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What you feel, when you see a dog with a muzzle on? Two typical scenarios are going to play in your mind. The first one is a cruel master harassing the pet, and another one is an aggressive dog. It isn’t that it can’t be the scenario but interpreting anything before knowing the actual reason is unacceptable. But some humans think it’s okay to use a muzzle for dogs in day-to-day life. But let us tell you, “NO, IT’S NOT.” 

Every muzzled dog is not bad; their veterinarian may have prescribed that. Yeap! There will be times when your vet is going to tell you to put on a mask on its mouth. Thinking of using a dog muzzle can make you feel emotionally weak and broken. But sometimes it is the only decision that can assure the safety of your pooch and yours too. 

First, we will tell you about when you should not use a muzzle. You shouldn’t use a muzzle to control the barking and chewing habits of the pooch. That can be controlled with proper training. You should not use it to give punishment. It will result in the break of bonding/trust between you both. Plus they are not meant to be used for a more extended period.

Muzzle For Dogs

The following are the situations when you should use a muzzle for your furry friend:-

  1. If it is injured and is in substantial pain.
  2. If he has gotten aggressive due to specific events, then a muzzle is a must in order to protect other animals and human beings.
  3. Also, your country has particular legislation about particular breeds to be with a muzzle on when in public,
  4. If your dog catches the blockage or digestive problems after getting a walk. It is advisable to put on the muzzle as it will minimize the effect. You can also train your dog to react instantly to the “leave it” or “drop it” command.
  5. When you are traveling through a mode of public transport, it is advisable to have a mask on the dog, you know just for precaution purposes.

Now you know the situations about when to use the muzzle, let’s move to the types of muzzles for dogs. And there is a treat for you as well. We have described the best muzzle product for each kind and have also provided a link for you to buy.

Basket Muzzle

Basket Muzzle For Dogs

Its look may drive you away from it or may create a negative image of it, but it is the safest option for your doggo. This muzzle will let your pooch drink and pant without any obstruction. This is recommend for both large and small dogs. But before buying, check the description, it should mention, ‘small dog muzzle.’ The wired structure of the muzzle will make him feel free. 

This basket muzzle by ‘The Company of Animals’ is perfect for furry as it will allow him to drink, pant, and eat as well. It comes in different sizes, so choose the ideal fit. It has soft neoprene lining that will give him comfort. And it is sturdy and durable both. It comes with an additional overhead security strap. This product can also be use as a dog mouth guard.

Mesh Muzzle

Mesh Muzzle For Dogs

It is a softer version of the muzzle, but a mesh muzzle isn’t as safe as a basket muzzle. Mesh is dangerous as its structure doesn’t allow your pooch to pant. Without pants, he won’t be able to disperse the heat of his body. Canines sweat in the form of panting. What are these muzzles made of? These muzzles are manufacture using fabrics like nylon, mesh, or leather. Plus they aren’t as comfortable as basket muzzles.

But if you still want to buy one. Go for the mesh muzzle by ‘Canine Friendly.’ It comes in various sizes. It has a breathable mesh fabric that is less harmful. It is manufacture with durable nylon to make it last longer.

Other than above both, you can also go for a handmade muzzle. But it should be use only in an emergency if your pooch is injured heavily and you don’t have a muzzle at the moment. Even if you order it will take at least a day to arrive, so for instance, use a handmade muzzle. Why is handmade muzzle not advisable? It is because it has lacks safety measures, and the materials use in it are not prudent.

Tips for training your baby friend to accept muzzle willingly

You know your furry baby will learn anything if a treat is given to it. So before starting, stock up your kitchen with treats. The gift must be of something that your pup love. Train him in the following ways to make him accept a muzzle willingly:-

  • Step 1. Let him sniff it thoroughly. Then give him a treat. (Sniff-Treat-Repeat)
  • Step 2. Made him touch his nose. Again reward with a gift. (Touch-Treat-Repeat) 
  • Repeat this process until he finds it familiar.
  • Step 3. Made him put his nose inside the muzzle not forcefully but willingly. Give him a treat. Repeat.
  • If he is adequately trained for step2, then he will willingly put his nose inside the muzzle.
  • Repeat this process until he does this without any hesitation.
  • Step 4. When he is okay with the muzzle on, fasten the belt. Keep it for seconds and remove it. 
  • Then treat. (Fasten-Treat-Repeat)
  • Step 5. Now keep after fastening the belt, keep it for around a minute before removing. Then repeat.

After some trials increase the time for holding, this way, he will get use to it.


Don’t feel defeat if he isn’t learning. It will take him time to understand the situation, and then he will react. Patience is the key here. Keep calm and make him learn the techniques. He will acquire it soon. All the best.

You can also have a dog harness for safety and other advantages.

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