Torn ACL in Dog

We all know that dogs’ limbs are always in action as they are one of the most active animals. Their repetitive use of legs can cause several health issues. These problems or injuries are most common in giant and tall dogs. Torn ACL in dogs is one such common issue that affects dogs’ limbs. This is a common knee injury in dogs that restricts their movement up to a greater extent. Veterinarians suggest no pressure or weight should be put on dogs’ legs when they suffer from Torn ACL. This knee problem in dogs is curable but requires patience, treatment, and rest.

To know more about this disease, read below. And know more about this disease

Symptoms of Torn ACL

Every disease has some symptoms, and Torn ACL is nothing different. 

The symptoms of this disease change as per the severity of the issue, but the most common signs that can be observed are not being able to bear any weight on the legs, swelling of the knees, or instability of the knees. These symptoms occur together or individually in dogs that are suffering from torn ACL.

Treatment of Torn ACL

Treatment of Torn ACL in dogs

At first, the veterinarian will ask to get the X-ray done of the injured leg. This X-ray will help examine the correct cause of the lameness in the legs and a perfect way to rule out the issue. The treatment of torn ACL in dogs involves various approaches. The treatment starts with anti-inflammatory medicines and exercises that mostly suit the smaller dog breeds. This issue is corrected without any treatment within three to six weeks for some cases.

There is another way to treat torn ACLs in dogs. It is nothing but the knee braces. Hence, braces are advised for dogs to help keep the leg stable and give support. With this, icing will help relieve the pain to a greater extent and helps in reducing inflammation as well. However, for the fast recovery process, in addition to this, a few easy motion exercises will be needed.

The minimum time in which the dog will be good to take weight is two to three weeks after the treatment, but it may vary with different dogs.

Dog Care during Torn ACL Treatment

Dog Care during Torn ACL Treatment

The dog craves proper care and attention to get healed quickly.

  1. Restrict the dog’s movement for at least six weeks to make the healing process faster. Use a soft bed with food and water nearby.
  2. Make sure they do not gain weight as they will be resting the whole day. For that, keep them on a diet to restrict the gain. 
  3. Take the dog at regular intervals to the vet for check-ups. 


The torn ACL is not a severe issue as proper care can cure the problem quickly. If you find any symptoms of the disease in your dog, it’s more advisable to get the dog checked by the vet immediately. 

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