What Colors can Dogs See

What colors can dogs see? A dog owner’s dilemma! Dogs are known for having superior senses compared to humans. They can smell things better. They can hear things better.

But what about their vision? Do dogs have better eyesight than humans? And what about colors? Can they see colors? If yes, what colors can dogs see? That’s what we are going to discuss in this guide. 

Are Dogs Color Blind?

No, dogs are not color-blind. Research has shown that dogs can see certain colors. Before we start with the reasoning, let’s learn what color blindness actually means.

Color blindness doesn’t mean seeing the world in black and white. It’s an inability to tell certain colors apart or see them at all. This happens when there’s something wrong with the color-detecting receptors in the eye.

The eye has special cells called rods and cones. 

  • Rods help us see motion and in low light
  • Cones help us see colors

Humans have three types of cones, but dogs only have two. So, while humans can see three main colors (blue, red, and green), dogs can only see two (yellow and blue). This makes their color vision dichromatic (two-colored).

What Colors Can Dogs See?

Dog and Human Color Spectrum

Studies suggest that dogs perceive the world with their own special color range. So, what colors can dog see?

Here’s the answer – dogs can see, 

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Different shades of gray and brown

Why? Because they have two types of cones that detect blue and yellow colors. Humans, on the other hand, can see more colors because we have three types of cones in our eyes.

In dog vision, yellow and blue stand out the most. Colors like blue, blue-green, and violet appear as different shades of blue to them. Red and green colors might appear as shades of gray or brown to your dog.

What Colors Can Dogs Not See?

Dog Wearing Huge Goggles

Dogs are similar to humans with red-green color blindness, which is the most common form of color blindness in people. Like people with this type of color blindness, dogs can’t tell the difference between red and green colors. 

So, what colors can a dog not see?

Dogs cannot see the colors, 

  • Red
  • Green 

These colors appear as shades of brown or gray to them due to their limited color receptors. So, red and green, including orange and some shades of pink, are challenging for dogs to distinguish. 

What Colors Can Dogs See Best?

With their yellow-blue dichromatic vision, dogs can only see a few colors. 

So, what colors can dog see best?

Dogs are good at recognizing different shades,

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Variations in white and gray

These colors appear very clearly to dogs. Blue objects are particularly noticeable to dogs, often appearing brighter. 

Yellow objects also catch their attention, although they see them slightly differently than humans. 

In contrast, humans can distinguish approximately 1 million colors thanks to the three types of cones in our eyes. Each cone can detect around 100 different shades of color.

What Colors Can Dogs See In the Dark?

Dog Standing in Dark

Dogs see better in the dark than humans because they’re built for hunting at night. They have more rod cells in their eyes, which helps them see in low light. 

Also, they have something called the tapetum lucidum at the back of their eyes. It reflects light and makes things easier to see in the dark. 

But what color can dogs see best in the dark?

In the dark, dogs see best in shades of,

  • Blue
  • Gray

Even though dogs can’t see bright colors at night, they’re really good at finding their way around and seeing things in the dark. This makes them great partners for activities like hunting or going for walks at night.

Comparing Dog and Human Vision

Difference between dog eye and human eye

Compared to humans, dogs don’t see as clearly and have trouble distinguishing between different levels of brightness. This might make their view of the world seem a bit fuzzy and less colorful.

However, dogs have strengths in other areas. They’re really good at noticing movement and can see better in low light when everything looks gray. Having sharp color vision doesn’t matter much to them in these situations.

Dogs also have an amazing sense of smell compared to us – it’s believed to be 1,000 to 10,000 times better. Their powerful noses help them understand their surroundings better. Because of this, their sense of smell is considered their strongest sense, making up for any weaknesses in their sight or other senses.


What colors can dogs see well during the day?

Dogs can see blue and yellow colors well during the daytime. 

What are the only colors dogs can see?

Dogs can see different shades of blue and yellow colors.

How do dogs see pink?

 Dogs see pink as a shade of gray or light brown.

Do dogs see in 3D?

Dogs see in 3D, but their 3D vision is limited because their eyes are set a bit apart.

What 4 colors can dogs see?

Dogs can only see blue, yellow, brown, and gray colors because of how their eyes work.

Wrapping Up

So, what colors can dogs see? Dogs see mostly blue, yellow, brown, and gray. They’re really good at spotting movement and seeing in dim light. Even though they can’t see as many colors as we do, they’re still great at getting around and doing what they need to do. Understanding how dogs see helps us understand them better and makes our relationship with them even stronger.

Next time you buy a toy for your dog, remember to choose a color they can see well. It is best to go with shades of blue or yellow color. This way, you can easily train them. Avoid colors like red or green as they can’t really differentiate between these colors. 

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