Dumbest Dog Breed

Can dogs even be dumb? Many breeders think some of the breeds are dumb. But, the fact is, the matter is about the training. Even if it is a matter of the Breed, your workout can change them to be an innovative and intelligent dog breed. Yet, one must know about the dumbest dog breeds.

I am pretty sure you must be wondering why one should have the dumbest dog breed lists? So, the answer is we rely on our dogs for a lot of things, right from security to policing dogs who serve their people. Thus, every dog owner must plan to get a dog to know the list. If you are adopting or purchasing a dog just for companionship, this list is not needed. But, if you have a specific reason for buying a dog, knowing this list is beneficial.

You should avoid the dumbest dog breeds if you expect smartness and intelligence and reciprocation to situations. Though you can make them active and reliable with intricate training, eventually, they will act the same. Thus it is good to know about the dumbest dog breed list and decide accordingly.

21 Dumbest Dog Breeds: with a Reason ‘Why?’

Let us proceed further and see the 21 Dumbest Dog Breeds List and understand why they are called so? And I am sorry in advance if your dog comes under this list. But not to worry, they still have some qualities to cherish. Let us see the list.

1. Chow Chow

Chow Chow: dumbest dog breeds

Chow Chow happens to be of Chinese Origin. Have you ever wondered why they are called Chow Chow? The name indicates fluffy and puffy lion-looking dogs. And no doubt the name does suit the dog.

Wondering why this Breed is called dumb? Though it does not seem to be the way. The reason is they are not very active and instinctive. And mainly chow chow dogs are very aggressive to strangers. Usually, dogs react to strangers when they find their actions to be weir. But, chow chows are very possessive about their loved person, and they will respond to any stranger near them. This creates an awful impression on the visitors.

Why are they worth it?  They reciprocate to the situations immediately. Very socialized, if trained correctly and from the right time of age.

2. Maltese

Maltese: dumbest dog breeds

Coming straight to why are they called Dumbest Dogs? The only reason is their grooming family most of the time. Yes! You read it correctly. If you don’t treat them after their training, they will never let you train them later. They are very stubborn and thus fail as intelligent dogs.

Being a dog owner, you will want your dog to obey you and your commands. This is only possible if they are well trained. And unfortunately, most Maltese fail in their training sessions, marking themselves as the dumbest dogs. Here you can also read about cleaning hacks when living with a bluenose pitbull puppy.

Why are they worth it? The only drawback is the training. It is not a problem if you treat them with rewards post their training. And believe me, if they are well trained, they won’t stand in this dumbest dog breed list.

3. Basenji

Basenji: dumbest dog breeds

Why are they called Dumbest Dog Breeds? There are no drawbacks seen or noted in these dogs. It is just that they are very stubborn and don’t like to follow commands. They are the king of their own. They can not resist it when someone tries to rule over them. That is the only reason why they fail in their training. Just because they fail training, they are called the dumbest dogs.

Why are they worth it? They are very emotional and responsive. They are even very expressive. Easily express what they want to say with their body language. In times of danger or suspicion, they act very actively and firmly, which is an excellent plus point.

4. Rottweiler

Rottweiler: dumbest dog breeds

What makes them the dumbest dog? I guess we all have heard of Rottweiler as intelligent and working dogs. But they fail somehow and are stated as the dumbest dogs. They are wrong with obeying, which is not a good sign as a family or working dogs. It makes them the dumbest dogs.

Why are they worth it? The rottweilers are very good as guardian dogs. They keep a good watch when they are on duty. You can be at ease when they are over to take charge of responsibility. If you want to take care of a dog, they are perfect.

5. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu: dumbest dog breeds

I know you must be wondering why these cuties are on the list. But unfortunately, they are one of them on the dumbest dog breed list.

Why are they known as the dumbest dog breed? Shih Tzu is only famous because of their looks. They are not good with the training staff. That is what fails them and ends up in the list of dumbest dog breeds.

Why are they worth it? They are the best companion dogs. One interesting thing is that they are brilliant and avoid problems. This means even we are safe from their problem-solving.

6. Chihuahua

Chihuahua: dumbest dog breeds

Now honestly, you can say that this is personally my favorite Breed. Even though they come under the dumbest dog breed list, I love them. Aren’t they just cute to cuddle along the whole day?

Why are they the dumbest dogs? Chihuahuas are very active and up with fighting spirits with other dogs. But, their energy is dangerous for them. Usually, they fight with most of the other breeds. Which means they even fight actively with colossal dog breeds. And to be practical, this is a dumb act and can hurt themselves. Thus they are considered as one of the dumbest dog breeds.

