border collie australians shepherd mix

There are many different breeds of dogs; if you are a dog lover, you may know about most of them. Here, we will focus on the border collie Australian shepherd mix breed. The Australian shepherd border collie mix is a smart and energetic breed with strong herding instincts. The breed like to stay moving and do activities; it is not a lazy breed that will sit and just rest in the corner of the house.

Here is a comparison chart of Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, and Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix.

Border CollieAustralian ShepherdBorder Collie Australian Shepherd Mix
SizeHeight: 22 to 27 inchesWeight: 30 to 75 poundsHeight: 18 to 23 inchesWeight: 40 to 65 poundsHeight: 18 to 23 inches.Weight: 30 to 65 pounds
Coatlong coatthick, waterproof double layerWaterproof and dense double coat
Eye Colorbrown, blue, and green.brown, golden, speckled, or light bluebrown, blue, and green
Feather lot of feathers on the tails and legs.Long or medium featheringShorter and rougher with fewer medium-length feathers

In this blog, our focus will be to provide detailed information about the border collie Aussie mix so let’s start.

What Exactly Is Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix?

What Exactly Is Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix?

Border collie Australian shepherd mix, also called border Aussie, is an amazing hybrid with very good personality characteristics derived from both the parents – The border collie and the Australian Shepherd.

The dog keeps itself busy with various activities but gets bored by doing the same tasks again & again. So, if you want to adopt a dog, you must find different games and activities for them. Let’s first give you an overview of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd individually before we discuss this hybrid breed in detail.

Border Collie

Border Collie

Border Collies originated in the Anglo-Scottish Border and were first referred to as the Scotch Sheepdog. The majority of Borders can be traced to northern England in the 1890s.

Physical Traits of Border Collies

  • Size

The normal size of this dog is medium to large. If we compare border collie vs Australian in terms of weight, this breed is more in weight; the weight of this breed is 30 to 75 pounds.

  • Coat

The long coat comes in various colors, including red, blue, beige, black, and white, with tan markings. There are also spotted brindle and speckled coat patterns.

  • Eyes

The border collie can have both eyes in 2 different colors. Some common colors of their eyes are brown, blue, and green.

  • Feathering

The dog has a lot of feathers on the tails and legs. It is important to brush them regularly to avoid them matting.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The sheepdog known as the “Aussie” has also been referred to as the “New Mexican Shepherd,” “Spanish Shepherd,” and “Californian Shepherd.” And for your information, it is not Australian at all.

The ancestors of this breed came from anywhere between France and Spain. They lived in Australia and then moved to western America. You can also check mini australian shephers.

Physical Traits of Australian Shepherd

  • Size

The Australian Shepherds are 18 to 23 inches in height and weigh around 40-65 pounds.

  • Coat

They may not have the Australian Shepherd’s coat structure; they have long hair like Border Collies. They have a thick, waterproof double layer on them.

  • Eyes

Australian Shepherds also have different colored eyes. The most common colors are brown, golden, speckled, or light blue.

  • Feathering

Their forelegs and britches have lengthy or medium amounts of feathering.

Breed Overview of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Breed Group: Herding

Height: 18 to 23 inches

Weight: 30 to 65 lbs

Lifespan: 10 – 17 Years

Coat: Medium-length with feathering, or short and coarse

Color: black, white, red, blue, tan, and brown, while patterns include merle, tricolor, or piebald.

Temperament: intelligent and energetic

Needs for Grooming: Average to high

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: United States

Physical Traits of Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Here are the physical traits of the Australian collie:

  • Size

The breed is medium-sized and has long legs. When they are small, they weigh from 5 to 9 pounds. However, their weight can go up to 30 to 65 pounds as they grow. Their height stands between 18 to 23 inches.

  • Coat

They create natural oils that give their coat a tad of waterproofness and have a second coat that is exceptionally weather-resistant.

  • Eyes

The eyes of these breed dogs are brown, blue, and green.

  • Feathering

This dog breed has a thicker double coat. As per the genetics, this coat will be either shorter and rougher with fewer feathering or medium-length feathered.


border collie australian shepherd mix Temperament 

The border collie Australian shepherd mix is an active, playful, and friendly dog. The dog loves to be active rather than sitting in a corner. They need to do physical activity to stay happy & healthy. Their physical and mental fitness stays well when they perform physical activities.

The breed is very loyal and protective; they form amazing bonds with the members of the families. They are very interested in learning new things and commands from their owners.

To keep them thriving mentally, obedience training is very crucial. The training will also ensure that their hyper-activeness does not harm anyone.

