Blue Jay Spirituals Meaning

You must’ve heard about how powerful spotting a bird could be. But what is Blue Jay spiritual meaning? Is it something more than just a bird flying in the sky?There are various species in the realm of birds that have a deeper meaning associated with them. One among those is a Blue Jay. The eye-catchy vibrancy of these blue birds makes them slightly easy to spot. Whether it appears in your dream or you spot a Blue Jay feather, there’s a strong message hidden behind this coincidence. Let us answer what does it mean when you see a blue jay.

Spot Them Right : Blue Jay Feather and Appearance

Spot Them Right : Blue Jay Feather and Appearance

Before we directly dive deep into the Blue Jay spiritual meaning, let’s get familiar with its appearance to ensure that it’s the right bird you’re looking at. If you ever witness specific loudness or chaos, you can be sure it’s a Blue Jay. These birds fear none and their curious nature with smartness make them top the mischievous list. Their loud personality makes them bold against their enemies and predators keep a distance from their territory.

Another characteristic that makes them stand out is their vocalness. You can spot them singing and being loud all the time. They have the loudest call to aware their fellows against an approaching predator. Their intelligence makes them build a nest in safe and practical places. Another surprising fact– Blue jay isn’t afraid of you! They’d rather be enticed by you and follow you to build a bond.

9 Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

9 Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Now that you know how to spot one, let’s know about Blue Jay symbolism. There are different meanings based on how you see them. Let’s look into the 9 different Blue Jay spiritual meaning.

1. Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning of Fighting in Dreams

If you ever find yourself witnessing a Blue Jay fighting in your dreams, it’s a spiritual sign for you to be strong. Keep pushing yourself to tackle every obstacle that comes your way. If the bird appears to be hiding away from dangerous situations, it’s a sign for you to put extra effort in order to achieve your goals.

2. A Flying Blue Jay in Dreams

Did you see a Blue Jay taking a flight in your dream? This is nothing but an illustration of your inner desire for freedom. There’s another meaning to this– it’s a hint about your friend who’s protective. Another interpretation of this dream is that someone is trying to get in touch with you.

Whether it’s about your friend or freedom, it just means that there’s an important message for you that you’re unable to realize during the day.

3. A Spirit Animal : Blue Jay Meaning

Your spirit animal reflects the unique side of you as this is the one you’ll keep talking and dreaming about. In the case of Blue Jay symbolism as a spirit animal, you must know that it’s time for you to develop a certain set of positive traits that’ll benefit you.

Spotting a Blue Jay spiritual meaning is the sign of gathering strength and resilience in order to defend yourself without hesitation. Thrive in the wild!

4. Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning as a Totem

If Blue Jay is considered your totem, it’s a sign for you to build up your confidence and start speaking for yourself. Let your inner boldness out and take a stand for yourself. Not only self, but this Blue Jay meaning also hints at you to defend those who can’t do it for themselves.

Just like a Blue Jay’s loudness makes even other birds aware of the predator, you need to follow the same in order to protect your loved ones. The hold on your courage and power not only benefits you but others as well.

If you ever feel stuck and demotivated for yourself or others, spotting a Blue Jay would be your go-ahead sign from the Universe.

5. Your Power Animal : Bluejay Meaning

A power animal is one that talks about your strength. If a Blue Jay is identified as your power animal, it’s a sign to trust your instinct. If there’s ever a doubt about someone’s disloyalty or untrustworthiness and you happen to spot a Blue Jay, you need to continue on the same path to unfold the truth.

6. Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning in Your Dreams

Can you recall seeing a Blue Jay in your dreams? There could be different meanings to these. A Blue Jay meaning also symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and via dreams, they’re telling you how important blue is.

There’s a personal interpretation to seeing Blue Jay in your dreams as well. Most people believe that it reflects their traits. This entirely depends on what situation was there in the dream but the overall message is to keep up with your daily behavior and ensure that there’s a sense of self-realization.

7. Blue Jay’s Call

Blue Jay’s Call

If your encounter with Blue jay in a dream involves them calling you, they’re telling you that a friend or a close one is in a need. Bird flying on the left side of your vision means there’s particularly someone looking out to you to get help. And their flight on the right means someone has spoken negatively about you which doesn’t mean it was with a bad intention. The bird approaching you hints at the challenges in your relationship.

8. Laying Nest in Dreams : Blue Jay Symbolism

It’s a weird dream but if you ever spot a Blue Jay building its nest in your dreams, it’s an alerting call for you to take care of your loved ones. Ensure that their basic needs are being catered to and they have everything that comforts them.

9. An Upcoming Significant Change

In case you find yourself gazing at Blue Jay after sunset or prior to dawn, be aware of a significant change. It’s a sign for you to welcome what’s next in your life. Don’t worry! It’s a positive sign for you for something great to make its way towards you.

Blue Jay Feather Meaning

Blue Jay Feather Meaning

Not only the spotting of Blue Jay has a meaning but even its feather can do magic. Blue Jay feathers are used as a powerful tool to control the weather and it’s also known to bring personal and spiritual messages.

There’s a little courage hidden in these for those in danger and a ray of hope for the ones who are mourning. The feather has been a part of the tradition where it was given to the one who desired more strength or wisdom. A Blue Jay feather will magically appear when you’re standing at the diverging roads, unable to make a decision.

These feathers can also be worn as an ornament in order to keep hold of good luck and develop good relations.  There’s a positive aura associated with these feathers that keep you rooted in the present and enhance your creativity.

Whimsical Blue Jays…

Don’t neglect the Blue Jay spiritual meaning whenever you spot one. You never know whether it’s a sign to protect your friend or keep you from getting into a bad relationship. These birds have a fascinating look and personality and their loud nature also lays emphasis on the current circumstances in your life or hints at what’s yet to come.

Follow this magical bird’s intent and understand the deeper meaning based on how you encounter them.

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