european doberman

American Vs. European Doberman: A Complete Comparison Guide

Doberman is a fun, happy, active, and perfect kind of dog, but do you know that there is more than one variant of this dog breed?Yes, it’s pretty surprising, but that’s the truth! Don’t worry; you’re not alone; only a few people know about this. So basically, there are two types of Doberman dogs: European […]

full grown bernedoodle

Full Grown Bernedoodle: History, Temperament, Health, & More

Have you seen a dog that is as cute as a doodle? At the same time it looks a bit different than regular doodle dogs?Well, chances are you have seen a designer breed: the Bernedoodle!  Yes, full grown bernedoodle is a mixed dog breed resulting from crossbreeding a pure Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. […]

heart murmur in dogs

Heart Murmur in Dogs: Types, Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Is your dog diagnosed with Heart Murmur?First of all, stop panicking, and secondly, stop visiting tons of website pages to find out what to do!  I know, it’s so scary to hear that your small fluffy friend has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. But don’t worry much as it’s a pretty common thing in […]

cavapoo dog

Cavapoo Dog: Temperament, Training, Grooming Needs & More

Are you thinking of adopting a puppy? What do you think about adopting a heart-melting designer crossbreed puppy? Yes, we’re talking about the insanely popular Cavapoo dog breed! These curious, cute canines are notoriously adorable and are great family pets. Let’s see cavapoo dog. They’re the “designer crossbreed” whose parents are both pure breed dogs. Which […]

big dog breeds

Biggest Dog in the World: Top 10 Giant Dogs for Family

Are you looking to adopt a new furry friend into the family?When it comes to adopting or buying a puppy or dog, there are a lot of factors to consider: Are you prone to allergies? Where do you live? Will you be able to afford the expenses? Most importantly, will you be able to give […]

canadian marble fox

Canadian Marble Fox: History, Temperament, Health, & More

Are you one of those people who like to have wild animals as pets?Yes, many people like to have wild animals as pets for plenty of reasons. From leopards, lions to alligators and ostrich, there are so many wild animals nowadays people prefer to have in their houses.  You may have heard about the animals […]

long haired dalmatian

Long Haired Dalmatian: Facts, Temperament, Pictures, & More

Dalmatians Dogs, After reading the above word, a scene from the famous 1996 American adventure comedy film, ‘101 Dalmatians’ will surely come into your mind.  Do you know how much people like this dog?  The dalmatian holds the 56th most popular dog rank in the United States.  These dogs are active, energetic, and super friendly with […]

large white dog breeds

Top 10 Large White Dog Breeds: List of Big White Dog Breeds

From miniature, small to huge, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can easily find various dog breeds including cute teacup poodles, tiny shedding Chihuahuas, and giant dog breeds such as the Russian Bear Dogs. However, there is something so unique and majestic about big dogs especially when they’re white! Let’s see large […]

mini border collie

What You Need to Know About Mini Border Collie

Small breed dogs like a mini border collie, teacup pomeranian, and chihuahua have gained popularity in the last few years. That to the miniature version of popular huge pooches. Everything is going mad about having the small breeds, of which one is the miniature border collies.  We all know about the Miniature border collies, and […]

saint berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle: History, Temperament, Care and More

St berdoodle, also known as the st bernard poodle mix, as the name suggests is a designer breed of dog created by crossing poodles and saint bernards. These dogs are a perfect blend of the two dogs and have amazing qualities of loyalty, intelligence and friendliness.The st berdoodle is also known as st bernard poodle […]