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Cane Corso, have you ever heard about this term? You might be surprised to know that Cane Corso is a breed of dog! Strange, isn’t it?The Cane Corso is an Italian breed of mastiff. This breed is for people who are looking for a foster dog as a companion. Apart from the foster dog, Cane Corso is also a family-oriented dog or a protective dog.

Actually, Cane Corso is a Latin word that literally translates to “guard of the courtyard,” which means, Cane is not for the beginners as they cannot handle such powerful dogs.

King Corso Cane Corso’s are such a powerful breed that it needs a strong, experienced leader to handle them. Cane Corso’s are mostly used by bodyguards and for maintaining the laws.

Fortunately, if you have enough experience in handling such a powerful breed, you would want to get one, right? But do you know the Cane Corso price?

No! Do you want to know the King Corso Cane Corso price and other expenses that come with this pet? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ this article is for you.

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One-Time Cost of a Cane Corso

cane corso price

First things first, the cost includes the initial cane Corso puppies price. Such dogs are high in price, especially if it’s a pedigree breed. However, if you get a chance to adopt one, you could end up saving thousands!

That’s because Cane Corso puppies are sold for thousands, while the adult ones can be sold for hundreds of dollars. Just in case you are thinking of getting an adult Corso for your home!

Cane Corso for Free

cane corso price

If you are thinking of getting a Cane Corso without paying anything for it, chances are rare, but it is possible. You can get it from someone who has got Corso puppies that are looking for a home to live in.

Adopting a Cane Corso ($300-500)

cane corso price

If you have rescued a big dog like Cane Corso, it would be a pleasing experience. That is because you have given that dog a chance to live. It is one of the most reasonable ways to purchase a Cane Corso.

If you are getting a Cane Corso from a rescue center, they will charge a few hundred fees for neutering along with some basic health checkups.

Getting a grown-up Cane Corso is a big task because of the post-deadly behavior they don’t have the proper training to handle such a powerful dog.

Cane Corso Breeders ($1200-3800+)

If you are willing to get a Cane Corso from breeders, it will cost you anywhere between $1200-3800 or more. However, you will need to pay approx. $1500 on average. Pedigree Cane Corso prices may sometimes reach as much as $9000 or more!

There are certain breeders who have a good reputation as they are superior at breeding animals, and the availability of the Cane Corso adds up to the price.

Cane Corso Price : Early Establishments and Supplies ($200-500)

cane corso price

As mentioned above, the initial cost of Cane Corso is way too high as compared to other breeds, but that doesn’t just end there. Taking care and looking after your Cane Corso is also hefty for your pocket!

Yes, you have read that right! Corsos are expensive to look after because they will need good care, lots of things to eat, and the highest requirement of maintenance. Some of the expenses can be ignored, but the cost of the initial setup and supplies can’t be avoided.

Things You Will Need to Care for a Cane Corso Dog and Their Cost

ID Tag and Collar$20-$30
X-ray Cost$100-$250
Ultrasound Cost$250-$500
Teeth Cleaning$150-$300
Nail Clipper (optional)$5-$15
Brush (optional)$5-$30
Crate (optional)$50-$100
Food and Water Bowls$10-$50+
Initial Vaccines$100
Puppy Food$50-$100

Monthly Cost of Cane Corso ($100-400)

king corso cane corso price

Owning a Cane Corso will be huge in the first few years. That’s because this breed is big and huge as compared to other breeds, and that is why the cost of everything will be high. Fortunately, as time goes by, the cost and expenses will significantly get less.

Health Care Cost of a Cane Corso ($100-200)

When you bring a Cane Corso home, you will need to take him for numerous visits to veterinarians, due to vaccines, and other special treatments, including spaying, neutering, and microchips. While this cost will slowly get lower by the year’s end, the expenses can add up to $150/month or more in expenses.

