Bearded Dragon Habitats

Designing a good and ideal bearded dragon habitat setup is important for the owners. As we humans keep our living spaces good and pay so much attention to them, in the same way, the habitat of pets also deserves attention.

Habitat is where the pets will be spending most of their lives, and thus you need to ensure that everything is perfect. When you design an ideal bearded dragon habitat, you must sure that they can spend their life comfortably. And, if you cannot do so, your pet faces many problems, which may even result in their shorter life span.

Many people adopt pets, but they cannot take proper care of them, and neither can fulfill their needs; designing a habitat setup is also one of them. But, it’s not the mistake of the pet owners because today, there is very little information about raising or taking care of bearded dragons.

A bearded dragon cage setup is crucial, and you must always create the best configuration possible. By giving you complete details on how to put up a habitat for your pet, we will be able to assist you.

Here, we’ll outline the process for creating a bearded dragon environment. And will provide you with some more details about the bearded dragon habitat.

An Overview of the Bearded Dragon Setup

Tank Size20 to 50 gallons for small beardiesAround 50 gallons for adults75 to 120 gallons for the big one’s
HumidityUp to 60%Ideal humidity is below 40%
TemperatureLow 70° F (20° C)High 110° F (43° C)
SubstratePaper towelsNewspapersTiles
LightingUVA/UVB 10.0 and Basking Light

Bearded Dragon Tank Types

Let’s see the types of tanks for bearded dragons:

1. Glass Terrariums

bearded dragon habitat:Glass Terrariums

The glass tanks are the classic example of the perfect tanks. They offer visibility, and they are not prone to scratching like a plastic tank. When you buy a glass tank for the adult beardie, you need to buy a large cage with a volume of 120 gallons or 450 liters.

If you buy a glass tank, you need to take care of some things like a glass tank that can be broken easily. The second thing you need to take care of is that a glass tank is more costly than other tanks. However, you can buy a second-hand glass tank to save money.

2. Wooden Enclosures

bearded dragon habitat Wooden Enclosures

If one doesn’t like glass and wants to save money, you can go for wooden enclosures. Using a wooden cabinet or shelf as a terrarium is one of the more clever hacks out there. You can also assemble a wooden tank yourself or order one online.

A wooden enclosure can be a good choice for many; however, there is one limitation of the wooden enclosure is that its material is porous – which is prone to rotting.

If you want to use the wooden enclosure, apply a non-harmful and waterproof coating over the entire wooden surface. It will not only solve the problem but also give an amazing glossy finish to the tank.

3. Plastic Enclosures

bearded dragon habitat: Plastic Enclosures

Over the past few years, plastic tanks have become a popular choice among many pet owners. These tanks are generally made of PVC or ABS plastics.

Plastic tanks cannot break easily like glass tanks, so this is one of the reasons why pet parents choose to buy plastic tanks. In plastic enclosures, you also get the freedom to drill the holes for cables and other purposes.

The problem with plastic tanks is that they are also quite expensive, especially the expert one-piece molded terrariums like Vision cages, which have integrated light components.

4. Plywood Cage

Plywood Cage for bearded dragon habitat

Plywood tank can give a modern & stylish look to the bearded dragon habitat. Plywood is a cost-affordable option as well. Thus, a plywood enclosure can give you a good look that too by spending less amount of money.

You can even design a custom plywood tank for your beardie. You can get plywood from your nearby at an affordable price. When you design the plywood tank, make sure that you seal it with a non-harmful element and keep the top open.

Steps for Habitat Setup for Bearded Dragons

1. Select the Right Type of Enclosure

Select the Right Type of Enclosure

The bearded dragon enclosure is crucial since it will spend most of its life there. Thus, when you go to buy the enclosure, be mindful of this. Your pet’s health depends a lot on the enclosure, and thus make sure to buy the right enclosure for your pet.

Generally, these reptiles live on the land and enjoy exploring; thus, you need to provide them with a tank where they have enough space to roam here and there.

A bearded dragon tank of around 60 gallons can be the right choice for an adult bearded dragon. However, if you want to keep more than 1 pet, you will need a bigger size.

The most trending enclosure nowadays is glass. It may not provide enough insulation like acrylic or wood, but through a glass enclosure, you can see the pet and check the cage’s cleanliness.

In the event that you need legitimate protection and feel, you can purchase a bearded dragon’s enclosure comprised of glass, wood, and screen.

