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Dogs have known to be the best friend of man ever since the human civilizations came into existence. However, there are times when the animal turns out to be quite aggressive and notorious. You may be out for a walk alone or with your pet and been attack by a lone dog. There may be other instances of your pet damaging your lawn or chewing on the furniture and shoes. For all these annoying habits, there are various dog repellent available in the market today. You have a range of options to choose from depending upon the kind of protection that you are looking for. Let us understand in a detail manner.

How does the Repellents Function?

Based upon the intensity of sound, we can divide them into two categories: devices with ultrasonic sounds that have a direct effect on the nervous system of the dogs and repellents that emit loud noises that surprise dogs.

Ultrasonic Repellents:

Any sound beyond 20 kHz is term as ultrasonic sound. While for humans, it is not audible and therefore has no effect on us, it is disturbing for dogs but not harmful and thus helps in keeping aggressive and dangerous dogs at bay. Such repellents are of great help in discouraging dogs from damaging your garden and keeping them away from the plants and flowers.

These repellents can identify animals as far as from 50 feet away and start emitting the ultrasonic sounds. These can be plant on trees, fences, or storage sheds. When it becomes difficult for you to stop your dog from barking, this device generates ultrasonic sound on detecting barks within its range. In due course, the dog will stop barking forever.

dog repellent Ultrasonic Repellents

Types of Ultrasonic Repellents:

Duranom Ultrasonic Animal Repeller:

The Duranom Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is shape like an owl’s head, adding a special touch to the lawn, helping to keep unwant animals away from your garden. This repellent radiates a gentle ultrasonic sound to push away dogs when the senor picks up some movement. Once the sensor is alert, the top of the equipment will ignite LED lights to add a more repelling effect to the device. The LED light flashing is more helpful at night.

With this device, you get options of five frequencies. Animals like mice and insects can go away with a low rate, but animals like dogs may require high-frequency noise to keep them away from the yard. Some of the main features of the Duranom Ultrasonic Animal Repeller are its LED lights, long-lasting batteries, and solar power.

Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent:

There are pet dogs who are playful, energetic, and love to go out. But some of those dogs also love to bark, and sometimes it is tough to stop them and get them in control. Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent is a tool that will help you stop your dog from barking. This repellent is house-shape and can be place on a tree that is out of the dog’s reach. It creates an ultrasonic noise when barking is detect.

The ultrasonic sound will stop your dog from barking and will gradually train them to decrease barking in general. You can also choose to use the Viccol Mini Bark Control equipment, which will stop dogs from barking within the hearing range of 50 feet. This product will also keep other noisy or stubborn animals away from the premises.

Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent


Dog repellent sprays are a common way of resisting dog attacks. They are categorized into different types base upon the senses that they affect like touch, taste, and odor.

Odor and taste

The most common of these repellents are Pepper Spray and Citronella Spray. Citronella is an oil that is derive out of various plants, whereas capsaicinoids are use to make pepper spray. These sprays have their effects like itching and have lasting effects on eyes, nose, and skin. The details are provide by each manufacturer about their effect, and therefore you know when to use the spray while the charging dog is at a safe distance.


Stray dogs are not the only menace that you come across. Your pet also tends to chew shoes, furniture, and other household items. For such cases, you may choose repellent sprays with citronella and vinegar oils. Bitter Apple spray is another effective spray that stops the dog from chewing the furniture and other items in the house.

Chewing dog repellent

Types of Dog Repellent Sprays:

HALT Dog Repellent Spray:

It is a pepper spray made to prevent misbehaving dogs. HALT Dog Repellent Spray will keep the dogs away who come close to bite you or your dog. The spray can is lightweight and can be carry easily. The spray can spread up to 12 feet, creating an immediate but temporary effect of heat and severe discomfort, which will distract the dogs and help you move away. The dod will feel normal after a few minutes of irritation without any side effects. You must be careful while using the product as it can irritate you in case you touch your eyes with contaminate fingers. After using the spray, do not touch your eyes, skin, clothes, or any other organs.

