Black Cat Breeds

Have you ever wonder why these smarties are not acknowledging much? I mean, look at them, they are equally cute as the white and the brown ones. The unfortunate part is that they are abandoned just because they are known as pets of the witches. To date, Black Cat Breeds are treated in the same way, which is practically so unfair. According to cat owners who have Black cats, they say that they are a blessing and fun to have as companions. They are no different than the brown and the white cats.

13 Best Black Cat Breeds

Breed NameKnown For / Quality / Characteristics
British ShorthairVery active and intelligent
A bear-looking cute cuddling family cat
LaPermCuteness, adorable and innocent
Fond of getting love
American CurlBrilliant, Smart, and Cautious
Known for cute little and adorable ears
Scottish FoldPerfect family black cat
Quite and Understanding nature
ManxGood with hunting
Smart, intuitive, and playful
American BobtailBrilliant, confident, intelligent, and active
Family cat
SiberianFluffy and long-coated
Family cat
OrientalDistinctive looking – short coat, long face, and long legs
Maine CoonLove to play in the water and take showers
American WirehairWiry-looking coat
Attractive and calm-tempered, the family cat
BombayLooks like the black panthers
Active, intelligent, and caring
Norwegian ForestActive, intuitive, thoughtful, and intelligent
Quiet and observing
PersianKnown for their flat-nose
Adorable. Can be brilliant, and active (After training)
black cat breeds

Owners of black cat breeds feel it is just a myth of bad luck that they bring with them. In Fact, if we talk about their history, then sailors in the olden days believed that black cats bring luck. Thinking of the Fact of getting lucky, sailors always had black cats as their companions. See, the point is sometimes we accept things without personally looking into the situation. Today I am here to tell you something exciting. Being a cat owner, I have a black cat breed – LaPerm for myself. And to be honest, she is such a sweetheart and intelligent. Let us explore some of the interesting Black Cat Breed List.

Why Not Be Afraid of Black Cat Breeds?

The Fact is even black cat breeds need love and cuddling just like the other colored cat breeds. Why the discrimination between colored species? Let us understand that color is just a color, and it has nothing to do with your luck. Still, if you have doubts, why go for black cat breeds? Here are some of the fun facts.

  • The color of the black cat will create a spin in the minds and actions of strangers. If in an attempt to cause harm to your home, finding the black cats roaming in the house will make them wonder. They will be warned whether to proceed with their actions or not.
  • Black cat breeds have stunning coats. If you take proper care and feed them with a perfect diet, they will immerse with a beautiful-looking body and coat. Just make sure to give them the ideal exercise and diet.
  • As we know, there is so much disbelief regarding black cat breeds. Adopting one of them will help in eradicating the misconception of the myths. And no doubt, family and friends can experience by themself, and the chain of myth can end.
  • They are brilliant, smart, and repulsive to situations. They are obedient learners when given training and adapt their training.

I am sure that you will slowly adopt these black cats when you read and understand these facts.

13 Black Cat Breeds: Smart, Intelligent and Perfect for your Family!

After learning the fun and approving facts of the black cats, let us look at these black cat breeds lists.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair black cat breeds

So many people have a habit of cuddling a teddy bear while sleeping. Why not experience these bear-looking cute cuddling cats. They are brilliant and adaptive to the training given to them. There is no such cat breed like them who are active and intelligent.

The best part of British Shorthair black cats is, they are a perfect family cat. Even if you have small children or aged members in your family, black cats will not harm them. They have long and beautiful shining coats. Grooming from professionals one in two months is beneficial for their perfect looking attitude.

LaPerm Black Cat Breed

LaPerm black cat breeds

One such cat breed is very pure and likes to attract people to them with their cuteness. They are adorable and innocent. Only a few people know about Black LaPerm Cat because they are fond of getting love. They like it when you love them and give them time to cuddle with them.

Though LaPerm is available in all coat colors, the black ones are admired by the breeders. They have large attractive eyes that clearly express all their emotions. They are brilliant and active if they are trained well.

American Curl Black Cat Breed

American Curl black cat breeds

To start with, they are just cool and attractive as their names. American Curl Black Cats are familiar for their cute little and adorable ears. But, in the matter of the reason to adopt them? They are brilliant, smart, and cautious. Apart from the firm attitude to admire, they are very cuddling and sweet. Roaming and following their favorite people is American Curl’s favorite activity to do.

What is interesting is they are active all the time but with their mood swings. Yes, you heard me right. You won’t find them in one place unless they are sleeping. They like to keep themselves engaged with some random plays. They want to see their interest in the hour.

Scottish Fold Black Breed

Scottish Fold black cat breeds

The origin of Scottish Fold is from Scotland, and that is how they are named after the origin. They are very good at expressing their eyes. Quiet and understanding are how you can define them. They are the perfect family black cat. They look like those cute teddy bears because of their round face.

Scottish Fold is one such cat breed that is not fond of being aggressive or weird. They are very happy to be silent and calm. Also, they like to cuddle and play with their loved ones. They will follow you to make sure you are safe and won’t leave them and go away. They like to be love.