Cost of Food for Cane Corso ($100-300)

king corso cane corso price

Cane Corsos weigh as much as 800-900 pounds. This means they will need a good amount of food to lift that weight and run! A Cane Corso can easily eat around 6-10 bowls of dried edibles a day, based on their growth curve. At that speed, they will eat a 40-pound bag in just a month or less.

A quality 40-pound packed food will cost you around $60 and also don’t forget to give them some treats as well!

Cane Corso Grooming Prices ($10-80)

Cane Corsos can easily be groomed because they have short hair and they don’t need daily brushing. You can brush them once or twice a week to get rid of the excess hair. Apart from brushing once a week, Cane Corso will need nail trimming and teeth brushing every now and then.

Doing all these by yourself will surely help you to save some money, but if you take them to a professional groomer, they will typically charge between $60-100 depending on the things.

Cost of Medicines and Visits to the Vet ($50-200/Month)

king corso cane corso price

As a big dog, your Cane Corso must have to visit the vet several times a year for routine checkups and vaccinations. Because they are a healthy breed, these expenses will soon get significantly lower. A vet check-up for a Cane Corso can cost you about $30-80; initial vaccines may cost you around $90-100, and special treatment available to remove pests for $10-20.

Insurance for Cane Corso ($200-800)

Cane Corsos are expensive dogs and so do their insurance as well. You will need to pay $100 for basic coverage that is valid only for accidental purposes. However, the Cane Corso price may shoot up to  $500+ for the complete health insurance.

Cost of Maintaining Environment for Cane Corso ($10-50)

king corso cane corso price

As they are the best guard dogs, Cane Corso will mostly spend their time in the backyard which does not add up to any environmental maintenance cost. However, when they feel bored, they can be catastrophic.

One of the biggest issues you may face with Cane Corso price is passing feces inside your house, and this is a big breed, meaning it will leave huge stains if such things happen. So it is highly recommendable to have poop-scoop, poop bags, and stain and odor removal spray when you are with your dog.

Poop scoop (one-time purchase)$10-$30
Plastic poop bags$15-$30
Dog training mats$15-$45
Stain and odor spray$5-$20

Cost of Entertainment for Cane Corso ($100-200/Month)

king corso cane corso price

Cane Corso loves to chew their toys, although, you will end up replacing them often if the products are cheap. Instead get quality products which will be costly initially, however because of their built quality, they will last much longer than the cheap ones.

Cumulative Monthly Expenses of Getting a Cane Corso ($300-500+/Month)

cane corso puppies price

As we have already mentioned, Cane Corsos are one of the big dogs, and feeding them and getting them insured are two of their biggest expenses. Only the cost of edibles and treats may go up to $100-200/month! Pretty expensive, right?

Also, getting them insured will add up to around $100 to your monthly expenses. And don’t forget to include the price of toys and frequent visits to the vet. Overall, the cost would be quite more than any other average breed.

Extra Costs to Consider

cane corso puppies price

Some costs are hidden when it comes to owning a dog, and you may have to use your savings in order to meet them. Such expenses include professional Corso training, which can cost you around $30-120/session. Also, a pro dog walker for exercising your dog costs you around $20-50 daily.

Getting a Cane Corso Affordably

Owning a Cane Corso is really expensive, even though you got it for free of cost or have rescued it. Although, you do some cost-cutting by purchasing old beddings and accessories for a fraction of the cost!

Savings on Cane Corso’s Care

cane corso puppies price

If you don’t have to spend money on a dog trainer and exercise, you can do it yourself and save some money there. Also, you can save some bucks by grooming your dog at home.

Although, you will save hundreds of dollars if you have purchased your dog from a creditable breeder. As a result, your dog will be healthier, eventually saving your healthcare costs.


Owning any dog breed is expensive, but getting a huge dog-like Cane Corso is surely more expensive. The initial Cane Corso puppy price may reach up to several thousand, it totally depends on what origin it has. Also taking care of them is pretty expensive everyone can’t afford it.

Also, the prices may even touch the sky if you have a rare Corso breed. For instance, the Blue Cane Corso price will be 10x more than the normal Corso, as they are considered to be rare.

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