Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Having a tiny, affectionate, entertaining companion always makes our lives lively and complete. So, if you are in search of any such companion that fills your life and home with joy and warmth, get yourselves the Yorkshire Terrier. 

The cute little Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular lap dogs from the English county of Yorkshire, after which it is named. They are small and lightweight physically, but their energetic and aggressive nature does not reflect their diminutive stature. 

So, if you want to bring home the cutest and most popular toy dog, this blog is for you. We have prepared a complete guide where you can explore everything about Yorkshire Terriers before bringing this delightful companion into your life. 

Let’s explore.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Overview

Breed Group: Companion Dogs

Height: 8 to 9 Inches

Weight : 4 to 7 Pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 Years

Coat: Long, Silky, and Fine-textured Coat

Color: Blue and Tan

Vocal Level: When Necessary

Temperament: Energetic, Affectionate, Spirited.

Needs of Grooming : Very High

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Origin : England


Yorkshire Terrier Dog Near the Sea

The Yorkshire Terrier is affectionately known as Yorkie and has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. 

The workers from Scotland came to Yorkshire in search of work and brought several varieties of terrier dogs with them. The workers were mostly operative in cotton and woolen mills where these terrier dogs were trained to catch and hunt rats in the mills and mines. 

During this period, mill workers and miners sought to develop a small dog to catch and hunt rats in the mills and mines. Hence, Yorkshire Terriers are believed to be the result of crossing various small terrier breeds, including Waterside Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, and Paisley Terrier.

Further, Yorkshire Terriers gained popularity among the Victorian Elite. The breed was officially recognized by the Kennel Club in England in 1866. Soon, Yorkshire Terriers were introduced in North America and registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885.


Yorkshire Terriers have charming and distinctive personalities, making them one of the most popular toy dog breeds worldwide. 

The tiny Yorkshire Terriers weigh between 4 and 6 pounds (1.8 to 3.2 kilograms) and have a height of about 7 to 9 inches at the shoulder. 

About their head, the Yorkshire Terrier has a small and flat top with a medium-sized muzzle. At the same time, their eyes are medium in size, with intelligent and confident expressions. The Yorkshire Terrier has V-shaped ears that stand tall on the head, making them look cute.

Coming to their body, Yorkshire Terriers have a compact and well-proportioned body with a flat back and customarily docked to medium-length tails.

Their feet are sturdy and straight, supporting their short frame with dark toenails. 

The overall appearance of Yorkshire Terriers is confident, well-groomed, and elegant. Their distinctive coat and color make them the top companion and the best toy dog for those seeking a small, affectionate pet. 

Here are the official Physical attributes of Yorkshire Terriers according to the American Kennel Club:

Gender Weight Height 
Male 6 to 7 Pounds6-7 inches
Female5 to 6 Pounds7-8 inches 

Coat and Color

Coat and Color of Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most significant highlights of Yorkies is their lavish, silky, and high-textured coat. 

Traditionally, their coat is grown out very long and divided from the middle of the back. Additionally, their fur is soft, shiny, and straight. What makes their fur even more beautiful is their color. The vibrant tan and steel gray shades at the roots and in the middle make their coat look fancy. 

Due to their long and beautiful fur, owners try various haircuts to make them look quite cute. In fact, there are Different Yorkie haircuts and styles that keep their coats clean and healthy. 

The standard color of a Yorkie as per the American Kennel Club UK is tan or gold, with a blue saddle. 

Blue? Yes, it looks more like gray; blue is the official color of Yorkshire Terriers, as in the canine world, blue is the term used to describe gray. 

In Yorkies, the blue is supposed to be dark steel blue and often more silvery and black.

However, Yorkshire Terriers do come in many more colors including::

  • Solid tan gold
  • Brown 
  • Chocolate
  • White with colored patches
  • Golden
  • Pale cream
  • Black 

Characteristics and Temperament

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their distinctive characteristics and lively temperament. Despite being small, Yorkies are active, protective, and fond of attention. If they are socialized early, these dogs are very child-friendly, easygoing, and like to be played with. 

Furthermore, they are intelligent and quick learners, which makes them easy to train. Because they are developed as a working breed, many Yorkshire Terriers need physical and mental stimulation.

By nature, they are very alert and excellent watchdogs. Further, if you develop a bond with them, they can be your best companion and enjoy cuddling with you. 

As with every dog breed, these breeds also need early socialization to prevent developing a tendency towards excessive barking or shyness.

Health and Nutrition

Yorkshire Terrier with a Food Bowl

A healthy Yorkshire Terrier needs high-quality and well-balanced diet appropriate for their size, age, and activity level. 

Generally, an adult Yorkshire Terrier requires ¼ or ½ cup of high-quality dry dog food per day divided into two meals. Puppies and very active adults may require more, while senior dogs or less active ones may need less.

However, these are general estimates. You should consult a veterinarian to know the exact food quantity needed for your pet.

Further, about their health, you should monitor their diet as due to their short height, they are prone to obesity. Overeating, frequent diet changes, and human food may lead to indigestion and white foam vomiting.

  • Visit the vet immediately
  • Make tests
  • Share everything with the vet about their diet
  • Do not panic, and give 12 to 18 hours for your pet’s tummy to settle down

Moreover, you should always ensure Yorkies have access to clean and fresh water to prevent dehydration. 