If you want to adopt this dog, or are a new owner of this dog breed, then it is advised to allow them to play outside and not keep them in the home the whole day. And after a long day of physical activities and sports, the dog will cuddle you, which is an adorable experience in itself!

Caring Guide 

Caring Guide for border collie australian shepherd mix

Let’s see how you can take care of the border collie Australian shepherd mix.


This dog breed needs around 200 calories or more every day; this is because of its active nature.

Give them high-quality dry dog food along with nutritional treats.

The dog needs, on average, three to four cups of food. However, it will also depend on the size of your dog. Thus, try to consult a vet to know the proper nutrition need of your dog.


The Australian shepherd border collie has a thick double coat that is either medium in length and feathered or significantly shorter, coarser, and barely feathered. It will require brushing at least twice a week to help keep your dog comfortable.

If we talk about bathing, these dogs don’t require much of it as they have natural oils in their coats, keeping them clean. Only give this hairy, double-coated dog a bath when absolutely required or once every six weeks.

One must also take your pet occasionally for grooming to get them trim, so they look good.  Let’s see how to groom your dog.


border collie australian shepherd mix Training 

The breed requires obedience training due to its hyperactive nature. However, their training is easy, and they can quickly understand everything due to their intelligence. The breed loves to learn new things.

Regular training will keep your dog healthy and happy. Also, it will avoid any type of harmful behavior by the dog.


The breed is hyper-active, so if you are an outdoor person, then this dog is perfect for you, and if you are not, you should go for another dog breed.

Stamina: Boundless

Energy: Endless

Playfulness: Runs in the blood

If you choose a border collie Australian shepherd mix, the dog will require a jogging routine in a big area. Also, one needs to do various other exercises for the dog. You can consult a vet for this purpose.

Health Problems 

border collie australian shepherd mix Health Problems 

Generally, there are not any health problems in this breed. You can expect a life expectancy of 10 to 17 years.

You just need to make sure to provide basic exercises to the dog and, most importantly, consult a vet immediately in case of any problem.

Living Conditions

This dog breed is not for the indoors; they need a big space. They can only adjust indoors if you own a big house or yard. Also, you need to fulfill their exercise requirements.

How to Buy Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix?

If you want to get a border collie Australian shepherd mix, then you need to look for a good breeder and may need to wait for the puppy; the reason behind waiting is the high demand for the breed.

You can do online research for this purpose and get a good breeder. Make sure to see the certifications & licenses while you deal with the breeders. You also need to check the conditions under which the dog was kept. Also, make sure that the breeder has maintained the proper breeding practices.

Border Collie Mixes

Here is the list of border collie mix dogs:

  1. Border Aussie (Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix)
  2. Borador (Border Collie Labrador Retriever Mix)
  3. Coltriever (Border Collie Golden Retriever Mix)
  4. Shollie (Border Collie German Shepherd Mix)
  5. Border Heeler (Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix)
  6. Borsky (Border Collie Husky Mix)
  7. Bordoodle (Border Collie Poodle Mix)
  8. Borgi (Border Collie Corgi Mix)
  9. Border Beagle (Border Collie Beagle Mix)
  10. Border Beagle (Border Collie Beagle Mix)

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Below are the 10 Australian shepherd mixes.

  1. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix)
  2. Ausky (Australian Shepherd Husky Mix)
  3. Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix)
  4. German Australian Shepherd (German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix)
  5. Border Aussie (Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix)
  6. Texas Heeler (Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix)
  7. Auggie (Corgi and Australian Shepherd Mix)
  8. Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix)
  9. Aussie Beagle or Sheagle (Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix)
  10. Shepnees (Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix)


1. Does Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes Behave Well with the Other Animals?

It depends on the temperament of the individual dogs, so there is no fixed answer to this question. They may not be friendlier like other dogs as they are assertive. You need to take your dog’s behavioral training to ensure they are good with the other animals.

2. Are the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes Aggressive?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes are not aggressive but quite stubborn and assertive.

3. Do the Dogs of These Breed Bark a Lot?

Generally, they stay quiet, but when they get excited, they bark a lot. one thing is for sure they are hyperactive, and you can’t expect they will spend their free time taking a nap.

4. Are Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes Good Watchdogs?

Yes, they are very good watchdogs; they are smart, loyal, and protective. They will quickly bark if they sense any alert or danger.

5. Are Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mixes Smart?

This breed is considered one of the smartest breeds. Both parent breeds are also very intelligent, and thus they inherit the intelligence. They can learn new activities and commands very quickly.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that the border collie Australian shepherd mix breed dogs are very energetic and smart. If you want to adopt these dogs, you need to take them to train regularly. They will not sit in the corner of the home; they are active dogs who love to play games, do activities, and go on jogging.

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