Why are they worth it? They are the best dogs as a companion. They quickly catch up with the training. So if you train them well at the right time, they are the most socialized dog breeds.

7. Beagle

Beagle: dumbest dog breeds

Why are they called the Dumbest Dog Breeds? Just like we discussed earlier, even the Breed is perfect, and their habits make them dumb. The smelling instinct of theirs makes them look like the dumbest dogs. Their habit of running and chasing smells make them dumb. They run after every new smell, and that can be at times hazardous to people around.

Why are they worth it? Just as Basset Hounds are very good and active as police dogs. They are accommodating and intelligent when they have to run after something suspicious. They easily record the smell and reciprocate accordingly. And this is very helpful to the police officers in solving the case.

8. Bull Dog

Bull Dog: dumbest dog breeds

You know bulldogs are known as fighting dogs. They were bred to fight, and they are well sufficient in their tasks. But that is not enough if they are recorded as the dumbest dog breeds.

Why are they the dumbest dogs? They happen to be very lazy. Yes, even after being a bulldog, they are very lazy and lethargic. They are not at all active. They just sleep and stay lazy in a corner for the entire day. And thus, they are called the dumbest dogs.

Why are they worth it? Activeness is not all that matters. They have to be obedient and instinctive also. And bulldogs are perfect with the following factors. You can easily train them, and they will obey all your commands. Thus even after they are called the dumbest dog breed, you can have them as your companions.

9. Pekingese

Pekingese: dumbest dog breeds

Why are they the dumbest dog breed? The worst thing about having dogs at times is their behavior towards strangers. Though that is why they are called guardians, but every stranger is not a culprit. They act dominant and wild on strangers. And this is the result of harmful or lack of training.

Why are they worth it? As I said, the problem is all about the training. So, make sure you give them the best and, most notably, reliable training. This will help them to remove themselves from the dumbest dog breeds list. Make sure that you train them nicely.

10. Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier: dumbest dog breeds

What makes it the dumbest dog? Just have nothing much to describe, in simple words’ dumb.’ you cannot expect any smartness from their end. They do not listen and obey their masters. They are awful with training and demanding obedience. You can not expect anything intelligent from them.

Why are they worth it? Just as I said, it’s horrible to obey commands and training. But, if they are under the correct supervision, no one can stop them from being the smartest amongst them all. So what all matters are the proper training and the perfect master.

11. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: dumbest dog breeds

With the name ‘King Charles Spaniel,’ you must have recognized the type of Breed.

Why are they the dumbest dogs? This is something interesting to know about this dog breed. They unexpectedly have some brutal memories. And the next thing is which is unbelievable, and they inbreed, though these are not yet justified.

Why are they worth it? They are not competent and happen to be the dumbest dog, but they are very affectionate. They know that they are familiar and adopted as play or toy dogs, and they are very good with it. Regret is not an option if you have them as your companion.

12. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard: dumbest dog breeds

What makes them the dumbest dog breed? Saint Bernard is terrible with their memorizing power. Though they are very active and known as working dogs, they have failed some or the other where. Thus, landing themselves in the list of dumbest dog breeds.

What makes them dumbest dogs? Saint Bernard is very good at understanding and digesting commands. But, unfortunately, because of their bad memory, they fail to remember the training and execute them. Which, in the end, makes no sense of being a working dog if you can’t follow and obey the commands.

Why are they worth it? Very good as guardian dogs. They are very alert and responsible for taking care of their masters or love ones in that sense.

13. Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog: dumbest dog breeds

To start with, these are the dogs who are imprecating for not being good at expressing themselves.

Why are they call the dumbest dog breed? Just like the other sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdog won’t follow orders and commands. No matter how hard you put in your efforts in training them, they won’t reciprocate. Thus they are consider on the dumbest dog breed list.

Why are they worth it? You know how important it is to have good instincts. And Old English Sheepdogs are very good with it. They are usually adopt in homes where there are small kids. They are outstanding as guardians for the little ones.

14. Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff: dumbest dog breeds

Have you ever seen a bull mastiff? They are vast and giant. And because of being giant, there comes a flaw of being inactive and lazy.

Why are the dumbest dog breeds? The only reason why they are label in the dumbest dog breed list is their laziness. Yes, they are extremely lazy and obey the commands of their masters. When your dog does not regard your commands, you feel helpless and make you feel like they are not worth the companionship.

Why are they worth it? They are instinctive. Yes, they know what they have to do and what they are going to do. So they are very responsive in that condition.

15. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees: dumbest dog breeds

They are one of the most familiar sheepdogs. Their height is what people love. But this is not what we are discussing.

What makes them the dumbest dog breeds? They lack the two most important things a dog must have in them. Activeness and instinct. Yes, they lack both of these features and thus are consider as dumbest dogs. For once, if one of them was there, you can still consider them, but without both considerations, it is not worth the try.

Why are they worth it? Right after discussing their flaws, knowing their goods makes it the best. They are perfectly acting accordingly for what they are bred for. They manage to take care of their loved ones and near ones, no matter how hard they have to work for it.

16. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier: dumbest dog breeds

Why are they the dumbest Dogs? Not good at following commands. Also, they are the king of their world. Will only reciprocate if they want to. And thus, they land up in the list of dumbest dog breeds.

Why are they worth it? They are the best companion dogs. It is nice to spend your life with these dog breeds.

17. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso: dumbest dog breeds

What makes them the dumbest dog breeds? Their royalty makes them lazy. No matter how hard you try to make them active, they won’t. You have to turn head over heels to make them perfect as a family of a working dog. They will remind you that they belong from a royal companionship and act lazy.

Why are they worth it? Though they are bad at obeying and reciprocating the commands, they are very good at understanding. As said, they are good as companionship to cuddle with and nothing else.

Just for your Information Lhasa Apso were the companions of the old Chinese emperors.

18. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound: dumbest dog breeds

Afghan Hounds are very familiar with their long, silky, and beautiful coats. They are one of those royal dogs who have often seen behaving like cats.

Why are they call dumbest dogs? If we keep aside their beauty, they are terrible with their training. Just as they are describing, the royal attitude makes them very clumsy in obeying and following the commands. They will do what they feel like doing and depending on their moods.

Why are they worth it? They are very affectionate if you manage to win their hearts and loyalty. So you can have them as a companion to cuddle and enjoy your life with.

19. Basset Hound

Basset Hound: dumbest dog breeds

Why are they Dumbest Dogs? Sometimes even after the dog is good with the three classifications, they are known as intelligent dogs, they fail, just like these Basset Hounds. Even though they have no flaws, they are classified as the dumbest dogs. They are very destructive and run after every new smell. Though both these flaws can be render with proper training.

Why are they worth it? They are accommodating in policing dog breeds. As they are very good with their smelling instincts, they can run after smells. This is very helpful when it comes to finding any culprit or missing person.

20. Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound: dumbest dog breeds

What makes them the dumbest dog breed? Just because of being nervous natured, they are not good with aggressive training. If you want a perfect dog for yourself, rigorous and extensive training is need at times. And unfortunately, the nervous nature fails the dog with the nurturing they need. And so they are consider in the dumbest dog breeds list.

Why are they worth it? If you have flaws, you even have the best in uniqueness. So do Italian Greyhounds. They are extremely good with their instinct and obedience in that matter. You can not beat them in this.

21. Pug

Pug: dumbest dog breeds

As we come to the end of the dumbest dog breed list, here is the showstopper. They are exactly what they look like.

What makes them the dumbest dogs? They are tough to train. It is not at all easy to prepare them. They are companion dogs. And they do not like it when they are scolded. Thus it becomes tough to train them. No training means they are acting dumb.

Why are they worth it? They are perfect as companion dogs. If you want them as toys or cuddling dogs, they are perfect. They won’t even react to strangers usually.

How to Know That You Don’t Have a Dumbest Dog Breed?

So we humans always judge dog breeds based on some of their criteria. According to the vets and professionals, dog breeds have three measures of classification. Based on those classifications, a dog breed is said to be smart or Clever.

If they clear all three or have any classifications, they are not known as the dumbest dog. Let us see what that three measure of classification is:

1. Grasping of Obedience

Grasping of Obedience is the first thing every owner finds in the Breed. It measures the level of discipline of learning and following the command. So, if the owner is a first-timer or wants to have a disciplined dog breed, they will look for this feature.

2. The Intelligence of Adaptiveness

Adaptive intelligence is not mandatory in all dog breeds. If you want your dog to solve or handle the situation without a command, this feature is a must. It shows the adaptive power of the dog whether the dog understands the situation and reacts accordingly on its own.

3. The Intelligence of Instinct

The last quality, which is again an important factor, is Intelligence or instinct. See, every dog breed is developing for some particular task to perform. If the Breed fails to clear those tasks, what is the point then? Thus, if your dog fulfills this factor, then it is an intelligent dog breed.

So these were the three primary qualities that classify whether the dog breed is an intelligent breed or the dumbest dog breed.

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