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Your puppy becomes an indispensable part of your family within a very short time. You may take him to the vet, ensure all the essential convenience, feed him supplements and best dog food so that he can enjoy sound health. What else is still required to confirm the most safety and care of your canine? A fabulous quality dog collar, right? But picking a proper dog collar is not a simple job. You need to analyze and know a lot of things about various sorts of Dog Collars before you try on your pooch.

Again, you have to spend on a collar that is compose of excellent quality material. You would obviously desire the collar to appear fashionable and match the personality of your cherished dog. When it comes to the fact of adding a style factor to your favorite pooch, nothing can be better than spiked studded dog collars made of quality leather. Such stud collars do not only look fashionable, but they also provide your dog with protection.

What Do You need to Know About Dog Collars?

You need to Know About Dog Collars

Dog parenting comes with a lot of duties also. You cannot leave any stone unturned while ensuring the care and security of the dog. Every dog and breed is different. So, do not take a random decision, preferably you have to know a few things about dog collars so that the one you pick matches with the dog breed and fulfills the requirement.

Different Types of Dog Collars

Buckle Collars

Buckle Collars: Dog Collars

Buckle collars come in mind instantly while thinking of dog collars. Just as the name, a buckle is fastened with the collar. This type of collars is usually rolled or flat made of leather or nylon. You can adjust the collar, and once you tie it around the neck of the dog, it does not get tight. Leather buckle collars are of fabulous quality, and such a dog collar will not create sensitivity or hair-tearing around the neck.

Quick Release Collar

Quick Release Collar: Dog Collars

Quick-release collars are usually flat nylon collars with buckles and have a plastic closure. Similar to the name, they are easy to make the dog wear or put off.

Choke Chains

Choke Chains: Dog Collars

You cannot use choke chains on a daily purpose. It is made of metal chain links that come in varying sizes with rings. They are only suitable to use for training or exercise purposes. Do not use a choke collar on a pup under one-year-old.

Head Collars

Head Collars: Dog Collars

Again a collar that should be used for training purposes only. When you make the collar go over the head of the dog, they can bark, eat, drink, or even bite.

Things to Consider

Every dog is different in size and nature, so goes for the dog collar also. When you pick a dog collar, you have to assure the convenience of the dog while wearing it. Most of the collars offer the facility to adjust. You can estimate the measurement of the dog’s neck using a rope, and then utilize a scale to determine the extent of the string. The collar should not be so tight or loose, rather drive the middle on the neck. While wearing the collar, see if you can effortlessly fit your two fingers beneath the collar.

While selecting a suitable collar for your cherished dog, you have to be very specific in deciding the material. Nylon collars are lightweight and easy to clean, but they are not durable. They are also not suitable if you are training your dog. Among many dog collars made of various materials, leather collars are most popular because of the sturdiness, convenience, endurance, and versatility they exhibit.

Necessary Things

Such collars also add elegance to the look of your favorite pooch. Make sure you buy a high-quality leather dog collar, because, if you compromise with the quality, the collar may deteriorate soon, and produce inflammation around the neck. If your dog has dense coats and mats round his collar, a rolled leather dog collar can be his fit. The only disadvantage of a leather dog collar is that it may cause bad smell from the oils in the hairs and take time to get dried.

Dog Collars

Collars are not only necessary for style purposes, but they are also imperative to ensure the safety of your dog. A dog collar comes with tags that should include all the essential information of your dog, like vaccinations, licenses, and identity information. The tags with the necessary data will talk for your dog and is a must in case you lose him. So, you have to keep the information updated. You should add both you and your dog’s name, proper address, contact number, and emergency contact in the custom ID tag.

You may need to use a leash with the collar when you train your pooch. When you are outside to take a walk with the dog, you can get a good and convenient hold when you use a leash and collar.

If your pup loves to spend time outside, you can make him wear a breakaway collar that can become undone when the dog somehow gets pulled extremely.

Bottom Line

As already said, dog collars should be chosen based on the size and breed of the dog. For example, you can use a head collar if you have a headstrong dog that is very energetic and strong. Do not put on a wet collar as it may irritate the skin of the neck.

If you want a sense of style while ensuring the protection, you can go for a hand-stitched spiked studded collar made of quality leather. You can even customize the size and design using different types of studs, bones, stars, and many more.

Your furry friend holds a special place in your entity, and trying to treat him with every possibility is a way to show your love to him. When you know the necessary aspects of dog collars, you can make a better and suitable decision.

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