deer head chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua: Is It a Perfect Fit for You?

Deer Head Chihuahua! Haven’t heard? Have you ever thought about how it can be to carry your little companion wherever and everywhere you go? Deer Head Chihuahua’s personality is as large as tiny its body is. I have seen people who love to travel with their pups, but the only problem they face is that […]

fastest dogs

11 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World – Detailed Information!

Which are the Fastest Dogs? Can They Make a Good Family Pet? Everyone has researched and learned about the smartest and cutest dogs around the world. Now it’s time to know about the fastest dogs on the globe. We all know, dogs are bred on purpose, like protection, guarding, racing, and hunting. So here we […]

hairless dog breeds

5 Hairless Dog Breeds: How to Take Care of These Cute Creatures

I don’t understand why people would search for something like this! With hair or without hair, every dog is adorable and human’s best friend. Though I know, there are many people out there who are allergenic. Even if they want to have a pup at home, it isn’t safe for them. The pet parent may […]

Russian bear dog

Russian Bear Dog: The One from Caucasian Mountains (Detailed Guide)

The image of the teddy bear has always kept us in the dark. Seeing that cute fluffy giant bear on our bed, we just want to cuddle with it. However, thinking about having a real grizzly bear as a pet is way far from dangerous. You can’t have a grizzly bear, but what about its doggo […]

teddy bear dog

19 Teddy Bear Dogs Breeds: Everything You Need to Know About

Love cuddling with a teddy bear? It feels good until it doesn’t hug you back. That you would be creepy to digest. The reason is only one, it isn’t a living being. Well on that note, would you like cuddling with a living teddy bear? Don’t worry, I am not talking about the real bear. […]

german shepherds

4 Interesting Facts About German Shepherds

Did you know that German Shepherds are the second most popular breed of dogs in America? They are held in high esteem for their protective nature, intelligence, ability to learn commands easily and quickly, and their temperament. German Shepards are a very fascinating breed. Here are some interesting facts about german shepherds you didn’t know.  1. A German […]

boxer lab mix

Boxador Dog: A Complete Guide to the Bouncy Breed!

We all have dreamt to have a loyal, faithful dog as a pet in our house which can energetically play around with us and also stay loving and loyal. Well, today we will be going to inform you about one of the most famous cross-breed dogs.  In the modern-day era, we have always thought to […]

long hair chihuahua

Breed Overview of Long Hair Chihuahua – Cute Yet Mischievous!

Oh, I see you want to get a long-haired chihuahua as a pet! Nice these cute little puppies and dogs have got many admirers. However, before you get them it is necessary to know every inch of them, including physical and mental health. You have come to the right article. In this article, I have […]

English cream retriever

Truth Unveiled About English Cream Golden Retriever – The Cutest Breed!

Golden retrievers are the most beautiful dog on the planet, with its long and shiny coats. Have you ever wondered, does it have any brother-breed with a white or cream coat? If yes, then my friend you have seen an English cream golden retriever. What type of breed is it? Is it from the golden retriever […]

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

7 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds and Reason for Their Behavior

There may be hundreds of dog breeds. Just like all humans are not the same, the natural behavior of dogs is also different. From cuddly-buddly dogs to the aggressive ones, there are many. Then it is not advisable to have an aggressive dog as a pet.  How will you know, whether the one you are […]