Dog Breeds That Look Like Fox

Many people are fond of dogs and keep them as pets at their homes just as their family members. Did you know that 94% of pet owners claim that their pets cheer them up more than once a day? Dogs are one of the most adorable pets to have. There are large breeds of dogs, but here we will discuss some dogs that look like foxes. For a fact, there is no such breed called ‘Fox Dog,’ but there are plenty of dogs that look like foxes.

Dogs and foxes both belong to a biological family called Canidae and so they have similar appearances genetically. Though they are quite different otherwise – dogs are curious, playful, and enjoy exploring their surroundings. Some dogs share the same physical qualities as that of fox-like pointed ears and reddish-gold coats.

Here are certain breeds of dogs that look similar to Foxes:

1. Shiba Inu

dogs that look like foxes: Shiba Inu
Height14 to 17 inches
Weight17 to 23 pounds

Shiba Inu is the smallest of all Japanese spitz breeds. This breed is originally for hunting. Though it’s small in size, it is stubborn by nature and has a strong will. They are full of energy and good at mental tasks. They are the most intelligent and independent breed. On the other side, they are hard to train. So for teaching them, one should be experienced and also have lots of patience.

They need to be trained in a certain way, and if not, they might face issues like aggression and possessive nature. Also, they are affectionate and loyal breed towards their family, but strangers need to be cautioned. The features of this breed are – dogs with curly tails, thick double coats; colors include black and tan, cream, and red.

2. Akita

dogs that look like foxes: Akita
Height24 to 28 inches
Weight 70 to 130 pounds

Akita is also known as the Great Japanese dog, and it is the biggest among Japanese spitz breeds. This breed is often referred to as ‘silent hunter’ as initially they were used for hunting and as personal guards. Akita is a highly energetic breed and requires rigorous daily exercise. They are quiet and moody and are hard to train.

They are not the first choice for a person who owns a dog for the first time. Akita is also famous for extreme loyalty. Also, they usually have a triangular head, curled tail, thick double coat, and colors include black, fawn, red, and more.

3. Eskimo

dogs that look like foxes: Eskimo
Height 9 to 19 inches
Weight6 to 35 pounds

An Eskimo dog looks quite similar to a snowy white Arctic fox. Also known as German Spitz. You can see, they are friendly, loyal, and loving and hence are considered as excellent companion dogs. Love the company of humans and are very loyal to their families and are good with kids. They are quite energetic and hence require regular exercise. An alert type of facial expression, medium-length double coat; colors include white and biscuit shade.

4. Schipperke

dogs that look like foxes: Schipperke
Height10 to 13 inches
Weight10 to 16 pounds

Schipperke, also known as ‘Little Captain,’ is originally a Belgium Breed. This breed is independent, courageous, and determined by nature. They are usually very loyal and loving but are prone to barking a lot. So they have to be trained to “No-Barking” unless required. They quickly chase anything that moves. They love to be involved in daily activities, especially outdoor exercise. This breed is tailless & has black coats of several lengths.

5. Samoyed

dogs that look like foxes: Samoyed
Height9 to 24 inches
Weight35 to 65 pounds

The Samoyed originated from the Siberian area of Russia. They were used for pulling sleds on polar expeditions. They are affectionate and playful, intelligent, and loving, and good with kids. But their instinct to chase small animals remains the same. Also, they have thick double coats, and colors include white, cream, and biscuit shade.

6. Finnish Spitz

Height16 to 20 inches
Weight20 to 33 pounds

Also known as ‘Barking Bird Dog,’ Finnish spitz is a highly energetic breed and is sufficient for both physical and mental wellness. It is the national dog of Finland. They usually pass the time and boredom by barking. Finnish Spitz has pointed muzzle, upright ears, curled tail, red-gold double coat.

7. Norwegian Elkhound

dogs that look like foxes: Norwegian Elkhound 
Height20 to 21 inches
Weight48 to 55 pounds

The Norwegian Elkhound is a perfect mixture of hound and spitz breeds. Also, too protective, playful, and intelligent. They love human companions and are very possessive. Keep in mind, they fear being alone without family. Norwegian Elkhound is energetic and requires rigorous exercise. This breed has a curled tail, thick coat, colors include black, gray, and white.

8. Alaskan Klee Kai

dogs that look like foxes: Alaskan Klee Kai
Height13 to 17 inches
Weight10 to 15 pounds

The Alaskan Klee Kai looks the same as a sled dog breed, however smaller in size and thus seems like a fox. They’re very energetic, intelligent, and prankish. They’re smitten and loyal to families; however, at a ceaseless time are back with outsiders. Since they sleep in extreme climates, they need thick double coats, colors embracing black & white, red & white, gray & white.

9. Chihuahua

dogs that look like foxes: Chihuahua
Height5 to 8 inches
Weightapprox 6 pounds

Chihuahuas are the dogs that look like foxes because of their big triangular ears, fluffy coat, and pointed nose. There are several types of Chihuahua, but long-haired Chihuahuas look identical to foxes. These dogs tend to bond closely with families. Unlike other breeds, they also require mental & physical exertion. Chihuahua has an alert facial expression, smooth & long coat; colors include black, tan & fawn.

10. Welsh Corgi

dogs that look like foxes: Welsh Corgi
Height10 to 11 inches
Weight22 to 30 pounds

This breed has a long body and a face similar to the fox. Welsh Corgi is very active and exercises loving, intelligent, easy to train. It is a breed perfect for a family who loves to travel or go outdoors with pets. Having pointed ears, a big cheeky grin, and beautiful red coat make them look like a fox.

11. Dhole

dogs that look like foxes: Dhole
Heightapprox 35 inches
Weight33 to 44 pounds

A Dhole is also known as a ‘Red Fox dog.’ It is native to central and Southeast Asia. Dhole is a mixture of Indian and Arabic foxes and is also similar to African wild dogs. They have a running speed of about 34 miles per hour. They can even jump seven feet up into the air and are also skilled swimmers. This breed loves to roam around in groups of 8-10 dogs.

12. Korean Jindo Dogs

dogs that look like foxes: Korean Jindo Dogs 
Height20 to 21 inches
Weight40 to 50 pounds

Origins of Jingo Island in Korea. They are of medium size and are available in multiple tones. Jindo dogs are stubborn. They are territorial dogs and don’t like other pet animals near their surroundings. This breed can walk for a minimum of 30 minutes. If daily exercise is ignored, then they become aggressive.

13. Icelandic Sheepdog

dogs that look like foxes: Icelandic Sheepdog
Height4 to 6 inches
Weight20 to 30 pounds

Icelandic Sheepdog is a healthy breed. As the name suggests, they originated from Iceland. Also, They are protective, playful, and intelligent. They love to have the company of a human and are very possessive. Like many, they fear being alone without family. Also, they are energetic and require rigorous exercise. They have upward-facing, triangular ears and red fur with white and tan patches making them look a lot like a fox.


Dogs and Foxes are two different animals, and they sometimes look similar. Certain dog breeds are mistaken as foxes for certain similarities they possess. Dogs, being domestic animals, are loyal pets and companions. But if you want to own a wild animal, then better own a dog that looks like a fox to fulfill your wish.

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