How to Take Care of Dogs in Winter

Winters are at the door; you are all prepared to save yourself from the chilly temperature outside, but what about your dog? Do you think it is well prepared too? Have you considered saving that little creature (okay, a big creature too!) from the chilling atmosphere of winter. Like you need to revise your diet and routine in winters, dogs also need that. From their diet to the daily routine, they too will need a change in it. Let’s see How to Take Care of Dog in Winter? There are many misconceptions in owners’ minds regarding the dogs’ behavior in winters. Of which some are:-

– Dogs can tolerate cold weather better than human beings as they have a coat of fur
– Their paws can’t freeze
– Dogs don’t need exercise in winters, etc.

But let us let you above are all myths, they do feel cold just like human beings, yeah, they do have a separate and unique circulatory system that keeps paw from losing heat but still they need protection and dogs need exercise in every season. Make sure you are ready with dog coats, earmuffs, paw shoes, etc.

We are here with the ten tips on how to take care of your dog in winters like a pro! Read the entire article for detailed and accurate information. Its high time that you should know about taking care of dogs in winters.

Following are the points that you should keep in mind during winters:-

1. Protecting Paws

Protecting Paws of Dog in Winter

Though they have a unique circulatory system that keeps their paws from losing heat, they do need protection. If your dog has furry feet, then there are chances that it will catch ice in its paws. And ice and salt can cause cuts and bleed on your doggo’s paw. Make sure to get them on the safer side by making them wear winter boots.

2. Daily Calories Intake

Daily Calories Intake of Dog in Winter

Have you ever noticed you feel more hungry during winters, the same is with our pets. If your dog is super active and playful, it will go out several times to play in the snow and thus will need more calorie intake. But if it isn’t that way, do decrease their calorie intake. They tend to get hungrier, try to increase their food, or change the portion you provide on a regular basis. Just make sure you don’t overfeed them.

3. No off-leash

No off-leash of Dog in Winter

It’s better to be safe than sorry. There are high chances of falls during snow, so make sure your pup is on a leash all the time. Your pet may love to run around here and there, but there are chances of being hit by a vehicle. And leash will save it from that.

4. No regular Baths

No regular Baths of Dog in Winter

Baths tend to dry out skin, making uncomfortable for dogs. We, humans, have the benefit of moisturizers, but dogs don’t. So avoid regular baths in order to keep them moisturized. If you bath them twice a week, change it to once a week. It’s for their own good.

5. Winter Walks

Winter Walks of Dog in Winter

Dogs need a walk; we won’t say avoid winter walks. But limit the outdoor times (so that they don’t catch a cold). Once you are done with the walk, clean its paws thoroughly, not leaving any part of the snow ice on it. Check thoroughly if it has any cuts or bleeding, as de-icers on footpaths or roads can be one of the reasons.

6. Cozy and Snuggly Bedding

Cozy and Snuggly Bedding of Dog in Winter

Winter is a season to be cozy and snuggly. Along with you, your dog will want to stay super cozy. Get your pup a cozy bed or sleep bag in which it can snuggle-up. If your house has tiles or wooden flooring, then avoid making them sleep in direct contact with the floor as tiles tend to get colder in winter.

7. Winter is Grooming Season

Winter is Grooming Season of Dog in Winter

In winter, you can groom your dog with dog coats, earmuffs, winter boots or shoes, and various types of clothing, if you have avoided till now getting them dressed up, its the time. It will keep them warm as well as will catch the attention of many people while on a walk.

8. Keep Them Hydrated

Keep Them Hydrated of Dog in Winter

Keeping them hydrated is a must thing. You must keep freshwater reachable. Place water blows at various places, where your dog usually is most of the time. If there is an ice formation on water bowls, make sure to replace it. This way, you will be able to avoid them from eating snow ice.

9. Avoid Exposure to Antifreeze

Avoid Exposure to Antifreeze of Dog in Winter

Antifreeze is used a lot in winters, but you should be aware that the toxic chemicals used in it is harmful to your furry baby. Keep them at a place where it isn’t in reach of your dog. Make sure to clean up if it’s spilled on the floor.

10. Don’t Leave Them Unattended in a Car

Don't Leave Them Unattended in a Car of Dog in Winter


You shouldn’t do this no matter what, it is too harmful to them. If a car can get super hot in summers, it can get super chilly in winters too. Locking your dog in a car with a running motor can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. So leave your cutie at home if you are out to run errands.

Keep the above points in mind, and you are ready to struggle through winter times. Happy Winters!

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