can grow up to the height of 4’4”.

4. Do Gentle Giants Like to Be Cuddled?

They do like it, but only for some time. Just like their ancestors, they also hate being picked up. But they aren’t as rude as them. If you carefully handle them, they will be happy to be with you. (Remember they are not much of a cuddle animal.)

5. Which Is the Largest Breed of the Rabbit?

The Flemish Giant Rabbit is the largest breed of the breed, and Conti is its descendant. The Flemish can grow up to 2.5 feet long.

Final Conclusion :

If you don’t want to get a dog, get a continental giant rabbit. It is the best replacement for the pooch. Be it because of size or its temperament, it’s a perfect match. The only sad thing is you can’t hold it for the longest time, but anyways at least you can make it learn things, talk to it, and spend your lonely time with it.

Just make sure you get it from the genuine breeder. Get home for the Conti, before getting it. And a few years of experience with rabbits will work.

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