Shoot a Four-Legged Family Members

There are a number of ways to document your pet’s life, and photographs are one of the most popular and long-lasting options. Custom pet portraits are a great way to remember those special years with your pet and create a fun new memory with them. Getting your pet to cooperate for a photo can seem tricky at first, but there are some simple steps you can take to get a great shot. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to shoot a four-legged family member for a portrait.

Get on Their Level

Shoot a Four-Legged Family Member by Get on Their Level

Even though many pets are used to being on their own when necessary, it is important that you get on the same level as your pet for a portrait. This gives you a better view of them and will encourage them to trust you. Also, remember that your pet will feel calmer and more relaxed if you aren’t looming over them or looking down at them.

Even if they can see you coming, they will feel less nervous if you are on the same level with them. Being on their level will allow you to get a better shot and capture more details in their eyes and coat.

Keep Their Attention

Keep Their Attention to Shoot a Four-Legged Family Member

The best way to get a good portrait is to keep your pet’s attention throughout the entire process. They are likely to resist letting you touch them, so you will need to use different tricks to help them feel comfortable. Try holding something close to the camera lens that they are interested in.

This will keep their attention on the camera and give the illusion that they are looking right into the sense. Keeping your pet engaged during a photoshoot is crucial to getting a good custom portrait.

Use Natural Light

Use Natural Light to Shoot a Four-Legged Family Member

Natural light is one of the best ways to capture your pet in a photograph because it makes them look their finest. Natural light is ideal because it is not too harsh, and doesn’t make your pet look too staged or set up.

Being in natural light will make your pet more relaxed and less likely to resist posing for the photo. Using natural light encourages pets to act more naturally and look their best. Because there won’t be overwhelming studio lights to distract them.

Keep Them Comfortable

Keeping your pet comfortable is a crucial part of taking a good picture because it will encourage them to cooperate. Keeping your pet comfortable not only keeps them happy but also impacts their expression so that they look relaxed in photos. Be sure not to photograph them in an overwhelming or busy environment. As it will impact your pet’s behavior as well as the finished photos.

Your pet should feel comfortable in the photography space. And not feel threatened by too many additional people or outside factors. Open fields are great for pet shoots because there is little to distract them. Pets typically feel comfortable in nature.

Use Rewards

Use Rewards when Shoot a Four-Legged Family Member

Using rewards and treats is one great way to get your pet into position for a photo. You can use anything from plain old dog treats to new toys that must be earned in order to get them into position for a portrait. Rewards can encourage your pet to stay still while you work and will make it easier for them. To keep their eyes on the camera lens instead of looking away.

It is important to reinforce positive behaviors during your portraits so that your pet knows what to do. Treats are a great well to tell your pet they are doing a good job while shooting.

Final Thoughts 

Pet photography is a great way to capture the best memories with your four-legged family member. Pets are usually less likely to cooperate for photos, but there are some ways to make it easier for them. Getting down on their level helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Which will improve both the photos and their behavior for the shoot.

It is important to keep your pet comfortable during shoots. So that they feel happy and less distracted by the environment. Follow these simple tips to ensure the best custom pet portrait and a unique photo that will last a lifetime.

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