Fish that can live in a small bowl

Looking for a suitable first pet for your child? There is nothing better than a pet fish. There are a lot of fish to choose from and a lot of information out there. And if you’re assuming that fish that can live in a small bowl or small aquarium mean less maintenance and responsibility, you are completely wrong. Unfortunately, small fish bowls require more maintenance than large water tanks.

Frequent water changes and cleaning needs to be done in the case of small fishbowls, unlike large, well-filtered tanks whose water needs to be changed weekly. Want to know more about pet fish types? Here, we have listed the top 5 bowl fish types.

1. Goldfish 


These come in a lot of varieties and sizes. They look really fancy and are loved for their fanned tails and bubbly heads. Goldfish are one of the best for beginners as they can survive in a bowl or an unheated aquarium as well. Goldfish are known to be very messy eaters. So, 10% of the water needs to be changed every week.

2. Danios

Danios fish

Danios are great first fish. They are hardy in nature. They are also known as zebrafish as they have bright horizontal stripes all over their body. Also, they are small and active. They prefer to be in a group of at least five, near the surface of the water. They do well with flake fish food as they are not picky eaters.

3. Tetras

Tetras fish

Bright, small, colorful, and very active, tetras are the perfect fish that can live in a small bowl. They are a lot of fun to watch. They are cool freshwater fish. Do well in a group of at least three to five fish. Also, they love pretty heavily planted tanks so you will have fun picking out cute and colorful aquarium plants. They have a simple diet. They eat basic fish flakes. 

4. Betta

Betta fish

If you want to add some additional color to your tank, go for a betta. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, they fight with each other so one betta is enough for your tank. These fish are hardy and can endure more tragic conditions than any other fish. They eat flake food or pellets. They are comparatively clean fish so they do not need frequent water changes.

5. Guppies

Guppies Fish

Guppies can brighten any tank. They have large and amazingly colored dorsal fins. They come in a huge range of colors. Brighter colors and longer fins make the male species more gorgeous and it also helps in distinguishing between the males and females. Guppies are known to be prolific breeders. So, choose guppies of the same sex if you do not want a huge family of guppies in your tank. They are hardy fish and can survive over a week without food.

Hence, we have concluded some of the best bowl fish types that can be your perfect pet. Try to look for fish that are hardy, easy to care for, and get along well with other fish in the tank.

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