Expenses for Adopting a Pet

The joys of newfound parenthood, when you adopt a furry friend, are incomparable to most other joys. When you adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter or rescue a puppy. You will be overwhelm with care and appreciation, but that’s not all. Taking care of a pet is never as easy as people would have you believe. Let’s see some expenses for adopting a pet.

It takes constant effort and resources to give them a happy and nurturing life. What’s funny is that the dog expenses you would incur may be more than buying a car! But you cannot measure the happiness and sense of family and companionship. That having a pet would give you.

Expenses you should expect while dealing with pets

If you’re completely commit to your pets, you need to set aside separate funds for them. Because when you lack funds it leaves the door open for abandonment. Know your finances and see if you can meet your dog’s expenses every month.

Expenses for Adopting a Pet

Here are some expenses you can expect-

  • Medication and Vet runs- If you adopt a puppy, your expenses initially are going to be high. You will have to get them vaccinated, de-wormed, check for infections and medical conditions, have them neuter, and get their medication. For a growing or full-grown puppy, you will have to take it to the vet for routine checks. Skin relate issues are highly common with dogs, including parasitic and fungal infections.
  • Food- Food bills can compound to a massive sum of money when you’re caring for a pet. Indians have a habit of shifting their dog’s diet to a vegetarian one that is similar to their own.  Some dogs can survive on this food, but most dogs aren’t meant to be vegetarian. You will have to spend on pet food like pedigree, chicken or other meats, eggs, rice, milk, and any other supplements they might require.
  • Toys and other daily needs- Your pet needs to be constantly engage and that is not something you can do all the time. You will need to buy your pet toys and things like bowls for water and food, grooming tools, and cleaning supplies. These are long-term investments but as and when your pet grows out of them, you will have to change it.

How to budget these expenses

Expenses for Adopting a Pet

Before adopting a pet, check to see if you can financially provide for them. Make a plan on how you will meet the dog’s expenses.

  1. Create a spreadsheet that includes your budget for your pet, the expenses that you can think of, and add a little extra every month as insurance.
  2. Make sure you take account for a vet check-up and annual examinations like shots, dental work, or general check-up.
  3. If you plan on travelling with your pet, know what expenses you would incur upon and see to it that you keep money aside for that as well.
  4. Have an emergency fund for accidents, unforeseen health conditions, and other medical emergencies. If you have your pet insure, these parts will be easier for you.
  5. Try grooming and cleaning after your pup by yourself as getting a specialist will put a heavy toll on your wallet.

When adopting a pet, know of all the dog expenses you would have, and plan accordingly. Make sure you know what you’re doing as if you get stuck, you may abandon the puppy or leave them at animal shelters.

Animal shelters incur these expenses for hundreds of animals without any resources or proper funding from organizations. If you know how hard it is to keep up with these, try to make a small donation to these shelters and spread the word to people who can.

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