Yorkie Poo Breed

Yorkie poo is a hybrid of a purebred Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. They are a small breed of designer dogs. They are one of the newly bred dogs that have gained popularity in recent times. Yorkiepoo were bred to be the best of both worlds or breeds in this case as they inherit characters of both popular breeds and show hybrid vigor. Yorkie poo is a very lovable dog breed. Hybrid vigor, heterosis, or outbreeding enhancement is the improving or increasing function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring. They are also known as Yorkapoo or Yorkadoodle.

Since Yorkie poos are a hybrid, they can show variable personalities depending on their genetic makeup. They are one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world. With the increasing demand for hypoallergenic dogs and more and more people adapting to the city life with smaller houses, Yorkie poos were created.

Some of the smallest members of the Yorkie poo breed are known to fit in a teacup giving them the name teacup Yorkie poo. The Yorkshire terrier is a small breed with England as its place of origin. The Poodle is another beloved dog originating from France or Germany.

Basic Overview Of Yorkie Poo (Yorkshire Terrier-Poodle Mix)

Yorkie Poo Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Yorkie Poo (Yorkadoodle)

Breed Group: Hybrid

Height: 7-15 Inches

Weight: 5-15 Pounds

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Coat: Curly

Color: Brown / Chocolate / Liver, Cream, Black, Blue, Gray

Temperament: Friendly, Gentle, Playful

Needs for Grooming: Low

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Origin: Northern England

Yorkie Poodle

Yorkies are known for their long luscious brown hair whereas poodles are famous for their cute curls, but the same cannot be said for Yorkiepoos as they may look more like one of the parent breeds or like a mixture of both.

Yorkie poos are a small, fluffy bundle of joy. When it comes to enthusiasm, don’t doubt them based on their size. They are tiny packets, full of energy, and always ready to put a smile across the face of their people. They are as happy to cuddle and relax as they are to jump around in the yard all day.

yorkie poo

The Poodle is a highly intelligent dog that was initially named among the working dogs. Due to their affectionate nature, they became one of the most popular family dogs.

The breed still demonstrates its intelligence and working attributes. They make up for a good guard dog and will alert you against any strangers or intruders. They are protective and loyal in nature. Also, they have cute dense curls and come in various shades of brown.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a gorgeous, small breed of dog that is very adaptive and family-oriented. They have long, sleek and silky hair. The Yorkshire Terrier is independent and stubborn but loving and gentle at the same time.

They are at times a bit stubborn and unaware of how tiny they are.

Yorkie Poo Appearance

Yorkie Poo Appearance

Yorkie poodle mix dogs are a combination of a Yorkie’s silky coat and a poodle’s soft curls. They show various mixes in color giving rise to wide varieties of Yorkie poos. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

Black Yorkie poo

White Yorkie poo

Bicolour- Black and White Yorkie poo

Golden Yorkie poo

Brown Yorkie poo

Others may show bicolor or tricolor with a mix of either color like black, brown, tan, red, gold, gray. They also show solid colors like a poodle which include brown, grey, beige, and rust other than the ones mentioned above. Coat texture may vary from sleek, fluffy, and smooth to sometimes scruffy and coarse.

They weigh around 2 to 6 kg depending on the size of parents used for breeding.

Their height may range from 5 to 15 inches tall.

Their size also depends on the type of used for the cross. Crossing a Yorkie with a miniature poodle will result in a miniature Yorkie poo or a mini Yorkie poo whereas using a toy poodle will yield a comparatively larger Yorkiepoo.

They have dark and expressive eyes. Short and muscular stature and long, tapered snout like a poodle or a short one like the Yorkies. Yorkie poos have black noses and their tails can vary from long and sleek to a short bob.

Personality of a Yorkie Poo

They are small but full of energy and sass. Yorkie poos are an intelligent breed of dogs. They are affectionate, lively, and extremely loyal. The ones that take up more from their poodle parent may tend to be a little more protective and somewhat jealous.

Yorkie poos are social in nature and thrive among humans. They may experience social anxiety, if left alone for long hours and may become destructive. Also, they crave affection and attention which makes them easy to train as they’ll do almost anything to keep all eyes on them.

They are suitable for novice owners due to their easy-going nature. They are very vocal in nature and thus make good watchdogs by alerting you of any passerby, stranger, or intruder.

Temperament of a Yorkie Poo

Yorkie poos are happy and enthusiastic in nature. They get along well with children and other pets in the house although they do tend to get jealous at times if they aren’t being given enough attention. Yorkie poo love to run around and play fetch but don’t require a lot of exercise due to their small size.

They are equally happy lap dogs who love to snuggle up to their owner. Yorkie poo dogs are highly adaptable and remain equally happy in a small apartment as they are in a big house with a yard.

They are also a great choice for seniors due to their low exercise requirement, low shedding, and friendly nature. Regular walks of short duration are enough to keep them happy and healthy.

Socialization is recommendable early on to bring out the best of them around strangers and other dogs. They are quick learners and react well to positive reinforcement training.

Yorkies were bred to keep pests at bay, hence a Yorkie poo puppy may show a prey drive and may love to chase anything that’s moving. To prevent them from running out in unknown territories and putting themselves at risk we recommend the installation of fences in case of a yard.

Yorkie Poo Cost

Yorkie Poo Cost

The pricing of a Yorkie poo pup may vary depending on the purebred or mixed parents, breeder, etc. we always recommend getting a puppy from a reputable breeder as it decreases the chance of unhealthy puppies. Get a puppy with a proper pedigree.

A Yorkie poo puppy may cost from $400$ to $1000.

Yorkie Poo Puppy

These tiny ones are one of the sweetest and most adorable creatures that’ll take no time to melt your heart and have you fall in love with them. Due to their size, the Yorkie poo puppies are very fragile and need to handle gently. A tight hug, squeeze, or even the slightest fall can result in severe injury or death of these pups. They should handle it with abundant love and care.

Yorkie Poo Grooming

Yorkie Poo Grooming

Grooming a Yorkie poo dog is simple if you do it regularly. Whether they have curly hair like the poodle or straight like the Yorkshire terrier, grooming is a must.

Grooming aids in better circulation which helps in maintaining the quality and texture of the hair.

Brush their hair regularly using a suitable comb to remove dander, dust, and debris from their hair. Bathing can be done once in 15-20 days depending on how dirty your pup gets. Occasional trimming may require to keep them looking pretty and to prevent excess hair around their eyes which may cause irritation.

Bathing and trimming can be done by a professional groomer if you aren’t used to it. Nail trimming is an important aspect of grooming as overgrown nails can cause difficulty in walking and hurt their toes. Ear cleaning and dental hygiene must maintain to prevent any infection or tartar buildup respectively.

Daily brushing using dog-friendly toothpaste can be done at home to prevent bad breath and tartar buildup. Yearly dental cleanings may prove helpful in removing the tartar.

The lifespan of a Yorkie poo: 10-15 years


Yorkiepoos are genetically predisposed to patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and mitral valve disease. All of these can prevent with proper and selective breeding using healthy dogs.

They are also prone to atopic dermatitis so watch out for excessive licking and scratching which may cause due to food allergies or allergies due to shampoo, soap, etc.

Health of yorkie poo


If you are a person who wants a constant playful companion but hates having hair all over you and your house or you’re a city dweller who needs a dog that can adjust to living in a small apartment with little exercise, Yorkie poo is the dog for you. They’ll add love and happiness to your life and protect you at all costs or at least that’s what they think they are doing.

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