Calico Cat: Characteristics, Facts, Care

If you are looking for a feline friend with a loyal personality, the calico cats can be the perfect choice. They have beautiful tri-colored coats and striking eye colors. Calico cat is one of the most attractive cats out there.

The calico cat does not belong to any specific breed. They are just domestic cats with the tri-color coat. The calico cat breed is not a specific breed of cat; they are actually part of domestic cat breeds. One calico may have the standard hues of vivid orange, black, and white, while the other may have a muted cream color with blue accents.

You will never see two identical calico cats. They are known for their sass and spunk, and their personalities are quite intriguing. They are also loving and loyal companions for everyone, irrespective of their age.

Calico Cat Breed Overview

Origin Egypt and the Mediterranean coast
WeightUp to 12 pounds
LengthAbout 18 inches
Coat LengthShort hair and long hair
Coat ColorsOrange, black, blue, lilac, and cream
Coat PatternsTri-color
Average LifespanUp to 15 years
PersonalityAffectionate, bold, independent, and loyal
Eye-colorYellow, green, or blue

Breed History

Calico Cat Appearance

The existence of the calico cat breed is said to be in Egypt. They were then dispersed across the Mediterranean via trading.

A calico is also associated with good luck in many cultures. Calico cats, sometimes referred to as Maneki Neko cats, are lucky charms in Japan. These are also referred to as ‘money cats’ in the US.

Calico Cat Characteristics

The calico cat is a medium-sized domestic cat. The calico cat personality is spunky and assertive. The calico cat does not require consistent attention. These cats are sweet, affectionate, and loyal. It will easily bond with a single owner as well as an entire family.

Affection Level High 
Friendliness High 
Shedding Medium 
Vocalization Medium 
Intelligence High 
Playfulness High 
Kid-Friendly High 
Pet-Friendly High 
Playfulness High 
Exercise Medium 

Calico Cat Appearance

Calico cats are the felines with the most remarkable pattern, having bright spots of orange, black, and white fur.

The CFA’s (Cat Fanciers’ Association) requirements for the Calico cat are as follows:

  • It should have white feet, legs, tummy, chest, and nose, along with the three primary colors of black, red, and white.
  • The head, body, and tail of the cat should all be covered in the color patches.

If we talk about their eyes, the calico eye colors include copper, blue, green, or odd-eyed.

Temperament and Personality of the Calico Cat

Calico Cat Breed History

Each calico has a different personality and, as a result, exhibits diverse behaviors. The calico cat has a few common personality traits, which are as below:

  • Sweet
  • Warm-hearted
  • Affectionate
  • Intelligent

The Calicos are said to be quirky. They have a sassy but loving nature and are also very active. Some calico cats have been praised for courageous acts, such as rescuing their entire litter of kittens from a burning building or people and other animals close to them.

Calico Cat Care

Taking care of the Calico cat will largely depend upon its breed. For example, a shorthaired Calico cat will need less brushing than the longhaired breed.

One thing is for sure: all the calico cat breeds will need exercise and enrichment.

The other thing is their overall grooming, especially brushing the teeth of your cat.

You need to take care of your cat, take her to the vet from time to time, and get them their vaccines.

Diet and Nutrition of Calico Cat

Calico Cat Care

Like other cats, the calico cats like kibble, dry, or wet food. Apart from this, the calico kitties need a lot of proteins in order to keep them healthy. The food of a calico cat should contain 90% protein. Also, make sure to consult your vet for a diet plan for your calico. 

Calico Cat Health Problems

The calico cat is generally healthy; many people have a question about how long do calico cats live. They live a longer life, having an average expectancy of 15 years. However, they may face some health challenges as well as other pets. 

A calico cat male is susceptible to the hereditary disease Klinefelter Syndrome, regardless of breed. These cats also struggle with behavioral disorders, low bone mineral density, cognitive & developmental problems, and even obesity. 

The female ones may experience challenges unique to their particular breeds but do not experience health issues associated with their color patterns. Thus, you need to take your cat to the vet from time to time. 

Types of Calico Cats

Calico Cat Health Problems

Here are the types of calico cats:

1. Traditional Calico

The traditional calico cats are of three colors – white, black, and orange patches. They are also known by the names of Tortoi-and-White cats. The traditional ones generally have white faces, chests, and legs.

2. Dilute Calico

Dilute calicos are the same as the other calico cats but with diluted colors. Instead of the typical calico’s black patches, theirs might range from smoke to blue. They feature tan or cream-colored dots rather than orange ones.

3. Patched Tabby Calicos

Calico cats may also show tabby characteristics. It generally appears on their forehead with an M-shaped mark. The patched tabbies can have long or short hair and white paws. 

Fun facts about Calico Cats

1. They have signature coats

A normal calico cat has big patches of white with smaller patches of orange & black. Calicos have cells that express either the black or the orange gene, along with the additional cells that express the white spotting gene, to produce this coat.

2. An entire state adopted them

Do you think that you are the biggest cat lover out there? Take a pause because there is a state that loves them so much that they officially adopted them. The state defined them as their symbol, and that state is – Maryland.

According to Connie Spindler, a communication expert at the Maryland Office of Tourism, “the Maryland state legislature established a state symbol by recognizing the calico cat as the official state cat in 2001.

3. Calicos might be a good luck charm for you

Calico cat breeds are known as a good luck charm in various parts of the world.

The well-known Maneki Neko figurine, a lucky charm in Japan, is traditionally based on Japanese Bobtails and has red, black, and white calico coloring. In China, this cat is considered very lucky. So, if you are bringing this cat to your home, you probably are going to attract a lot of luck.

4. Most calicos are female

The majority of calicos are female. Calico’s unusual color is a result of complicated sex chromosomes. In contrast to male calico cats, female calicos have two copies of the X chromosome in their cells.

5. Calico cats have cattitude

The calico cats are eccentric felines. Calico cats are not particularly simple to handle, according to many who own them. They are remarkable and have this attitude since they each have their own distinctive personalities!


Are all calico cats female only?

Yes, the majority of the calico kittens are female. Only one in the three thousand calico cats is male. 

How long do calico cats live?

The average lifespan of calico cats is said to be 15 years. 

Is Calico a lucky cat?

In many cultures, a calico is known as a very lucky cat. So, if you are adopting this cat, you may also get some luck along with the cat. 

What is the price of a calico cat?

There is not any fixed price for the calico kitten. However, a calico cat price may range anywhere from $200 to $2000.

Why does my calico cat bite me?

A calico cat may bite you because she wants to communicate with you.


At last, we would say that a calico cat may be a stop to your journey of finding a perfect pet for your home. You won’t regret owning these cute little felines; in fact, there are high chances that you will have a lot of luck & fortune with this cat. We hope this comprehensive guide about the Calico cats will help you make the right decision regarding the adoption of this cat.

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