Beautiful Fishes

Now that we all know that 75% of our earth’s surface is covered with water so it is quite obvious that there are so many different kinds of water animals. Among all, there are a large variety of fishes and you would be amazed to know that there are so many Beautiful Fish varieties available in this world. Some of them can also e be kept as a pet in your home which is a great thing for sure. Though it is always better to let them live in the ocean in their natural space so that they can live peacefully.

If you are wondering about some of the beautiful as well as cute fish varieties then some of the listed below that you need to check out. It is for sure that the beauty of these fishes would mesmerize your mind and you would fall in love with them for sure:

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Beautiful Fish

This fish is one of the Cutest Fish in The World and you would be able to see this fish in many home aquariums. This is so beautiful that you would get mesmerized by the single look of this fish. The best thing about this fish has to be the bright colors of this fish and here you would be able to see yellow and blue color on its body.

It can grow up to 9 inches that are quite big so you would have to get one medium-sized aquarium for this fish. This fish is calm and knows how to mind its own business which makes it perfect for beginners and if you are new into fishes then you can start with this fish and this fish would not trouble you much.

Beta Fish

Beautiful Fish

This fish is a fighting fish so you have to be a bit careful about this fish if you are a beginner into petting fishes then you should not have this fish at first. Most beginners get mesmerized by the beauty of this fish and so they choose this fish for their aquarium and that is the reason that this is one of the most kept fishes.

Just like their vibrant and aggressive beauty, they are also quite aggressive by their nature. You should not keep small fishes with them otherwise beta fish can harm the small fishes that you may not want.

This fish has a find blend of blue and red color which makes it look so beautiful that you can hardly stay without complementing its beauty. This fish would require a huge tank to swim freely so you have to take care of that.

Regal Angelfish

Beautiful Fish

This is a medium-sized fish that can fit in any aquarium and this fish has a very cute personality that you would love and this one of the Cute Fish varieties. This fish has a yellow body with multicolored blue stripes that make the fish appear bright and beautiful and if you would have this fish in your home aquarium then you would get so many compliments by other which is a great thing.

This fish is commonly found in the Indian Ocean but the sad thing is that fishers use chemicals to catch them so these fish doesn’t survive for long. You would have to accompany them for a while if you are getting them home so that they could adjust in the aquarium of your home.

If you would keep their diet on the point then they would grow up to 10 inches so you may have to place them in a large aquarium later on.

Symphysodon Discus

Beautiful Fish

This is among small fishes so even if you have small aquarium then also you can have this fish in your home and this fish is so beautiful that it would become the center of attraction of your home which is great. This fish looks like a piece of fire in water due to its vibrant body color and it has a white base with orange stripes.

They would not grow too much rather their growth is limited to 6 inches only. To keep this fish healthy you would have to keep their diet on point and at the same time you would have to keep on changing the aquarium water, these two things are same and important for all fishes.

Banggai Fish

Beautiful Fish

This fish is often found in the Indonesian Islands and are so beautiful that it would mesmerize your mind which is great. This fish is so small that you can keep it even if you have a small aquarium in your home.

This fish has a white pearly body with wide black stripes and there are some white polka dots as well on the black fins of this fish. This fish love to hide so you would have to create such space for this fish in the aquarium by getting some water plants and toys.

Puffer Fish

Beautiful Fish

This fish has to be the cutest fish in the world and people love having this fish in their aquarium which is great for sure. This Cute Puffer Fish would become a balloon if you would hold it or touch it, however; it comes back to its original shape soon after you would leave it in the water.

They do this to scare big fishes but this fish is least dangerous fish that you can have in your home aquarium and this fish would not harm any other fish as such which is a great thing. They come in different sizes but all of them can expand in size which is a great thing for sure.

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