2. Set Up the Lights and Heating Elements

bearded dragon tank setup

The bearded dragons need adequate lighting & heating to survive. The bearded dragon, a native of the desert and a cold-blooded species, needs enough heat to be healthy.

In the forest or while roaming in the open, all these reptiles try to find a safe place where they can get the sun’s heat.

To give the bearded dragon a natural experience, you can do it with the help of perch. You can place it under a basking bulb that supplies the right amount of radiant heat.

The bearded dragon also needs proper lighting for synthesizing calcium. You can do it through bulbs; some bulbs are specially made for reptiles. These bulbs can provide adequate UVA and UVB light to the reptiles.

When we talk about heating & lighting, let us specify that it is also necessary to consider the size of bearded dragon tanks.

If you are planning to keep the glass between bulbs and animals, then let us tell you that it will reduce the effectiveness of the lighting and heating bulbs, so plan accordingly.

3. Choose a Good Substrate

Choose a Good Substrate

A substrate is a material used on the floor of the enclosure. It can affect the humidity levels; filtration and occupant safety go hand in hand. The type of animal in the enclosure determines the best substrate.

A substrate is an essential component of the bearded dragon’s habitat. If you don’t choose the appropriate configuration, it may make them uncomfortable and possibly be bad for your health.

The bearded dragon travels through a variety of surfaces in its native habitat, including sand, soil, rock, and wood. The bearded dragons’ health may be impacted by the sand substrate. Although older people may also be in danger, younger people are more likely to be affected.

You may use a reptile cage or even newspaper as substrate. The most affordable solution may be a newspaper, but you must replace it every day if you use one.

4. Get Water and Food Bowls

Food and water are necessities for all, whether they are humans, animals, or reptiles. You need to arrange for their food and water so that they can stay well. Generally, young bearded dragons enjoy having crickets and other such insects, but when it comes to adults, they like to have a wide variety of foods.

You can add a food bowl to the habitat, making it easy to feed them. You can give a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and dry foods.

When you buy a food bowl, make sure to buy a heavy bowl so that it does not fall or tip when your pet puts weight on it. If you have a bearded dragon, make sure to purchase a shallow bowl so your pet can easily look into it and reach the food inside.

Finally, we would advise you to keep food and water bowls a little bit far from the basking lamps to avoid food wastage and excessive warming of the water. The placement of bowls plays an important role, so make sure to place them correctly in the bearded dragon terrarium.

5. Use Decorations

Use Decorations

The decors not only stand for appearance & aesthetics you like to see. The main purpose of the decorations is to provide your pet enrichment, comfort, and ways to exercise.

Use different materials, shapes, and textures to keep things interesting. You can occasionally change the decors to keep the bearded dragon away from boredom.

Whatever type of decorations you put on the habitat, make sure they are easy to clean. Keeping the bearded dragon tank setup tidy is a crucial part of the pet habitat. Make sure to avoid anything unsafe for your pet to eat, like live plants.

You can put a hide box in the tank; it can be one of the most crucial additions to the bearded dragon habitat setup. The box can act as their go-to stop where they can rest. They will feel safe & secure over there. Make sure the hide box is big enough to fit your beardie.

6. Consider Using a Theme

bearded dragon enclosure Consider Using a Theme

The tank is the place where your bearded dragon will be living the majority of its life. Now, as a pet parent, you must enjoy the process and experience of creating a home that seems attractive to the pet and to you. For this, you will need a theme for the bearded dragon’s home.

A natural, interesting, and attractive theme will keep you and your pet happy and entertained. You can use a variety of themes for the enclosure.

7. Make Adjustments and Changes Whenever Needed

The final step is to make changes & adjustments whenever there is a need. When you bring a small or young bearded dragon to your home, you expect it to grow and spend many years with you. So, you have to make changes whenever needed because you need to adjust as your pet grows.

When your bearded dragon grows up, there is no guarantee that he will his setup. At that time, also you need to be ready to make the changes in the setup. Making changes and adjustments is necessary because, with changes and adjustments, the reptile will finally get the comfort he needs.

Always look to improve the habitat setup of your beardie; it will help you to build a perfect comfortable habitat setup for your pet.

Final Words

Finally, we would agree that building the ideal natural surroundings arrangement for the bearded dragon may not be a simple assignment. In any case, if you set forth all the energy, it will be an extraordinary home for your pet, and following the means or tips given in this blog will assist you with building an ideal house for your bearded dragon.

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