Cockapoo Dogs

Have you ever thought about having a pet that can make you feel want all the time? If yes, then cockapoo is totally your type. It has all the qualities of a grown-up clown! It can make you smile, laugh, and crazy with its cute gestures. The surprising fact is it the first designer dog (hybrid dog) originate in the 1960s. Once you get them, be ready to transfer the ownership of your lap to them. It is an offspring of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. It has an infectious disease of spreading happiness to the people around them. Here, in this article, we have penned down the detail information on Cockapoo Dog.

Basics first,

Cockapoo Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Cockapoo

Breed Group: Hybrid Dog

Height: 9-13 inches

Weight: 11-24 pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Coat: soft, curly or wavy coats

Color: black, white, brown, red, and apricot.

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, outgoing, loving, happy

Needs for Grooming: daily brushing and regular trimming

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Origin: United States

The detail information includes knowledge about appearance, personality traits, grooming, health & care, and training. In addition to that, we are going to mention some of its facts.


Appearance of Cockapoo Dog

The appearance of this cutie is the mixture of its parent breeds; cocker spaniel and poodle. Their features are somewhat like this:-

  • They have a broader face then poodles.
  • The size and weight of the Cock-a-poo can vary, depending upon its parent breed.
  • It has a single and long coat.
  • Their fur varies from long and scruffy and tight curls and has variations in colors and patterns too.
  • Either be in a solid color or with complex markings. They can also have a ticking pattern (having spots or freckles of color).
  • They shed all the time and are not totally hypoallergenic.
  • It has floppy ears.

Cockapoo Dog Personality Traits

Cockapoo Dog Personality Traits

This every time happy dog has unbelievably awesome traits. Read the following points to get amazed:-

  • They are famous for their personality traits of being happy, social, fun-loving, and full of energy.
  • They are friendly, but still early socialization will be needed, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry.’
  • It has inherited the intelligence of poodle and sweetness of a cocker spaniel.
  • It is a family dog and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone.
  • As it has an outgoing nature, it can socialize with every person and animal.
  • Training a cockapoo is easy, and it can achieve a high level of obedience with time.
  • They always need attention and are loyal companions.
  • They are often considered as ‘teddybear dogs’ because of their appearance and nature.

Cockapoo Dog Grooming

Cockapoo Dog Grooming

The difficult task of maintaining a cockapoo is its grooming needs. Because of the complex structure of its coat, they need regular grooming. Below are the things that you should consider for their grooming:-

  • Daily brushing of the coat is necessary.
  • Cut the hair around its eye so that it doesn’t look like an Old English Sheepdog.
  • Ear cleaning is a must to prevent ear infections.
  • Brush its teeth at least twice or thrice a week. Daily brushing is advisable to prevent the bad smell and risk of gum infection.
  • Nail trimming ill be needed if it doesn’t come off naturally. Be careful while trimming, as this breed as blood vessels in nails, a little deep cut can cause bleeding.
  • Bathing is necessary in order to retain the oil of the coat to keep it healthy.
  • When grooming, check for the redness, inflammation, or tenderness on its skin, in ears, mouth, and on feet.
  • Their eyes should be clear, with no redness and discharge in them.
  • The positive experience in grooming will make your pup ready for future vet examinations.

Health & Care of Cockapoo Dog

Health & Care of Cockapoo Dog

Along with the personality, they also inherited the health issues from their parents. Following points are related to the health and care of the cockapoo:-

  • In most of the cock-a-poo, eye disorders, skin allergies. Otitis, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disorders are found.
  • As they are active dogs, they need a high level of nutrients and vitamins. It is recommended by the vet to feed them twice a day with high-quality food.
  • Make sure they don’t eat than the regular portion, as they can get overweight and suffer from obesity.
  • He is an adaptable breed and can live anywhere (big house or small house), but they were bred to be companion dogs, so street or kennel isn’t the place for them.
  • As we stated above, they can suffer from separation anxiety, and it will result in destructive behavior and excessive barking.
  • It can also suffer from ear infections, as it has floppy-ears.

Training of Cockapoo Dog

Training of Cockapoo Dog

Training is something that every dog needs, but this little energy pack wants it more. And training and exercise is a must for this dog. But training them isn’t hard. The close bond you have with them, the easier it gets to train them.

  • They need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise.
  • Cockapoo puppies need to be socialized so that he can behave well-rounded, and obedient when grown-up.
  • They are intelligent enough to learn things quickly with positive reinforcement.
  • Don’t over-exercise them when their bones and joints are still growing. Keep a look at the state of their tiredness, such as fatigue, thirst, or excessive panting, as all these can lead to health problems.
  • You can offer them a variety of activities like fetching game, a walk in a park or a good run.
  • Crate training is advised so that it can get used to it and doesn’t feel foreign when hospitalized.
  • It might jump on people or go for play biting them, but you should train him not to do such by making him react to phrases ‘don’t,’ ‘stop,’ etc.
  • ‘Sit’ and ‘stay’ are the two commands that you need to teach them, as its appearance will attract many strangers.
  • Make them learn how to walk patiently when on the leash.

Training of Cockapoo Dog

Training of Cockapoo Dog

Below are the few facts and highlights on Cockerpoo that you need to know:-

  • Cockapoo has won the title of Britain’s happiest Dog in the contest held in 2011. The name of the dog is “Alfie.”
  • They are damn friendly and loving pets; they won’t leave alone, even for a minute. You may need to lock yourself in the washroom to have little privacy (sarcasm intended!).
  • Can live up to 18+ years if taken care, properly.
  • They love being petted and meeting new people. They are people-oriented dogs.
  • Also, friendly to both cats and dogs. And because of their friendly behavior, they are often used as therapy dogs.
  • Also, they come in a variety of colors such as red, golden, brown, black, mixture of their shades, and many more.
  • The amazing fact about this designer dog is that they don’t smell. And to keep it that way, proper grooming is necessary.
  • They are average at guarding and excellent at loving and showing affection.
  • Have perfect puppy eyes; their look can even melt a stone-hearted person.
  • Cockapoo puppies have cute owl face.
  • They have curiosity germ in them and will stick its nose everywhere, roadside wastage, your bedroom, washroom, and every corner of the world.
  • As they are highly energetic, first, they will tire themselves and you out and then will jump you for a cuddle, and we are 100% sure that you will forgive them for creating a mess.

The Final Verdict:

Cockapoo Dog


You won’t be able to stay sad, once you get a Cock-a-poo. It will make sure to keep you smiling and happy. It is such a happy-pup and will make you one.

Cockapoo dogs are one of the oldest designer dogs originate in the 1960s or maybe before that. They are an offspring of cocker spaniel and poodle. They have all the qualities that can make you happy.

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