Dutch shepherd puppies

All You Need To Know About Dutch Shepherd Before You Get One In Your Home


Dogs are the most versatile pets that one can have and they are the most popular pets as well that people love to adopt followed by cats. There are endless verities of dog breeds to get your hands on and each dog is quite different from the other. It is believed that there must be a dog for each person that would set perfect according to his/her preference as well as likings. Dutch shepherd is one such dog breed which is originated from Dutch that you can guess by the name of the dog breed. They are known as the guard dogs so they are quite versatile in nature. If you have already decided to adopt one then here are some information about them which you need to know so that you can train as well as take better care of them:


Dutch shepherd puppies

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They are medium sized dogs which can grow up to 55 to 62 cm and both female as well as male can have a body weight of up to 30 kg. In case you want to buy them then one Dutch shepherd can cost you something in between $1000 to 1200 USD. They have medium sized dense fur which can vary in colors, you can get them in brindle, gold brindle, salt and pepper, silver brindle, gray brindle as well as blue brindle colored coat Dutch shepherd puppies in your home. Once you would have one puppy then that puppy would be with you for at least 12 to 14 years as they have a life span of that much years only. They look like a wolf with straight ears just like the German shepherd and their thick fury tale makes them totally adorable in appearance. Even the appearance of their fur is quite different; they come in three types of coats such as short hair which are usually used as police dogs for search as well as rescue works. Wire hair dogs are quite less in number and long haired are those who generally get adopted as family dog as well as for herding. It is saddening to know that Dutch shepherd are slowly moving towards extinction after the word war 2 as they were taken for serving the military at the war.


Dutch shepherd puppies

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They are quite smart as well as intelligent which makes training them quite easy and they would be familiar to any circumstance as well as situation quite faster than any other breed which makes them perfect for both big as well as small house and even for apartments. They are well with kids and can be awesome as they are good watch dogs and are protective as well so they would try to protect kids or his owner from any problem no matter what. They are always energetic and their eager to learn new things makes it easier for trainer to teach new stuffs to them. They make a great watch dog so if they would sense anything strange they would immediately react and would try to let you know. They are very much loyal as well as friendly with those they know but with strangers they are not at all friendly and they would bark loudly in case they see any stranger around or entering their premises.

Health complications as well as care:

Dutch shepherd puppies

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Dutch shepherd are counted among the healthiest dog breeds so they generally suffer much but just like other breeds they tend to suffer from some specific disorder and hip dysplasia is the only issue that they sometimes suffer from. Regular checkup in a particular interval is a must for this dog breed rather than this they need exercise to stay fit. You have to take them out for a walk or run on a regular basis. Their nails need to be cut to avoid any injury and their ears should also be cleaned in particular intervals or whenever they are dirty.

These were little information about Dutch shepherd puppies which you need to know before having or adopting one in your home a pet.