can dogs eat ice creams

Pet owners are worry about their pet’s health and they always take preventive measures to ensure that the pet’s health doesn’t deteriorate, it is really good and this practice should be follow to maintain the health of the pets. Can dogs eat ice cream?

Ice-cream is a treat that every human loves to have. Dog owners like their dog to taste the ice-cream so that they can have a sugary sweet for a while. But is ice-cream healthy for a dog? Many dog owners have ask us the question: can dogs have ice-cream?

The answer to this question is NO, dogs shouldn’t be given ice-cream as it is not good for their health. We will be discussing the potential reasons why a dog shouldn’t be given an ice-cream to eat. So, if you are a dog owner or a curious dog lover then stay on the track and read the complete post.

Reason 1: It can lead to health problems!

Your dog can have problems after it has eaten the ice-cream. Different dogs have different sensitivities to milk and dairy products, if your dog is too sensitive to milk then it will worsen its health.

Adult dogs don’t have the stomach that can handle lactose, puppies can digest the milk but adult dogs lose the ability to digest it. This can lead to a gas problem, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea so you need to be very careful.

Your dog is not going to let you know what problem it is facing so it is hard for us to understand if there is any stomach problem or any other problem face by your dog. Everything will be fine from the above but your dog might be facing serious stomach problems after eating ice-cream.

If there are any changes in its mood or behavior then only you will be able to gauge that there is something odd in its health.

ice cream can lead to health problems for Dogs

Reason 2: Excessive sugar is harmful

Ahh, this is another big reason and very critical too. There is too much sugar in an ice-cream and that much sugar is not at all good for their health. One problem that excessive sugar causes to dogs is the increase in obesity. You don’t want your dog to increase its weight, right? Then better avoid giving them the sugary scoops.

Not only ice-cream but all the food items that have too much sugar in it must not be given to dogs. An increase in weight will lead to many other problems too so keep that in mind.

Reason 3: There are some toxic ingredients in ice-cream

There are some ingredients that are toxic to dogs. One sweetener is present in some ice-creams call xylitol; it is poisonous to dogs so you have to avoid giving it. Even chocolate is not good for dogs so you can’t give chocolate ice-cream to them. Anything containing the chocolate sauce, toppings, or chips must be kept away from them.

What ice-cream option is safe for dogs?

If you really want to feed your dog some sweet and ice-cream sort of food item then you can go for a banana ice-cream or make some apple pie. Homemade ice-cream for dogs is safe so you can make it at home and feed them with no worries.

You can give plain vanilla or fruit-flavor ice-cream and that too in small quantities, in the beginning, to check if it is favorable for the dog’s stomach. You will see the symptoms of vomiting, stomach ache, gas, or diarrhea within 2 hours of feeding them ice-cream if it is not good for their stomach. If no such symptoms are seen then you can carry on feeding them the ice-cream.

There are frozen dog ice-creams available in stores, you can get them for your dog. Consult the veterinary first before you feed anything new to your dog. This way you will be sure that your dog is healthy to eat the new food that you are providing.

can dogs eat ice cream

What other things should be avoid?

Here is a list of food items apart from ice-cream that must not be given to dogs as it is not good for their health.

  1. Chocolates
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Grapes
  4. Alcohol
  5. Salty food (Not excessive)
  6. Onion
  7. Avocad


So, the answer to the question that can dogs eat ice-cream is No but there are multiple other alternatives available that you can go for. Go for the safe frozen dog ice-cream, they are tasty and your dog will love eating them.

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