Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, dubbed “the world’s funniest and most beloved photo contest” by its organizers, has wrapped up and revealed this year’s winners across different categories.

Out of 5,300 submissions from 85 countries, photographer Jason Moore’s picture below took the crown as the funniest photo of the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Awards. It captures a female Western Grey Kangaroo showing off its air guitar skills.

Winning Picture: Air Guitar Playing Kangaroo

A Kangaroo playing air guitar

“Air Guitar Roo,” the winning photo, depicts a little kangaroo honing her musical abilities in a flower-filled area in the suburbs of Perth, Australia.

The majority of the time, kangaroos are quite quiet and uninteresting, according to Moore. The sight of this room playing an air guitar, nevertheless, brought a smile to my face. I sensed that I had stumbled onto something very extraordinary.

In the Creatures of the Land category, Moore’s photo also won first place.

A safari to the Masai Mara in Kenya, provided by AlexWalker’s Serian, and a trophy handcrafted just for Moore by Tanzania’s Wonder Workshop are his prizes for winning.

Growing Popularity of this Competition

Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam founded the Comedy Pet Photography Awards and the Comedy Wildlife competition in 2015. The goal of their “amazing, entertaining, and completely free photo contest that’s unlike any other, featuring seriously funny pictures of our planet’s incredible wildlife” is to bring together professional photographers and avid nature enthusiasts.

All the while, it highlights how important it is to protect our natural environment and embraces its humor. Anyone may enter the contest, whether they’re just starting out or are seasoned professionals.

A UK-based nonprofit supporting conservation experts working in their native countries throughout the global south, the Whitley Fund for Nature is this year’s competition’s featured organization.

Over 200 environmentalists in 80 different countries have received £20 million from this initiative over the last 30 years.

Photos that won or received high commendation in six different categories are detailed in the announcement.

The winning film totally embodies the “happy and feel-good” spirit of Comedy Wildlife, according to the judges.

Creatures Of The Air

A heron takes a dive

“Unexpected Plunge” by Vittorio Ricci won the Creatures of the Air Award. A striated heron hilariously plummets from the sky into the ocean in this snap, ruining what seemed to be a perfectly planned time for a successful fishing dive.

A puffing lying face down in water

While watching the jellyfish, a puffin playfully imitates Snoopy by turning over on its head.

A white snowball grouse

Despite its snowball appearance, this white grouse is really a bird enduring a very cold winter.

Dove crashing on a cactus

It seems like a white-winged dove is swooping down on a cholla cactus skeleton.

Northern gannets looking

With one gannet having returned to the nest, the northern gannets rubbed beaks as a greeting. In the blink of an eye, they stopped and looked over, and we got our shot. Their pride in their children is palpable.

Baby greenfinch complaining to parents

The shot “Dispute” by young photographer Jacek Stankiewicz was the first submission by a student to win the Affinity Shot People’s Choice Award, and it also won the Student Award.

“I caught this moment while watching birds in the Bialowieza Forest,” Stankiewicz revealed. The parents were still feeding the baby greenfinch. But every so often, it seemed as if the birds were arguing.

He said, “It’s like the young, naughty one is at odds with a parent or one of kids is informing the parent that their sibling did something inappropriate, like, ‘Look, he broke a window!'”

Creatures Of The Land

Otter doing ballet

Underwater, this stunning shot of a Singaporean otter doing a ballet was the show-stopper.

Gray Foxes with cigar-like stick in mouth

A family of gray foxes made themselves at home under the deck of the neighboring empty cottage while the photographer labored away in the Virginia woods. Vaccaro said, “Once upon a time, as they were playing hunter in their moss and branch den, a young fox snatched a little piece of wood and started twirling it around in its mouth.” “After a long day of hunting, the little fox lay on its belly, its jaws still clenched tightly around the wood, giving it the appearance of a cigar,” he went on to say.

Surprised kangaroos in the wilderness

Photographed in the stunning and surprisingly wild Westerfolds Park in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, this image features the park’s famous kangaroos. Her Joey decided to give boxing a go as mom was out enjoying the morning sun.

Monkey lying on the ground

Ubud, Bali, is home to a monkey forest—a place where monkeys rule the roost. They often delight onlookers with performances or daring up-close searches for fleas or biscuits. For the sake of the photograph, this particular monkey assumed an air of refined gentility.

jumping squirrel

The Portfolio category went to this set of images, of which these are two.

Squirrel falling back on ground

The ground squirrel seemed to jump as if it could fly in a single shot.

A turtle and a dragonfly

Regrettably, he lacks wings. He landed on the earth, much to his astonishment. A dragonfly falls on the swamp turtle’s nose, causing it to grin in surprise.

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