Dog Paw Balms

Does your dog find any problem while running, walking, or playing? In daily life, dogs have functional and hard paws. There are some exceptional conditions when even their paws need pampering treatments. Just like we wear shoes and conditioning lotions in our feet to protect them, even dogs need such things. We can take care of our body parts, but our dogs can’t do that for themselves. With this, it becomes our responsibility to take their utmost respect. If you want to take care and prevent them from growing cracks and dry day by day, moisturizing is one way. 

There are exceptions in some of the dogs. Some dogs have some genetic problem of hyperkeratosis. In this condition, the skin on the paws starts growing thicker. This condition of thickening of the skin takes place when the body produces extra keratin. And as a result, the skin gets drier and complex, which eventually hurts the dogs while doing physical activities. 

No matter the reason for the drying of their skin, the best dog paw balm can help you get better with the drying condition. Dog paw balms are readily available in the market, easy to apply. All the ingredients in the products are very efficient in protecting the quality of the paws. Even if they are affected, it helps in repairing the condition of the paw. And anyhow, dog paw balms are also considered to be one of the best options, according to vet doctors. 

Dog Paw Balms – What is that?

Dog paw balms are nothing but wax that provides moisture to the skin. It gives the required nourishment to the skin for healing it from dryness or preventing it from the same. It protects the paws from infections, hot or cold weather, and many other problems they suffer in their day-to-day life. 

Dogs are one such animal that is very active. If your dog is getting lazier day by day, it is a symptom that they have some problem. And damaged paws are of those problems. Dogs usually are okay with hot, cold, or any harsh climate. But, if they are not going into playing, walking, or running just because of their paws, it is time to attend to the problem. 

Why Is the Need for Best Dog Paw Balm? 

As we discussed, in harsh weather conditions, genetic issues and the dog’s hyperactive nature could cause paw damage. So, when you know that damaging the paws can make them lazy and lethargic, you should start taking care. 

We feel so relaxed right when someone gives us a foot or a head massage at the end of the day. We feel so comfortable and ready for a fresh start from the next day. In the same manner, even our dogs need a pampering session to have a restful and sound sleep. The most important factor of having a fresh start to the day is good sleep.

So, now the choice is yours. Do you want your dog to be lazy or be active the entire day? And this is when you need to realize that the best dog paw balm can benefit your dog’s new start. It helps in relaxing their feet, paws, and their body. 

Best Dog Paw Balms!

Below are some of the top dog paw balms for your dog that you can try in the year 2023.

1. Musher’s Secret

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Balm

About the brand : Musher’s Secret is working on the welfare of pets. They make brand products that work well for the benefit of the pet. Making sure of the sensitive skin type of the dogs, they design products. They have been working for three generations now on products that can help your little ones. All the products are approved by the APPA (American Pet Products Association.)

Key features

  • Natural edible wax and oil for conditioning and protection of the paws.
  • Creates an invisible layering on the feet to protect from hot pavements, salt snow, and sand. 
  • Helps in bettering the paw quality.
  • Essential ingredients like; Vitamin E, candelilla wax, vegetable oils, and yellow beeswax.
  • Heals and moisturizes the rough and cracked paws.
  • The layers which generate on the skin have space to breathe also.


  • Very helpful in the winter seasons and for dogs having the genetic problem of hyperkeratosis.
  • Useful on elbows, ears, and nose also. 
  • Prevents sunburns, lawn pesticides, ice salt, and hot pavements. 
  • Multiple-use. 

2. Vets Preferred

Vets Preferred Dog Paw Balm

About the brand : Vets Preferred is one such company that supplies premium quality supplements for dogs. They manufacture all the products that are essential for the healthy life of your dog. The company specially manufactures products after discussion with the vets. So if you buy a product from this brand, results are guaranteed.  

Key Feature

  • All the ingredients are natural. 
  • It moisturizes and soothes the skin of the paw. This is beneficial and helpful.
  • Certified and suggested by the vets.
  • Easy and quick in the application. And no irritation after the application. 
  • Made in the United States of America. 

Benefits :

  • Application while hiking and running is also advisable. 
  • No specific climatic barriers. 
  • Ingredients are edible, so not to worry if the dog licks the balm.

3. Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees for Pets Natural Itch Soothing Spray

About the Brand : Unlike other brands, Burt’s Bees produces this product in the form of a lotion. Lotion form is beneficial and easy for application. The main motive of manufacturing this product in lotion form was to allow it to deeply nourish. And that is how this product is different from all the other products. 

Key Features : 

  • Making sure the pH formula is very regular so that it is even applicable for little puppies. 
  • Soothes and softens the paw, if it gets damaged.
  • Made with absolutely natural and premium quality ingredients. 
  • Absolutely safe and suggested by veterinarians. 
  • One of the most trusted brands in the United States.

Benefits : 

  • It is affordable compared to other products. dable. 
  • Applicable on both paws and nose. 
  • Sensitive skin-friendly ingredients. Applicable to small pups.
  • Highly recommended by vets.  

4. Pet MD

Pet MD Dog Paw Balm

The Brand : Pet MD is not just a product manufacturing company; it is a care center. Dogs are taking proper care when in need of attention. They provide the best services from their end, to make sure the good health of dogs. They are working for years to get better with their services and products to better the dogs and their families. 

Key features : 

  • Instant relief from pain and swelling in the paws. 
  • Application is easy and applicable two times a day according to the condition of the dogs. 
  • Safe and nontoxic.
  • Edible, if in case the dog licks the wax.
  • Trustworthy quality, recommended by vets.
  • Applicable to small little pups as well.

Benefits : 

  • Applicable on sensitive skins.
  • Heals and repairs the quality of the paws.
  • Applicable for hiking dogs.
  • Edible if in case licked by the dog. 

5. Warren London Hydrating Butter Leaves

Warren London Hydrating Butter Leaves

About the brand : The brand is working full-fledged for the benefit of dogs. They make premium quality products for daily use. All the products produced by the company are natural and beneficial to pets. Vets recommend the brand without any doubts. You can give a try to this brand if in case searching for something of premium quality. 

Key Features : 

  • Relieves and heals the cracks and dryness in the paws.
  • Soothes and moisturizes the feet with complete nourishment.
  • Not just heals, it even protects from getting the paws damage. 
  • Made in the presence of a professional vet doctor in the United States of America.

Benefits : 

  • Natural product, thus applicable to small puppies as well.
  • Applicable twice a day to maintain the moisture in the paws. 
  • No artificial ingredients, hence safe for application.
  • Applicable in all kinds of climatic conditions.

6. Natural Dog Company

Natural Dog Company

About the Brand : The brand works for the dogs in collaborations with dog lovers, dog owners, and professional vets for their healthy lifestyle and living. 

The entire team makes sure to provide world-class quality products and services to the lovely and active living creatures. They believe dogs are very honest towards their owners, so even the owners must take reasonable and proper care.  

Key features :

  • Healing feature for cracks and cuts on the paws.
  • Soothing and moisturizing formula. 
  • 100% natural ingredients beneficial for the dogs. They are accommodating and effective.
  • Includes all the essential ingredients for the protection of the dog paws. 

Benefits :

  • Ingredients are naturally extracted from nature. 
  • Applicable to little puppies. 
  • Verified by the pet products council. 
  • Heals, moisturizes, and protects from cracks in the paws.
  • Reduces swelling and pain caused due to cracks. 

7. Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter

Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter

About the Brand : The brand is focusing on giving the best service to the dogs. 

Key Features : 

  • Natural oatmeal scent in the product to provide freshness and attraction towards the product.
  • Heals and protects the cracks, smoothens the skin and makes it stronger.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Beneficial to dogs.

Benefits :

  • 100% natural
  • Heals quickly in comparison to other products.
  • Highly recommended by vets for the use of these products. 
  • No side effects on the skin of the dogs.
  • Applicable by hiking dogs to get protection from cracks. 

How to Apply Best Dog Paw Balm? 

best dog paw balm

I am listing down the ways to apply dog paw balm. Make sure you follow all the steps to get a better result for your dogs. Three simple steps and you are done using the dog paw wax. The direction, application, and massage make an impact on the entire process. 

Follow the steps to apply the dog paw balm:

Clean the Paw

Before applying the balm, make sure you clean their paws nicely with Luke’s warm water. Dry the paws nicely with a fresh or dry napkin. Let it dry, and then apply the balm. 

