The Dog House

Are you searching for a dog house? Finding the best dog house is a challenge. Every family has different dog breeds of various sizes. You cannot buy the same dog house for every dog breed. Dog houses differ based on what kind of dog you have. Every dog deserves the best home for themselves other than your home. It is better to find the appropriate dog house for your dog to provide them the right amount of comfort they need.Before selecting or finalizing the dog house for your dog, it is advisable to understand the difference between different types of dog house. Dog houses are usually available in two types, large dog houses, and small dog houses. Later, they are diversified into more different types.

Usually, dog houses are classified based on different factors. Before discussing the different types of dog houses, let us understand the factors considered while selecting a dog house.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Dog House

Read the following factors, and we are pretty sure you will understand how challenging and crucial it is to select the correct type of dog house. So here is the list of considerations.

Large Dog House

the dog house

Large size dog houses are specially designed for giant dogs. Although, usually, dogs love to sleep rolled up while sleeping, still at other times, they struggle to stay in the dog house. Thus, look for the right side of the dog house, based on the size of your dog. Large dog houses are available in different ranges.

Small Dog House

the dog house

Usually, dog owners prefer to select a large dog house even if the dog is smaller in size. This is not right for your dog. If the dog house is larger than their average size, they can feel uncomfortable. Always ensure that the dog house is 1/4th of the size of your dog.

It allows them to feel comfortable and safe inside the house. Most of the time, dogs are playing and busy outdoors in their activities; they use their home when they want to rest or sleep. So, why invest in large dog houses when your dog can comfortably stay in tiny dog houses?

Material Type

Dog houses are available in different materials based on your dog’s requirements. The material of the dog house makes a lot of difference. There are mainly four types of dog house materials.

  • Polished wood dog house.
  • Natural Wood dog house.
  • Plastic dog house.
  • Fabricated dog house

All of these different materials are necessary to be considered. Then, based on the climatic and surrounding factors, these materials are decided based on the area you live in. Finally, the dog house material is decided and selected. So be very cautious and make the selection smartly.

Cooling Feature

the dog house

Some dogs love to stay outdoors in their own space. When selecting the dog house for your dog who spends most of their time outdoors, act smartly and select a cooling featured dog house. Some dog owners live in hot climatic conditions. In such circumstances, if your dog spends most of its time outdoors, you need to ensure that you are selecting a dog house that has a cooling feature in it. Do not forget to consider this feature while choosing the dog house for your dog.

Insulated Feature

the dog house

Some dog owners stay in cold places. In such circumstances, if you want your dog to stay comfortably warm, find a  dog house that has insulated features in it. Insulated dog houses assure you that the dog stays warm and comfortably enjoys its stay in its own home. If you want, you can buy a dog house that has a heater installed in it. However, the dog house with a heater in it can cost you more and be a challenge to maintain.

Soft Walls

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Some dogs are not comfortable in wooden or plastic houses. So you need to select a dog house made of fabric and has soft walls and a base for them. A fabricated dog house is the best as you can carry them anywhere you want. It is noticed that dogs are more comfortable in soft-walled dog houses. They feel very comfortable and convenient staying in a quiet walled dog house. You need not worry they are available in different sizes based on your dog’s size.

Different Types of Dog House

Now that we understand the consideration of the dog house, let us explore some of them for our little friends.

Terrace View Dog House

the dog house

Does your dog enjoy spending its time on the terrace? Nowadays, you can be creative with your dog house. There are different styles of terrace view dog houses available in the market. You can get them custom-made according to your style and requirements. Dogs love to enjoy the feel of spending their time on the terrace.

Terrace view dog houses allow your dog to enjoy the surroundings and the garden view from the terrace. The dog house is specially designed for all those dogs who are nature lovers. They are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can select the dog house according to your needs and the dog’s comfort.

Dog House with A Porch Area

the dog house

Usually, if you have noticed, dogs like to sit in the porch area and enjoy the view. If you plan to get a dog house or get it custom-made, you can consider the dog house with a porch area. Your dog can enjoy sitting in its porch area for hours. It is even beneficial if you are residing in a cold place. Your dog friend can sit in the porch area and enjoy the breezing sunlight falling directly on their body.