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector:

Puppies are adorable, but they do chew stuff around them, and so do some grown dogs. It is actually natural, as it is beneficial for their teeth and jaws, although it is an issue when they leave marks on chairs or your favorite shoes. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector releases a burst of air which sounds like a hiss of a cat or snake. The hissing sound distracts the dog from misbehaving or chewing. This spray is useful and effective in training dogs of all ages and breeds.

Motion-activated sprinkler:

These dogs repellent are a great way of keeping dogs, pets as well as stray, off your garden. Using smart technology, they can detect any motion in the garden when the animal enters into its range. A sudden gush of water emerges from the sprinkler towards the dog, which works perfectly most of the time. These devices use smart technology to switch over onto different modes during day and night to conserve water and energy.

Motion-activated sprinkler dog repellent

Types or Motion-activated Sprinkler:

The Scarecrow Animal Repellent Water Sprinkler:

The scarecrow animal repellent water sprinkler spreads up to 1200 square feet. The equipment is active day and night and is power by a 9-volt battery. It scares away animals with startling sound and ultra-high pressure water splash. The repellent helps condition the dogs and other animals to stay away from your yard.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Animal Repellent Water Sprinkler:

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Animal Repellent Water Sprinkler is flexible and provides options for 24-hour, day only, or night only protection. The range of the sprinkler is up to 70 feet, which covers an area of up to 3840 square feet. It also boasts an intelligent sensing technology that helps the device to understand the difference between the movement of trees or animals. So it will activate only when it is necessary.

Choosing one Repellent over the other:

The sound repellents are effective in frightening away the aggressive dogs from a faraway distance. They have the upper hand as compare to sprays as can be use from a closer distance, thus allowing the dogs to come too close to you.

The sprays have a lesser effect in case the wind is blowing in the other direction. Using an odor repellent on your furniture will leave behind a foul smell, which is the last thing that you would want to do.

Choosing one Repellent over the other

When Should the Repellents be Used?

  • Repellents can be used when you are on a stroll and attacked by a dog that is out of control or is simply ignoring the owner.
  • A dog that is directly charging at you, and there is no way to escape.
  • When you can make out from the stiff posture of the dog and the high tail wag, you know it is time to shoot the spray.
  • When you know that throwing treats, waving arms and shouting doesn’t work and you are forced to use the spray.

Problems Faced When You Spray the Repellents:

  • When you spray the dog repellent, you likely get into conflict with the owner of the dog.
  • The dog may become smarter the next time it attacks another person.
  • With the wind blowing in another direction, you may accidentally spray yourself or your dog.

How Can You Avoid Using Sprays?

  • When you know that the dog does not like your presence and is ready to charge at you, it is best to move out as quickly as possible without trying to run; else it might chase you. Looking directly into the eyes also gives the dog a sense of confrontation, and therefore it is best to look away.
  • You will impress dogs if you throw treats to them as the dog may stop charging at you.
  • When you shout and wave your arm at an aggressive dog, there are chances that the dog may calm down.
Using Sprays dog repellent

Best Ways to use Repellent Sprays:

  • While you spray the dog repellent, make sure that you aim in the right direction and spray else spraying in the wrong direction can be harmful. You can also view some amazing dog wheelchairs to improve the stability.
  • Ensure that the wind is blowing in the same direction when you spray; else, the entire content is likely to get on to you. Pepper spray can be very irritating if it lands on you.
  • Go for the mouth, nose, and face of the dog as the spray has the best effects on these areas.
  • When you are sure to use the spray, do not wait for the dog to come too close to you, instead use your ammunition when the dog is a few feet away.


We have seen various types of dog repellent here. It is now effortless to safeguard yourself against aggressive and annoying dogs. Their actions can easily be controlled by the numerous repellents that we have seen above. All of them are easy to use and are not harmful. Also, they do not cost too much from the pocket. It is now much convenient for you to choose the option that is best suited for you. You may also try more than one repellent as each one of them will have a better effect over the other in different situations.

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