Pets Harnesses

In the tug of war between pet collars and pet harnesses, the harness has been winning for quite some time, but why? The simple dog collar is a classic style that many have opted for over the years. However, with advancement in accessory technology and heightened awareness of how your dog’s gear can help to keep them safe, happy, and comfortable, harnesses. They have quickly become the preferred choice. Here is precisely why pet harnesses are more often than not, better than the classic collar…

Benefits of a Pet Harnesses

Benefits of a Pet Harnesses

There are many reasons why pet harnesses have become the preferred method of securing dogs! Here are just a few of the advantages. That make harnesses the ideal accessory for all four-legged friends out there…


Once you find the right fit for your furball, you’ll find that your harness of choice. Simply glides on and secures your dog in a matter of seconds. This simplicity is due to the precisely put-together structure of the harness. Ensuring that your dog’s chest, back and leg pits are all held safely, securely, and most importantly, comfortably.

Whilst the harness minimizes pulling and other behaviors which pretty much guarantee a certain level of discomfort. For both yourself and your pet, it is also going to make that dog of yours. Feel great whilst they’re wearing it, which is doubtlessly a must.

Better Control

Stopping your dog from bounding off, wandering, and pulling is no easy task. Particularly when you have a keen adventurer on your hands. Your harness is going to come in incredibly handy when you’re starting to teach your dog. How to walk a little tamer, no matter where it is that the two of you like to roam.

Whilst showing your best friend the way of the walk is essential. You also need to make absolutely sure that you have as much control as possible, it takes two to dog walk, after all.

Better Control with Pet Harnesses

Improved Safety

Better control and a more trusted understanding between yourself and your dog mean improved safety! Your harness is going to ensure that your precious pup doesn’t bolt off. Get tangled up in things they shouldn’t, and protect their limbs, chest, and neck no matter how naughty they might be behaving on your strolls.

The safety of your dog really does have to be your number one priority and your dog harness makes that possible, each and every day.

Less Pulling

Lastly, less pulling. Minimized levels of tugging have been integrated into all of these benefits as it is an undeniable fact. The benefits of less pulling are evident in all areas of your walks.

Your arms, back, and neck will benefit, your dog will not strain the neck or bulge their eyes, and the both of you will be able to really enjoy your time out and about together, which is what it is all about at the end of the day.

Less Pulling with Pet Harnesses

The Chest Plate Effect

The chest plate detailing on a harness is one of the key aspects that makes it such a safe and comfortable choice for your dog. The T-shaped chest plate on a harness enables the accessory to distribute the load evenly across the chest rather than concentrating all tension at your pup’s throat.

This balanced distribution of weight means that you will find it easier to control and train your dog no matter how mischievous they are with their tugging. The chest plate effect makes the harness more comfortable, easier, and far sturdier than the traditional collar style.

How to Find the Right Harness for Your Dog

When you’re hunting for the harness of your dreams, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for a few vital details that will make sure that you and your dog can enjoy boundless adventures together for a very long time to come.

These features include stainless steel metal detailing, quick and simple buckle closure release, high-quality stitching, weatherproof and fast-drying materials, non-corrosive elements, foam interiors, and a beautiful, eye-catching design that encapsulates your dog’s unique personality as well as your personal style. Come in with these aspects in mind and you’ll find yourself an amazing harness that is going to stick with you through thick and thin.

What About Collars?

Whilst harnesses are the superior choice for securing your dog and teaching great habits whilst you’re out walking, collars still have their place in your dog’s daily wardrobe. Your dog’s collar holds a tag that details their name and their owner’s contact information, which can be vital for keeping them safe and traceable should the unthinkable happen and they go missing.

Your dog’s collar keeps them identifiable at all times whilst also giving you a last-second. That means of control should any danger arise. A collar also gives them a little splash of personality whilst they are just chilling around the house. Which is always nice! Coordinate your dog’s collar with their harness and lead. You’ll have yourself a very happy, stylish dog on your hands!

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