You need not worry about the size. Porch dog houses are available in different sizes and styles. You can select any of the dog houses according to the comfort of your dog. And if you know the comfort requirements of your dog, you can also get it custom-made to provide your dog the utmost comfort they need and deserve.

The Archie Dog House

the dog house

Archie is the additional roof installed on the exteriors of the house. It is beneficial on monsoon and summer days. If your dog loves to spend time outdoors in the open, you can get an Archie dog house for your dog. The dog house will allow your dog to sit outdoors even in the monsoon season.

They are convertible. You can either keep it open when it’s raining, or you can keep it closed when the weather is pleasant. The Archie is usually available in two types; flip and shutter. You can select the Archie style according to your needs and likings.

The Oak Dog House

the dog house

The dog house that is made of Oak looks very royal and luxurious. The Oak finish dog house gives a luxurious feel to your dog. They feel as if they are the king of that particular periphery and love to spend their time in the outside area of the dog house. The Oak dog house is readily available in the market or online. However, if you have some particular requirements, you can even get it custom-made.

Custom Made Dog House

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Custom-made dog houses are the best option of all time. You won’t have any complaints regarding the dog house. You have to reach out to the right person who can build the dog house precisely the way you want. You can modify the large dog house or the small dog house in the opposite ways. You can install all the considered factors we discussed above. Selection of the color, pattern, style, and design is all your wish.

Custom-made dog houses are one of the best and comfortable dog houses. You get 100% satisfaction when you get the dog house custom-made.

Falling Roof Dog House

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Are you searching for a dog house that is perfect for a rainy climate? Then, falling Roof Dog House is the proper search for your little friend. Usually, dog houses have a flat roof that allows the water to absorb in the ceiling. However, sometimes it can cause leakage that can be discomforting for your dog houses.

Falling roof dog houses are available in both wooden as well as plastic dog houses. The falling roof allows the water to drain down the top and maintain the clean, dry surface.

Heating Deck Dog House

the dog house

Heating deck dog houses are the best option for cool-climate places. The deck is made in such a way that your dog can sit over there and enjoy the breeze of the sunlight. The dog house is made to heat the roof and makes the interiors of the dog house warm enough for the dog to stay comfortably. Isn’t this interesting?

Ranch Dog House

the dog house

The ranch dog house is the best for dogs who love to enjoy the feel of the farm. However, dogs living on the farm won’t like to stay in a simple or modern-style dog house. For such circumstances, you can buy a Ranch Dog House that is the same as a farmhouse. Rach dog houses are available in different styles and sizes. Therefore, you can consider your requirements and accordingly select what kind of dog house you want.

Traditional Dog House

the dog house

Traditional dog houses are very comfortable for most dog breeds. It gives you a comfortable feel to stay in. available in different styles, sizes, and designs. Consider your dogs’ needs and select the dog house.

Do It Yourself Dog House

the dog house

Do It Yourself dog house is very trending nowadays. Usually, dog owners prefer to make the dog house all by themselves. DIY dog house allows you to add your feelings, love, and emotions in them while building it up. The dog feels more comfortable in the dog house that its owners make. They can feel your presence in it and can stay comfortably without any insecurity or stress.

Design and paint it according to your dog’s likings. Then, create a space that is precisely what your dog is looking for. The DIY dog house is so comfortable for your dog that the dog house will keep them safe and secured even if you are not around them.

Retreating Dog House

the dog house

Retreating dog houses are the best style of the dog house. It has a particular space provided where you can store treats, food, and water for your dog. It has a stable place, and you can refill it whenever the bowls or the utensils are empty. This is the best way to keep the dog house neat and clean. Isn’t the retreating dog house a smart idea?

Which Type of Dog House Is Ideal for Your Dog?

All dog houses have different benefits and features. Being responsible dog owners, we need to consider all the features we are looking for in the dog house. Once you are clear with all the requirements, we are pretty sure you will get your ideal type of dog house.

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