Apply the Balm Gently

When you are done cleaning the paws it is time to apply the balm. Gently apply the balm to the paws and massage them. Massaging the balm softly will penetrate the balm deep into the skin. 

Cover the Paws

Once you are done with the application, cover it for some time to let the balm settle and affect the paw. 

Now that we have seen the best dog paw balms for your lovely dogs. Let us understand the importance of using dog paw balm.

Importance of Dog Paw Balm

As we saw the product description, you must have got a rough idea about paw balm for dogs. So, let me tell you the importance. 

  • Dogs are always in a rush of getting out without any protection. Later you will see the consequences. Even if they are hurt, they won’t stop, and thus it becomes necessary to take utmost care. 
  • As dog owners, we know how challenging it is to feed our dogs vitamins or the required medicines for their healthy life. Dogs are good with controlling emotions to avoid all these kinds of stuff. 
  • We can avoid going for walks or activities until we heal, but our dogs can’t. They act weird or frustrated if we are not allowing them for a long time.
  • If not taking proper care and healing methods at the right time can worsen the condition. Thus, we must make sure of taking care of their paws. 
  • If taking the right methods for protection or healing, you can help your dos to get better. 
  • Dog paw balms are essential to moisturize the skin, especially when your dogs have been active for the entire day.
  • It soothes their paws and helps them to relax. 

How to Find the Best Dog Paw Balm for Your Dog? 

When selecting dog paw balm, keep in mind the following consideration, and you will get the best out of them all.

Heals and Protects

Our main motive for buying and applying paw wax is to heal the cracks and protect their paws. Whenever you are planning to buy, this is supposed to be your ultimate motive. Not just the brand, even the motive is considered while purchasing any product.

Dogs are active, and they need care and protection to do their daily activities. This is only possible when they consume the required vitamins or apply the best dog paw balm. So, make a wise decision while selecting the product.

Protects Against Infections

Just like when we apply creams for protecting ourselves from getting infected, in the same way, so do our dogs need precautions. Best dog paw balm helps in protecting from getting infected. They make a layer between the paws to protect them from getting infected. 

We wear shoes for our protection, and dogs can’t. They do have shoes, but it becomes uncomfortable for them to do their activities. They want their paws open and free. Thus, it is better to make a layer to protect their paws from infection.  

Protection in Cold 

As discussed, dryness is seen the most in the winter season. Unlike we humans, dogs can’t apply lotion by themselves, thus we need to help them. In winters or cold weather, dogs need more moisturization in their paws. 

The active nature of dogs can hurt them at the end of the day. It is only curable if you help keep the paws moist. It is advisable to scrub the paws lightly before applying the balm. Gently scrubbing the paws can help in removing the dead cells.  

Once the dead skin is removed, you can apply the paw balm. 

Protection in Heat

Just like we humans apply sunscreen while stepping out in the sun, even dogs need protection. Dog skin is very sensitive, and we can’t apply any random dog lotion to help keep their paws protected. 

We need to make sure that we use the correct paw balm that too in consideration from the vet. They help to identify the type of skin in the paws and later suggest the paw wax. The best by the doctors. Do not hurry in selection as once and later select. 

Application is Easy

There is paw wax that has complicated application steps, so you should select a simple paw balm. If it has all the essential natural ingredients go for it. The application must be simple, clean the paws with clean water. Dry the paws nicely, and later apply the balm. Cover it for a few minutes, and the application is complete.

Keep in mind, easier the application, the more effective the results will be. Thus, always go for a paw balm which is easy and effective in application. 

Maximum Utilization of Natural Ingredients

As you know, dog skins are very sensitive, artificial ingredients can damage their skin. They not only damage, but they can also even affect their health and cause side effects. So always remember to choose a paw balm that is manufactured with 100% natural ingredients. 

Some premium quality best dog paw balms are even edible. If in case your dog licks the balms, it won’t harm in any way round. Be a loyal dog owner and choose wisely. 

Did You Find Your Best Dog Paw Balm?

By now, you must have shortlisted the best dog paw balm. So keep in mind all the essential features to consider while buying a paw wax. Dog skin is sensitive, and they need the best care and pamper. 

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