Calico Cat Name

It sounds so rude if you call you’re, just a cat, so it is very important to give your cat a name as that is what we do with our babies and having a cat is not less than having a baby. When it comes to pet cats, calico cats are the most preferred ones as they look so gorgeous and at the same time they are fun cats so with them you would always be entertained which is a great thing. There are some really Calico Cat Names that you can get for your calico.

Like most of the cats, they are very friendly with kids and they love to be scratched or patted. If you are wondering about some of them then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and at the end, you can select the one that would suit the personality of your catty:


Callie Calico Cat Names

This name seems so cute and also it sounds very relevant with the calico cats especially. The name is small and sweet so people would love calling the cat by this name and you can, of course, call your cat by the name Callie the calico which sounds really cool.


Amber Cat

Now amber represents the honey yellow color which seems so bright and beautiful and honestly, every calico can have this name due to the bright as well as beautiful orange with brown mixed fur and the name itself is very cute and small which is a great thing for sure.


Tortie Cat

Tortie is a short form of a tortoise and the reason that you can call your cat by this name is because of the fur color that your cat has. Tortoiseshell also comes in a very similar color pattern which kind of matches with the colors that a calico usually have on their fur.


Ginger cat

How funny and cute it would be to name your cat after a spice but honestly that sound so unique and sweet. If you are wondering about a unique name for your cat then you can give this name a shot. Another reason for getting this name is a similar orange and brown color.


Nemo Cat

If you are a Disney fan then you would be aware of this name, basically, Nemo is the name given to a small Disney fish that seems so cute and the name itself is small and cute. Both the creature has a colorful body so they can easily share the same name as well.


Tiger Cat

Cats are said to be far relatives of tigers and moreover, tigers are often referred to as big cats so you can, of course, call your catty a tiger. Another similarity between a tiger and a calico is the fur color since both the creature has the similar orange as well as black touch but obviously, cats are much cuter than tigers so even if you cannot pet a tiger then also you can name your cat a tiger.


Rainbow Cat

How fascinating it sounds to call your pet rainbow? Well, this sounds so amazing and when it comes to the reason of getting your cat this name then the only similar thing about them apart from the beauty has to be the range of different colors. Now, of course, they have a different set of colors that are different from each other but both have lots of colors on them.


Monarch cat

This name has been taken from the very beautiful monarch butterfly. This tiny creature seems so royal and beautiful that you would be stunned by their beauty. Both the creatures are comprised of the color combination that includes white, black as well as orange and that is the reason you can call your cat by the name of A Monarch Butterfly.


Oriole cat

Oriole is a very small yet beautiful birds that are rare to see nowadays. This bird has a very similar body color just like the cat with the touch of white, black and orange. They look absolutely stunning and since the name is very small. So, it would sound cute whenever you would call your cat by this name.


Picasso cat

Picasso was an amazing artist who played well with colors and patterns and on the other hand. Calico cats are not less than any art so you can get your cat this name which would be suitable.

Cookie cat

We love cookies and we love our cats as well so you can combine both and name your cat cookie. Which would be super cute to call.


Candy cat


Candy comes in a wide variety of colors just like this cat and candies are sweet. Just like the cat is so you can, of course, came to your cat candy. Which would be super cute for a cat.

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