About their health issues, Yorkies are prone to dental issues. Hence, incorporate extra dental care such as brushing their teeth regularly. 

Other health issues often seen in Yorkies are bronchitis, lymphangiectasia, portosystemic shunt, cataracts, and keratitis sicca. However, not every dog does suffer the same problems or diseases. 

Right nutrition, proper care, and regular checkups help your pet maintain a healthy and happy life, ensuring they thrive physically and emotionally.

Behavior and Training 

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their spirited personalities. They are smart and quick responders; consistent training and positive reinforcement make them magnificent companions. 

As they are active, engaging them in mentally stimulating activities keeps their minds sharp and operative.

While training, use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, praise, and play. It is advisable to avoid harsh punishment, as it can lead to fear or anxiety. 

As these breeds are proactive, you must be very sharp and consistent with rules and commands, as they will adapt well to structured training. 

About their behavior, they are affectionate, perfect guardians, and attention-seekers. You can develop deep and rewarding relationships by making strong bonds with them. You should understand and appreciate their traits and create a positive and fulfilling relationship to make a strong bond. 

Grooming needs 

Yorkshire Getting a haircut

Yorkies are some of the cutest-looking dogs around the globe due to their lavish coats. Their long, silky, perfectly straight coat needs regular grooming to maintain luster and prevent matting or tangling.

Further, for shows, Yorkies’ coats are deliberately left long, extending to the floor to enhance their adorable appearance. Long hair may be trimmed to give easy movement and if you want to give a neat appearance.

Hair on their ears and feet can also be trimmed to make their appearance refined and well-groomed. However, their traditional long hair is high maintenance; hence, to keep their coat healthy all the time, follow the grooming needs mentioned in the table:

Grooming NeedsNumber of times 
Brushing Daily brushing to prevent matting and to keep the coat silky
Bathing Once a week with mild dog shampoo
Ears Cleaning Regularly to prevent ear staining
Ears Hair Trimming Regularly for easy care
Teeth CleaningEveryday with dog-friendly toothpaste
Nails CleaningTrim them when needed to maintain paw health
Paw Care Check and trim the hair between paw pads.
Skin and Coat InspectionRegularly thrice a month 
Eye Care Wipe and clean eyes everyday 
Anal Gland Expression Occasionally required 

As Yorkie’s coats are high maintenance, you should ensure that you are equipped with all the required tools and grooming equipment for effective care. Their long, silky fur keeps them cute and contributes significantly to their appearance.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Yorkshire Terriers are often considered hypoallergenic. While no dog breeds are completely hypoallergenic, Yorkshire Terriers have fewer allergens than other breeds. 

Their long, silky, and human-like hair, which is different from traditional fur, reduces the amount of danger and shedding, making them potential choices for individuals with allergies. 

However, individual reactions can vary, and spending time with Yorkies before bringing them home is advisable. Regular grooming practice can also help minimize allergens in the environment. 


The price of Yorkies’ often depends on their age and color. Younger Yorkshire Terriers and those with particular coat colors may have varying price points in the market.

The average price of adult Yorkies Terriers ranges between $3000 to $5000. For exhibition-quality Yorkies, the price can be upwards of $5000. However, the cost of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy can vary depending on lineage, breeder’s reputation, and specific traits. The average cost of Yorkie puppies can be between $1200 to $3000. 

You can also adopt or buy a Yorkshire terrier for sale to bring them to your home and provide them with a long and healthy life. You can buy Yorkies for sale at $1200 to $2000 or adopt them as low as $500 to $1000. 

Moreover, you can also buy or adopt Yorkshire TeaCup puppies if you are looking for a more petite version of the Yorkshire breed. You can adopt Yorkshire TeaCup puppies, typically ranging from $500 to $800, or purchase between $1200 and $1500. 

Life span

Yorkshire Terrier Sitting on Green Grass

Yorkies are among the long-living breeds of dogs, often reaching a lifespan of 12 to 16 years or more. Proper care, a healthy diet, and regular vet checkups keep them healthy and may lead to a happy and active long life well into their senior years. 

Are Yorkies’ Good Family Dogs? 

Yes, Yorkies are often healthy dogs. However, like any breed, they can be prone to certain health issues. Regular veterinary checkups, a balanced diet, proper grooming, and attention to their specific needs contribute to their overall well-being. 

Are Yorkies a healthy dog?

Yes, Yorkies are often healthy dogs. However, like any breed, they can be prone to certain health issues. Regular veterinary checkups, a balanced diet, proper grooming, and attention to their specific needs contribute to their overall well-being. 

Are Yorkshire Terriers smart?

Yorkies are very intelligent and tend to learn things quickly. However, like other dog breeds, they are stubborn, and consistent training with positive reinforcement is essential to make them behave properly.


So here we conclude our blog on Yorkshire Terriers; we hope this information has helped you understand more about this breed and help you in decision-making. However, if you have already decided to bring a Yorkshire Terrier into your home, follow all their grooming needs and dietary requirements and provide them with the love and attention they deserve. A well-cared-for Yorkshire Terrier can bring joy, companionship, and endless affection.

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