Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Dogs

More so than humans, most dogs love to be outdoors as it gives them plenty of space to play, run around, be under the sun, and just simply be themselves. Moreover, spending time outdoors is also crucial for them to stay fit and healthy. When dogs don’t get enough exercise or, at least, taken outdoors for stimulating activities, they tend to get bored easily. They may then develop destructive behaviors like excessive barking, digging, or ruining random things. Thus, other than food and shelter, you should also ensure you take your beloved pet outside to do some outdoor activities with you.

Thankfully, dogs are naturally active and highly intelligent creatures. They’d be more than happy to be part of your hobbies and be able to share your favorite outdoor activities with you. If you’re out of ideas on what new things to do with your furry friend, here are seven outdoor activities you can do with your dog that you’ll both enjoy and help strengthen your bond.

Hike On New Routes

Walking or hiking is already an excellent exercise for you and your dog. However, some dogs may feel bored, especially if you’re always taking them on the same route every day. For effective pet mental stimulation, consider taking your dog for a hike on a new route at least every week. For instance, if you’re taking your dog for a walk around the park this week, you can take a hike along the lake or forest for the following week.

Regular exposure to different smells and new signs will help stimulate their brain and senses. Just make sure you choose a place or a terrain that’s appropriate for your dog’s size, age, and breed. Furthermore, to maximize safety, especially when taking your dog to new and far places, make sure you use a leash and bring along some food and water for your pet.

Go Camping

Who says camping is only for humans? Dogs can go camping too, and sometimes, they can be a better camping companion. Camping outdoors with your dog can be a great way to spend quality time with your furry friend while immersing yourselves in nature’s beauty. If you’re new to camping with your pet, consider doing some ‘camping practices’ to help introduce your dog. Once you’re both ready, you can look for some dog-friendly campsites for your next camping trip.

Have A Picnic

Picnic Outdoor Activities

If sleeping overnight outdoors is too extreme, you can take your dog outdoors during the day for a nice picnic instead. You can have a picnic at a dog-friendly park, near the beach, or in the hills. Besides packing your picnic snacks, make sure to pack some treats, food, and water for your pet to enjoy. Then, after sharing a hearty meal, you and your dog can spend time lying on the ground or walking around the picnic site.

Hit The Road

Like humans, some dogs also love to travel and go on road trips. Many of them love to look over new views from the car window while feeling the wind brushing their fur. However, if the only car trip your dog has ever tried before is the trip to the vet, you may have to practice them for some short trips before your actual road trip. This way, your dog can get used to the feeling of riding in your vehicle without associating it with a trip to the vet. It can also be your opportunity to assess if your dog is comfortable on a dog car seat or if a crate is necessary.

Head For A Boating Trip

Supposed road trips are already too common for your dog. In that case, you can try another kind of trip by going boat riding with your pet. Boating can be a perfect outdoor activity for dogs, especially those who love water or to be near any body of water. If you don’t own a boat, don’t fret. You can take your dog instead for boat cruising and opt for the ones that offer dog-friendly tours.

Explore A Farmer’s Market

If your dog doesn’t mind exploring busy spots, you can take them with you during your outdoor shopping. You can find a farmer’s market and tag your dog along with you while you shop for some fresh fruits and vegetables. The farmer’s market is rich with interesting scents that could stimulate your dog’s brain and senses.

You could also treat them with healthy snacks like apples and blueberries. Just make sure to put your dog on a leash to prevent them from running away out of sight. Most importantly, remember that this activity may only be suitable for well-socialized dogs who are used to thriving in crowded places.

Go Swimming

Most dogs love to play around with water. If your furry friend is an excellent swimmer, you can take them to a lake or shallow beach for a swim. Meanwhile, for dogs not so good around water, make sure you equip them with a life vest.

Head Outdoors With Your Dog

Head Outdoors With Your Dog

There are still many outdoor activities available for you and your dog to enjoy. But, remember that not all of them are suitable for all breeds. To be sure, you may consult your vet and see if your dog is physically and mentally fit to do strenuous outdoor activities. Once you’ve found the perfect outdoor activities for them, don’t forget to tag them along with you during your next venture outdoors.

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