tips for drivers travelling with pets

For most pet parents, traveling with the whole family is no fun if the four-legged members can’t come. So, for the sake of a journey that’s worth remembering, why not bring all these cuties along? Whether pups, cats, bunnies, hamsters, or mice, make them all welcome to hop in and make the most out of your trip. Going on a trip with pets takes more than just the loading process. But here are some tips for drivers travelling with pets from ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help you prepare for a smooth and safe car trip with your pets.

However, traveling can be highly stressful both for you and your passengers. So when making travel decisions, choose what is best and safest for you, your passengers, and your animal companions.

1. Bring Your Pet’s Travelling Kit

Pet's Travelling Kit

Aside from food, other essential things you need to keep in your pet’s traveling kit must include paper towels, a bowl, leash, waste scoops, plastic bags, grooming supplies, his favorite toys or pillows, and a pet first-aid kit.

2. Do Not Let Your Pets Roam Inside The Car

Tips For Drivers Travelling With Pets

For their safety, keep your pets fastened at the backseat. You can bring a human buddy to keep a close eye on them while you drive. But if you don’t have someone else, putting them in a well-ventilated crate can be helpful. Just make sure that the crate is anchored at the vehicle through a seatbelt or other means so it won’t slide in the event of a quick stop. This is also to ensure that your pets will not roam around the car and try to distract you from driving.

Your Tesla car has a beautiful interior, and you love it. You equally love your dog or perhaps more than that. But, when you head towards your car and your dog runs after you, all you can imagine is dog hairs and dirty paw prints on your back seat.

You might have even tried to throw a blanket or upholstery in your back seat but in vain.

Does that often happen to you?

You might be faced with a conundrum about which to choose, a clean and fresh car interior, or your beloved dog. Maybe you cannot choose or even think about choosing.

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The Tesla dog seat cover has got your back.

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It will protect your car seat and carpet from stubborn dog hairs, pee, or paw prints.

Unlike blankets or bed sheets, a dog seat cover is water-resistant, offers full coverage to your car, is non-skid, and keeps your dog safe. Moreover, it is also durable and can combat multiple washes.

So, Tesla owners, you can rest assured. You can have all the good things with a Tesla dog seat cover.

3. Keep Their Heads Inside

Another reason why you need to keep them in a crate is to restrain your pets from sticking their heads out the window. Allowing them to ride with their heads outside might get them injured by flying objects or debris on the road. Plus, the cold air that forces to get into their lungs might eventually make them sick. So better if you close your windows if possible.

4. Feed Them On Time

The travel-feeding schedule should start at least three hours before departure. Do not feed them in a moving vehicle to avoid spill on your seats. But if you want to travel with your pet more frequently, you may want to invest in rubberized floor liners and neoprene car seat covers that are available at auto product retailers. These products are water and fur resistant, perfect for the family’s furry members.

5. Give Them Plenty Of Rest Stops

Tips For Drivers Travelling With Pets

Getting your pets used to wear diapers is an advantage during long drives. But even when they’re wearing diapers, you still have to lay by frequently to let your pets exercise and eliminate from time to time. But do not let them leave the car without a leash, name tag, and collar.

6. Do Not Leave Them Alone When You Park

Whenever you decide to take your pets on a trip, bringing along a human buddy is always advisable so when you need to pull off the road to pee, you won’t have to leave them alone in the car because someone is there to look after your pets. But even when you travel alone with your animal companions, it’s still unsafe to leave them inside the car regardless of your certain time of return. Heat is a serious hazard even with slightly-opened windows. With an eighty-five-degree day, the temperature inside your car can increase up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes, making your pet suffer and even die.

7. Examine Your Pets

Open the crate as soon as you arrive at your destination and check if they’re fine. If you find anything that seems wrong, take them to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

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