Cat Sneezing Bloods

Achoo!!… Usually, the cat looks cute while sneezing. But what if you see blood coming out of its nose? You will panic. That’s normal! After that, the next question to bother you will be, why on this earth is my cat sneezing blood? Is she okay? And the answer to bulb up in mind is cancer.

But wait, don’t overthink!

Tell me one thing, can you afford to see your loved one suffering? Obviously, you can’t, and if it’s your cute little pet, it will break your heart as that poor baby won’t be able to speak up. And one such problem is sneezing blood.

But as a responsible cat parent, you must know why it is sneezing blood. It can be a typical problem or an alarming situation. First, let’s see the fundamental reason as to why this happened to your feline. And why should you treat it as soon as possible?


Sneezing is a reflex action that ejects the stuck particles in the nasal cavity. This is the same for animals too. So basically, whenever your cat will feel irritation in the nasal passage, it will sneeze naturally. Irritation can be caused due to the presence of viruses, foreign particle (grass seeds), or allergies.

About cat sneezing blood

Whenever your feline sneezes there will be nasal discharge, it can be clear, cloudy, or blood-tinged. It is totally okay if the nasal discharge is clear or cloudy, but if it is blood-tinged, the situation can be alarming.

It should be treated as soon as possible without any delay, and the sole reason for that is its survival. You know your feline survives on its smelling senses. If there is something wrong with its nose, it won’t be able to sense the smell of the food and will avoid eating too. This can lead to another problem.

One after another, it can risk the life of your cat. So contact vet ASAP!

Now let’s study what can be the reason behind your cat sneezing with blood and what are its solution. Following are the cases where this usually happens:


If sneezing blood is all of a sudden, then it may be because of an allergy. Allergies can also build the fluid in the nasal passage, and that will lead to sneezing blood. If this is due to the change in environment or anything related to your feline, undo the change, and everything will be normal.

But if it is a seasonal allergy, it may be because of pollen or dust in the air. A vet will prescribe the remedy for it, or you can also go for natural remedies.

Foreign Particle

If you have an outdoor cat, there are chances that some foreign particle has stuck in the nasal passage your feline. Due to the same reason, it is feeling the irritation, and hence it is sneezing with blood.

Dental Problems

Dental problem is a very rare reason for this to happen. But considering it won’t harm. If your feline is suffering from a tooth abscess, the infection can spread to the nasal cavity and result in sneezing blood.

See if there are other symptoms of dental problems such as pain in the jaw, lost appetite, etc. Then surely this is the reason for the problem. You can avoid this from happening by taking your cat for a routine dental checkup. Along with you can also take these toothbrushes for your cat’s dental health.

Cold & Flu

Another reason can be cold or flu. Cold & flu and build up fluid in the nasal cavity, which will hinder the lining and cause irritation. And will ultimately result in sneezing blood. If along with that, it is also showing the symptoms like watery eyes or nose, coughing, or loss in appetite, then it is surely suffering from the cold.

At first, your vet may recommend the cleaning of the nose and then move towards further treatment.


Sneezing blood can also occur because of the trauma in or around the nose. Due to which, there will be some internal bleeding in the nasal cavity.

A vet may ask if it is an indoor or outdoor cat, fights with other cats or not, and many other questions to determine if the cause for blood sneezing is trauma.

Blood Problem

Now this one is a bit serious. Sneezing blood can also be a sign of blood problems such as anemia, high blood pressure, or a clotting disorder. How will you identify it? If along with bloody sneezing, it is also suffering from vomiting, change in appetite, or lethargy, it is an indication for blood problems.

Blood problems may have occurred due to the intake of rat poison, directly or through an infected rat. Rodenticide is very harmful to the health of felines, and can also cause serious problems.


Blood sneezing can be a significant sign of a tumor in or around the nose. You won’t be able to see any symptoms other than swelling around the face, that too if the size of a tumor has increased to a notable size.

So these were the causes that may lead your cat sneezing blood, you read some of the causes cannot be identified by symptoms too. So it’s a better option to take your feline to the Vet to fro the check-up.

How will vet check your cute little kitten? (Just an overview! Professionals know better!)

How will vet check your cute little kitten? (Just an overview! Professionals know better!)

If you notice your cat sneezing blood at a time when your vet is not available, you should try to calm it down. Try keeping ice-pack around the nose; this way, it will feel relaxed and calm. If it is getting irritated even with the ice-pack, remove it, don’t force it.

All you have to do is keep it calm and relaxed, till you reach the vet for the check-up. Once you are there, if you already have the idea about the possibilities, describe them to the vet. Then let him work on the feline.

I will just give you an overview of what treatments or tests will be carried out so that you can also stay relaxed during the treatment.

Different Ways

The first one is the physical examination. He will examine your cat fully. To determine if the cause is trauma, or it is suffering from a tumor or any blood problem. He will listen to the heartbeats of the cat, will check its weight, and see if it experiences any pain during the examination.

He can also recommend diagnostic imaging, which may include X-ray (radiography), CT, or MRI, to have a look at the different parts of the kitten’s body in search of the exact cause. Normally, an x-ray is enough, but if he feels CT or MRI scan is necessary, then you will have to get it done at a veterinarian hospital.

Don’t panic if he suggests for Rhinoscopy. It is done with an instrument that is long and thin with a lens and light on it, called a rhinoscope. This instrument transmits the image and video of the nasal passage. Vets perform this to know what is going on in the nasal passage.

Nasal Biopsy. If your vet feels that additional tests are required, he may add a tool that will allow him to take a sample of the desired area for the advanced testing. He may suggest that if he feels something unusual in the lining of the nasal or the presence of a tumour.

What are its treatments?

What are its treatments? of cat sneezing blood

Once your vet knows the reason behind the blood sneezing of your kitten, he will recommend the treatment on the basis of cause.

If it’s not that serious, he will prescribe Medication. Suppose your cat is suffering from a cold or mild infection that can be treated with medication, then the medication is the solution.

If the cause is an allergy, then the treatment is a lifestyle or environmental change. Once you get a hold on what your feline is allergic to, keep the trigger away. And your cat will stay healthy forever! Allergies

But there are chances that your cat will need surgery. This can be the case if it is suffering from dental problems, tumors, or an invasion of foreign particles. A vet will advise surgery only if it is necessary. He may also prescribe medication before and after the surgery too!

Final Call:

If cat sneezing blood


Now you know everything about why your cat is sneezing bold. Try to diagnose the problem or else take it to the vet and let him do the work. Cats survive on the sense of smell so that delaying may risk the life of your little pet. And as you know the treatments too, don’t get panic when the vet explains to you the situation.

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