Manx Black Cat Breed

Manx black cat breeds

Manx Breeds are the origins of the British. They are very good with their hunting skills. Very active and proportionate with their daily activities. And this is all because of their originals. They were the working cats of the British for ages. Maybe that is why all the cats of the Manx Breed are carrying the traits.

Remarkable how smart, intuitive, and playful they are. You won’t find them ever being frustrated or irritating. Very calm and love to be themselves. Adaptable for all groups of people around. Importantly perfect as a family pet.

American Bobtail Black Cat Breed

American Bobtail black cat breeds

Are you looking for a cat that can come with you to your morning and evening walks? American Curl Bobtail Black Cats are the perfect option for you. They Are brilliant, confident, intelligent, and active. If you want a cat who is self bringing, you can adapt to American Bobtail.

If you have a question, why Black American Bobtail? They are a very confident breed, and the black coat brings an attitude and class with them. They are very adaptive and loving for a family cat. Proper training is all that is required for American Bobtails.

Siberian Black Cat Breed

Siberian black cat breeds

Siberians are originally from Russia. They are those cute cats that every family wants. The features are what make them appealing and attractive. They are very fluffy and long-coated. Why the black cat? Being furry and long-coat if you want to enjoy their features, especially the almond eyes’ black color will help. It gives a defined look which makes them even cuter.

Grooming is necessary to maintain their sleek and shining coat. If you give them proper training, they are very active and sometimes helpful too. In the absence of you, they take care of your home. So what do you think about these cute black Cats?

Oriental Black Breeds

Oriental black cat breeds

Oriental Black Cats have unique features. Unlike all the other fluffy cats, they are very distinctive looking. To brief you with the elements, they have a short coat, long face, long legs, a bit larger than the normal ears, and a very different yet gazing attention-like nose. In short, they are something you won’t find easily and thus are very attractive. The black color of the breed intricately defines the features.

They are grumpy at times. But, not to worry, proper training will help them keep friendly with the family. If you are lucky, they even socialize nicely with the people around them.

Maine Coon Black Cat Breed

Maine Coon black cat breeds

Maine Coons are the perfect black cat breeds for extraordinary places. They have thick and long coats that help them survive in cold areas. Maine Coons are one of the most interesting in the Black Cat breeds List. They are everything that an owner wants in their pet.

What is the exciting part, you know? They love water! Unlike other cat breeds, they love to play in the water and take showers. So when it comes to grooming them, they love to be a groom. And thus, handling them becomes more accessible. The Black color of the cat is what makes them recognizable. It perfectly defines every single feature that is admirable.

American Wirehair Black Cat Breed

American Wirehair black cat breeds

The name American Wirehairs is a gift because of their wiry-looking coats. They are those typical cute cats that every family searches for. Why go for a Black American Wirehair? The feature of having big eyes and ears is that it tempts to go for a black-coated cat. They look adorably attractive.

The best part of American Wirehairs is they are calm-tempered and quickly gel up with all ages in the family. By the way, the American Wirehairs are also known as American shorthairs because of their short coat. So what do you think of them?

Bombay Black Cat Breed

Bombay black cat breeds

The Bombay Black Cat Breeds are usually seen in Black Colors. And thus, they are the best fit for black cats. If you are a first-timer in adapting cat breeds, you can go for them. Though Bombay Cats look exactly like the black panthers, they are incredibly opposite. They will cause you no harm, and there is nothing hyper about them.

They are active and intelligent. But, the point is they like being in their zone. Very calm and pure cats. They quickly bond with the people no matter what age group they fall into. They are very understanding and caring.

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeds

Active, intuitive, thoughtful, and intelligent can be used to define Norwegian Forest Black Cats. not just this, they are very appealing. Originally coming from Norway, a very chilled place. And as we can understand why they have these thick and long coats. It helps them to stay warm. This also means they are meant to be for cold places.

Grooming and training are naturally required. If you assist them with proper training, they will be accommodating and socializing. They love to be love. Quiet and observing. They are very clever with their moves. So be cautious. Haha, just kidding, they are charming and innocent.

Persian Black Cat Breed

Persian Black Cat Breeds

Persian Black Cats are known for their flat nose. They are adorable and loveable. It feels like let’s play with them all day. If you plan to get kittens, let me tell you that you don’t like to leave them. They are very damn adorable. Training will help them get even more brilliant and active. They can even bodyguard your family and home if appropriately trained.

Believe me, and they are very sure and clever with their instincts. They have magnificent black coats. They have a royal look. To maintain dignity and royalty in their look, you need to brush their fur regularly. Grooming by professionals is a must once in two months.


Make sure you always contact the right and trustworthy breeders. Having cats is the same as having those pups in your family. They need the same attention, care, and love. And, Black Cat Breeds are no less than any other color breeds. Black is just a color. Honestly, the color is a god gift. So, stop judging these cuties with all those stupid myths. Black Cats deserve to have a happy family and gift them with that. Break the chain and give them the love and care they deserve.

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