brindle pitbull

BRINDLE PITBULL: Pitbull With A Unique Coat.

A lot of people have this notion that the Brindle pitbull terrier is another breed or a specific type of Pitbull, different from the regular American pitbull terrier. Well, that’s not true. Brindle pitbull is a technical term used for describing a Pitbull with specific coat color and pattern known as the brindle coat.The confusion […]

Indian Pariah Dog Breed

Why Indian Pariah Dog Breed Is Best Human Companion

Present-day dogs serve as home pets, agricultural laborers, service animals, and are a vital part of human civilization in a variety of capacities. However, certain species, known as pariah dogs, have remained wild for most of human history. The Indian pariah dog breed is also known as the native Indian dog or the Desi Breed, and it […]

puppy for your family

5 Ways a Puppy Can Benefit Your Family

Finding a suitable puppy for your family can be an exciting topic to discuss. Searching for the dog breed that best suits what your family is after, including the available breeds that can live in the climate in your country, requires a little research.When searching for dog breeders Singapore, and surrounding areas, look for ethical […]

Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bite

Top 7 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bite

Having dogs is one of the greatest joys one can ever experience in life. Their friendly nature, their loyalty, the love they shower is a feeling that cannot be explained.  If trained and treated well, there are no cons to having dogs. But when it comes to dogs turning aggressive, it is a threat and […]

Mixed Breed Dogs

10 Adorable Mixed Breed Dogs

In the pet world, purebred dogs are often showcased in pet shows and esteemed for their pedigree or the pureness of their lineage. While purebreds are often seen as the best of the best, mixed breeds don’t really fall back when it comes to being high-quality companions, especially when it comes to health and personality. Because […]

Dalmatian Puppy

Buy Dalmatian Puppy

Are you planning to buy a dog for the first time but unsure of what breed to get? Well, we’ve got you covered. Suppose you want a dog whose agility, energy, and charming personality keep you going throughout the day. In that case, a dalmatian is the right choice for you. on top of that, […]

Doodle Dogs

The Doodle Factor: What You Should Know About Doodle Dogs

Who doesn’t love fluffy and affectionate pups roaming around their house every day? If you’ve recently noticed more of these dogs who could easily be mistaken for your favorite childhood teddy roaming the streets recently, you’re not the only one! Since doodle dogs are now becoming increasingly popular.There are several reasons why these adorable canines […]

silky terrier

Silky Terrier: Little Dog, Big Personality!

‘Silkies’ as the Australian silky terrier is often referred to, is a small dog with a big, bold spirit and excitement for life. Their small size requires delicate handling and does not qualify them as guard dogs but they’ll definitely warn you to keep intruders at bay. Their personality shows typical terrier traits, obviously. Which are […]


Huskypoo: The Siberian Doodle

Huskypoo is a cross of a Siberian husky and a Poodle. They are also known by the names Siberian poodle, siberpoo, pomsky and husky doodle. They are a highly active, sociable and extremely intelligent breed of designer dogs inheriting the best of both the parents and exhibiting hybrid vigour. They get a few unique qualities due […]

malshi puppies

Malshi: An Adorable Mix Dog Breed of Maltese and Shih Tzu

Malshi also known as Malti Zu, Shima, or Malt zoo is a mix of two extremely cute small breeds of dogs known as Maltese and Shih Tzu. Malshi has become extremely popular worldwide as it combines the cuteness of two different breeds in one. The origin of Malshi is traced back to the USA and Canada. […]