Emotional Support Dog Harnesses

Picking a vest for an ESA may be tricky sometimes, as any animal can be an emotional support pet for a person; that means that sometimes harnesses should be made specifically for an animal to fit properly. Even though it’s not a requirement to always put an ESA vest on a dog, most people prefer doing that because, this way, it’s easier to spend time in public and avoid uncomfortable questions from strangers. 

What are some of the basic information about an emotional support dog harness that may be helpful while choosing the right accessory for your pet? In this article, we’ve gathered all the essential details on this topic, so there are no troubles while shopping online for your pet. 

Are Vests Required for Emotional Support Dogs?

Are Vests Required for Emotional Support Dogs?

According to the ADA rules, ESAs are not required to wear special accessories in public; still, many handlers prefer having those to avoid unwanted public situations. Vests are usually designed according to one’s preferences to make all the items not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, one’s imagination is the only limit, as vests can be decorated in countless ways, including embroidery, pins, patches, and others.

By choosing to put vests on their ESAs regularly, people try to avoid others’ judgment. They show that the dog is here to do its job – provide comfort and help with certain mental conditions (like anxiety, depression, autism, and so on). 

It’s a unique way to spread awareness of emotional support dogs among those who don’t know anything about this topic, as well as have more positive social interactions with employees in certain public establishments.      

How Can I Pick Vest Correctly for My ESA?

How Can I Pick Vest Correctly for My ESA?

If you’d like to buy emotional support dog vests online, it’s essential to be sure that the selected sizing for the product is correct; an animal would spend most of its time wearing it, so the harness shouldn’t be too tight, short, or on the contrary, loose. 

There are a few simple tips that can make the task of selecting the right emotional support animal vest size much simpler, and we are going to discuss all of those below. The first thing to remember is that measuring is the key:

  • Measure your dog’s height. The correct way to do it is from the tip of the head to the toes. It’s typically required if the vest is custom-made or if the dog has parameters that don’t fit regular measurements (XS, S, M, L, XL);
  • Know the size of the dog’s middle. Ideally the best emotional support dog harness should be comfortable and fit so as not to make the movements hard for an animal. It’s especially important for chubby pets with non-standard parameters;
  • Measure the girth carefully. Vest’s tightness around the neck shouldn’t be too harsh to ensure the dog can swallow and breathe without problems. When the size is well-picked, two fingers should feed between the dog’s neck and the accessory, so always check it carefully to guarantee a positive experience for your pet.

There are numerous designs available on the market, so consider which one will resonate well for you: an emotional support dog harness with handle in different colors and even colorful patches and pins. ESA accessories should be not only helpful but also petty, so what are you waiting for?   

What Other Accessories Can I Use for My Dog?

What Other Accessories Can I Use for My Dog?

Besides vests for emotional support dogs, other accessories can also be quite useful for ESA owners. Once again, we remind you that any of these products are not demanded by law, so only consider them if you want to publicly demonstrate your status to people around you. 

Among the most popular items for dogs are an ESA tag, an ESA collar, an emotional support animal leash, and others. All of those are selected according to the pet owner’s taste and preferences, so there is room for creativity. 

Make sure the quality of all purchased products is high and the material used for these items is excellent as well. Also, it’s better to look for a reliable supplier with positive feedback from previous customers, as it’s the best way to see whether it’s worth picking this particular company as your final decision.  

As most animals can fit the role of emotional support for their owners, special products can be designed specifically for their type, breed, size, etc. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cat, guinea pig, parrot, or rat – a vest, along with other accessories, can be created and decorated however a handler likes. 

Also, in case you are not the biggest fan of sanding in line and running around with documents for an ESA registration, keep in mind it can be done quickly online on special websites. Look for those to enjoy online registration benefits and avoid uncomfortable public situations.   

To Sum Up: Don’t Forget About a Vest for Your Dog!

A comfortable vest for an ESA dog is essential if you want your dog to feel comfortable and protected, as well as limit uncomfortable situations in public. People tend to ask many questions when they see an ESA owner in pet-free places or want to pet the doggy and can’t take no for an answer. 

Showing others your special status publicly is a perfect way to spread awareness of this topic; use this chance to create a better reality for the future!

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