Why Do Dogs Hump

Have you seen your dog humping recently? No matter whether you own a male dog or a female dog, there has been an embarrassing moment where you have seen your pooch humping. So, why do dogs hump? Why do canines show this kind of behavior? 

If you have owned a dog for some time, you may have already noticed that sometimes they randomly start humping. And new pet owners get easily confused by humping to play activities. But no, both are quite different! Many people think that this is sexual when canines are in heat, or that they do it only in the breeding season. However, that’s not completely true because dogs do this even after being spayed/neutered. 

What is Humping in Dogs?

Dog Humping Teddy

Dog humping, also known as mounting or mating behavior, basically refers to an action where canines thrust their hips against an object, person, other dogs, or sometimes the air. Why do female dogs hump? Yes, female dogs also hump. Dogs mount the back of another animal, a person’s leg, or the side of furniture. Often, humping is considered sexual (when the arousal level is very high); however, this behavior can be a result of many things. 

Why Do Dogs Hump?

Dog Huping in Garden

The first thing you should know is that humping is a typical behavior among dogs. From being stressed to wanting your attention, there are numerous reasons for humping. Let’s understand each one in detail to understand your dog’s behavior. 

Here are some of the most common reasons for dog humping:

1. Overexcitement

Notice, whenever your dog sees you or sees their friends, they start to hump or not. If they do, the reason behind this can be their excitement or overstimulation. So, if you’re wondering why do puppies hump, this is usually normal; so don’t worry much! This is the dog’s way to show their interest or burn off energy in such situations. So, they hump for some time and later calm down on their own.

2. Dominance

Another cause of dog mounting is to show power and dominance over other dogs or animals. If you have a dog breed that is territorial or has an aggressive temperament, they might end up humping other pets to become the dominant animal in the group. This can be part of regular playtime communication among dogs until something becomes serious.

3. Stress or Anxiety

If the humping behavior in dogs occurs with objects like pillows, furniture legs, or playing balls, it is mostly connected to stress, anxiety, or boredom. Apart from humping, dogs also do other things, such as yowling, digging, and chewing whenever they’re feeling down or getting bored. They do this self-soothing habit to distract themselves or to express their feelings. 

4. Sexual Behavior

Sometimes, your dog is humping around because they’re aroused. Canines who are not spayed or neutered start to hump other dogs due to hormones and s*xual attraction. This behavior is commonly seen more in young canines who are not yet spayed or neutered; so they do it for pleasure. So to avoid this masturbation situation, immediately keep your pup away from other dogs if you see them humping.

5. Medical Issues

Humping in dogs is usually not related to medical problems, but there can be a few possibilities. If you have noticed that your dog has recently started humping and feeling a bit abnormal or licking or scratching their genital area a lot, then these signs may indicate that your beloved pet is suffering from a health issue. 

Here are common health concerns when dogs start mounting:

  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Skin problems
  • Allergies 
  • Priapism (persistent erection) 

When is Humping a Problem in Dogs?

Usually, humping isn’t considered anything serious until it becomes a habit for your dog. Check whether your pup is indulging in humping behavior too much; if yes, then it’s a matter of taking action. Even after your training, you’re unable to distract your dog from this behavior; this is a major sign of compulsive behavior, and it becomes a problem.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Humping?

Female Dog Humping Male Dog

Humping or mounting isn’t something that pet owners should be concerned about, but it can surely embarrass you in front of others. Imagine taking your beloved dog to your office, and they randomly start humping your colleague, creating an embarrassing situation. This is why it’s important to stop such behavior from your pets. 

Here are some ways to stop humping dogs:

  • Exercise and physical activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Love and attention
  • Plenty of playtime. 
  • Keep them busy with interactive toys and games.
  • Regular vet checkups 
  • Keep your dog away from strangers or stressful situations. 

When to Contact your Vet? 

If your dog is continuously performing humping behavior around the house or 

outside, it’s time to seek professional help. Excessive mounting can make your dog uncomfortable, and they may feel extreme in their genital areas as a result of underlying medical conditions. 

Final Words 

So, after reading this blog, you’ve surely got the answer to the question: Why do dogs hump. Mounting or humping is a common behavior often seen in canines (both males and females). However, if your pet is doing it excessively, you should immediately contact the vet, as it can be a sign of a health issue.

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