Carolina Dogs

Thinking about getting a Carolina Dog? Or want to learn more about your baby Carolina? You are at the right place. Carolina dog is one of the rarest breeds that were found roaming freely in North Carolina. It is believed that they are the dogs that used to travel with native Americans in North America. They also have the same physical appearance depicted in the ancient art of native Americans. The origin of this breed is the United States.Without wasting time, let’s move on to check out the detailed information on this breed.

Quick overview :

Carolina Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Carolina Dog

Breed Group: Sighthound

Height: 17-19 inches

Weight: 30- 55 pounds

Lifespan: 12 -15 years

Coat: short, dense coat

Color: tan, reddish-brown, or black, with or without white markings

Temperament: Loyal, Independent, Reserved, and Adaptable

Needs for Grooming: minimal grooming, including weekly brushing and occasional bathing

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: United States


Appearance of Carolina Dog

Carolina is a ruggedly handsome dog. The appearance of this ancient dog is as followings:-

  • They are medium-sized and well-muscled dogs.
  • It has a wedge-shaped head, upright pointed ears, and a fish-hook-like tail.
  • They have a strong neck with a narrow chest and straight back.
  • It usually has a short and smooth coat. (perfect for the hot the climate)
  • They can be found in a variety of colors like tan, orange, red ginger, yellow, beige, and red sable.
  • It has an almond-shaped eye with colors like dark brown or medium to dark orange.
  • Carolina dog puppies have a melanistic mask that fades away as they grow up.
  • Their coat has noticeable changes as the season change; they have a thicker coat in winter than in summer.

Personality Traits

Personality Traits of Carolina Dog

This fox-like dog is highly active, loyal, independent, and sometimes shy. To know more about its personality keep reading:-

  • They are Pariah Dogs, a generic name for dogs in India that live independently and will join any individual for hunting.
  • They are not a completely domesticated breed.
  • Not aggressive by nature, but they do have natural hunting qualities.
  • They are independent in nature, just like pariah dogs.
  • Get along with other pets if socialized at a young age.
  • They perform well in obedience training, agility training, frisbee competition, and other physical activities. 
  • They can be shy and suspicious around the people who are not from their ‘human pack.’
  • It may be affectionate around the known people but will stay quiet, reserved, and kind of aloof.
  • They are intelligent, self-sufficient, and ‘pack-oriented’ dogs. They crave togetherness, and for them, family time is above anything. (Learn something from him, family time first!)
  • Every family member has to act as a pack leader to make it behave obediently and respectfully. Don’t tolerate growling!


Grooming of Carolina Dog

The grooming needs are very low as they have cat-like behavior in grooming themselves. They like to keep themselves neat and clean will groom themselves from time to time. Read the following points on their grooming needs:-

  • Occasional bathing.
  • It doesn’t require any special grooming technique.
  • Brushing and nail trimming is necessary.
  • They have long guard hairs on the neck, withers, and back. Their hairs stand erect when it is aroused.

Health & Care

Health & Care of Carolina Dog

Unfortunately, every dog on this planet has some health issues, sometimes I do feel like asking god as legend Joey used to ask, “Why God, why?” We can’t change the fact, but at least we can try to assure their good health. Read the following points to keep your doggo healthy and happy:-

  • They will need healthy food to stay fit and fine.
  • But be careful in providing portions they are prone to get overweight.
  • You will need to provide him with treats, but surplus treats can lead to obesity. 
  • They are relatively very healthy breed than any other and can live up to 15 years healthily happy.
  • They are not prone to any disease like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, not even eye, ear, or skin problems. 

(God does hear our prayers!)

But still, they should be appropriately vaccinated against all the parasites, both internal and external. It is, after all, a living being, made up of bones and flesh, anything can happen, you never know. It’s better to stay on the safer side.


Training of Carolina Dog

Training them won’t be easy as they are hunting dogs, but you need to be firm and self-confident. Below are some tips on training them:-

  • As they are primitive dogs, training them is a bit challenging task, they will either be independent or stubborn.
  • As they have led their lives in the wilderness, they have taught themselves to be self-sufficient, so the bigger deal is to make them understand that this training is for their own good.
  • You will need to start training as soon as you get them home. 
  • Train them in obedience and respect. Be a pack leader; don’t tolerate any misleading behavior.
  • They are hard to train, but positive reinforcement will help, and harsh or cruel methods will worsen the situation. It may get aggressive.
  • Socialize them at an early age, so that they get along with every kind of surroundings, people, and animals.

Facts & Highlights

Finally, the best part of the article is here. I personally love knowing about the facts regarding dogs, and I hope you too. Some dogs are so intelligent and have achieved the place which we are still thinking of! Let’s see what Carolina is doing:-

  • Though they look sturdy, they are relatively social by nature and can mix up well with other animals and children.
  • Ginger, a Carolina dog, is spokesdog for Hill’s science diet pet food.
  • They often have extra heat cycles in the first two years.
  • Can adapt to the hot and sunny climate.
  • They are the active breed and have searching and hunting behavior in their genetics.
  • Also, they have natural instincts of pack mentality, which is very rare to find in dogs nowadays.

What’s the Final Interpretation?

If you are new in owning a pet, then we would recommend not to buy this one, but if you have someone to help you who have a little bit of experience, then it is the perfect family dog you can ever wish for! 

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