Cleaning Hack with a Bluenose Pitbull Puppy

That Pitbull puppies for sale near me poster finally landed you a bashful and energetic bluenose pitbull puppy. If you or any of your family members are allergic to pet hair, these cleaning hacks with a bluenose pitbull puppy will ensure that you all live as a happy family.

First Things First

If you have dog allergies, you will be happy to know that a blue nose pitbull puppy is hypoallergenic. They have a short-haired coat that does not shed a lot. You do not have to worry about pet hairs and antihistamine doses every day.

But there is a disclaimer.

If you have severe pet allergies, then adopting a blue nose pitbull may not be a good idea. If you have any of these symptoms

  • Incessant sneezing
  • Watery or swollen eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Congested nose
  • Facial pressure/pain
  • Excessive coughing

Perhaps adopting a bluenose pitbull is not the best option. But if things can get better with some housekeeping, then read on!

1. Clean Your House

Keeping your home clean at all times can mitigate against bluenose pitbull allergies. Sweep through every nook and cranny for pet hair. Use a rubber brush to lift the hair off carpets and upholstery.

Go around corners, under furniture, and any other area pet hair can hide. Being this thorough will bring down pet allergies fast.

2. Groom Your Dog Regularly

Bathe your dog regularly and trim its coat. Bathing helps get rid of pet dander, which is the cause of bluenose pitbull allergies. Wash the dog with a mild shampoo once or twice a month.

On other days, use a mitt brush to brush and smooth out your dog’s coat. Regular brushing gets rid of dander and matted hair.

3. Vacuum Everywhere

Vacuum Everywhere with a bluenose pitbull puppy

A vacuum cleaner is a must if you live with a blue pitbull and have allergies. Vacuum cleaners are effective in lifting stubborn hair off the fabric. Most modern vacuum cleaners come with accessories for cleaning pet hair.

Also, these vacuum machines have sealers that prevent pet hair, dander, and other allergens from being blown back into your environment.

4. Limit Pet Movement

You might want to control your bluenose pitbull puppy’s movement around the home. Make one of your rooms a sanctuary to retreat to in case the allergies become overwhelming.

Your bedroom could be one of these places. Alternatively, do not let your dog sit on the couch because they will leave pet hair and dander all over it. Doing this also reduces cleaning time.

5. Wash Your Dog’s Beddings

Wash Your Dog’s Beddings

Your dog’s beddings are a hotspot for pet hair. Make it a habit to clean your dog’s beddings every week. Clean the blanket, beddings, and toys. It helps get rid of pet dander, hairs, and any dirt on the beddings. It is also a good idea to keep your dog’s belongings somewhere secluded.

6. Give Your Dog Space

Personal space is crucial if you have pet allergies and are living with a blue nose pitbull puppy. Find a secluded place in your house to put all of your dog’s stuff. Granted, dogs love to play and leave their stuff around.

Get in the habit of returning everything to your dog’s favorite spot. Confining pet hairs to one area helps reduce your allergy triggers.

7. Install Air-Filters

Install Air-Filters for cleaning when a bluernose pitbull puppy

An air filter can reduce the amount of allergen floating in your home. Install an air filter to get rid of pet hair, dander, and any dog-related allergens that may act as triggers.

Modern HEPA filters can remove up to 99.7% of impurities in the air. Replace old filters to keep your purifier running in optimum condition.

8. Don’t Forget Your Car

If your dog rides shotgun in your car, then you have to clean your car as well. Vacuum the car seats, floor, and mats every time your dog rides in the car. If the allergies get bad, especially on molting days, your bluenose pitbull pup may have to take the back seat for a while.

Other Simple Ways to Remove Stubborn Pet Hair in Your Home

Velcro Curler

A Velcro curler works like a lint roller. Run the curler over any area you want to remove the blue pitbull hairs. Velcro curlers work best on flat surfaces like carpets and floors.

You can use a Velcro curler on seat fabric but test it out on a small area. If it does not make the fabric pill, then go ahead and clean the entire couch.


Blow up a balloon and run it along the area you want to clean. The static electricity created by the balloon will pick up stray pet hairs. Wipe off the balloon use it on the surface again. It is a simple way to get loose pet hairs if you do not have a professional cleaning tool.

Duct Tape

If you do not have a lint roller, then duct tape will do just fine. Duct tape is ideal for picking up stubborn pet hairs that a balloon or Velcro curler won’t pick.

Duct tape will pick up hairs embedded on your flooring or seats. The packing duct is the best because it seldom leaves residues.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets remove pet hair on any surface, especially hard-to-reach areas. These sheets are handy when cleaning your car. Run the dryer over the surface of any seat, floor, or couch. The sheet picks up pet hair without the need for water or any solvent.

Rubber Squeegee

A squeegee is another inexpensive tool to rake pet hairs off your car. The rubber blade on the squeegee will catch any loose pet hairs on your car seats and floor.

Clean in one direction using a top to bottom motion. Wipe the rubber blade and resume cleaning until you remove most of the stray hairs.

Wire Brush

 cleaning hacks with Wire Brush a bluenose pitbull puppy

A wire brush is often a last resort when getting rid of pet hairs. The wire brush can lift off stubborn strands on any surface. Go easy with the wire brush when cleaning fabric. Alternatively, you could use a rubber bristled brush to do the same job.


A bluenose pitbull puppy is a fun and loving pet to adopt. But if you are concerned about stray pet hairs in your home, the above cleaning hacks should help you remove them. Grooming your dog and cleaning his bedding go a long way in reducing pet hairs in your home.

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