How to Train Your Dog to Sits

Do you have a dog? Then, probably you would be having a great time with him/her. People love to play, laugh and have fun spending their time with their pets, especially dogs, which are one of the most loyal animals found on earth. Dogs are very loyal and they do their duty of protecting you and your family from strangers perfectly so it is good to have a pet dog at your house. People are asking us to write an article on How to Train Your Dog to Sit and so here we are with this detailed article today. Let us continue reading and see the procedure.

If you are planning to have a dog anytime soon then you need to learn the basic training that you need to provide to your dogs. First of all, let us inform you that teaching a dog to sit is not that tough, it is quite simple as dogs usually sit down naturally. One of the easiest command that you can teach dogs is “sit” and every dog should know it. This command will help your dog to settle for a while and focus his attention on you. Teaching this command will also help your Dog to Learn other Commands fast.

Make sure you are having some treats to give to your dog as a form of reward so that when they successfully perform their training, you can provide them with their favorite gift.

Now, you need to choose the training location and it should be somewhere where there are peace and not much of distractions. It should be a private place like a quiet garden in your house or even your backyard or terrace.

Know the Proper Sit Position

Know the Proper Sit Position

Now, you need to know the correct sit position in order to know that the dog is properly following your commands. The hocks and bottom of the dog are planted on the ground firmly in the perfect sitting position so make sure you check it whether your dog is having this position or not. You can use the “OK” command to release him from the position. Do this activity regularly so that your dog learns quickly.

Show the Treat

Show the Treat Your Dog to Sit

Now, if your Dog is not Obeying your Commands then it is time to attract them with your treats. Hold the treat in your hand and show it to him. You can also hold the treat above your dog’s nose and move it back toward your dog’s ears. Your dog will sit till that time when you are showing the treat to him, that’s nice. Say “good dog” as soon as it lands it’s rear on the ground and gives him the treat followed by petting and praising.

Repeat With Cue Word

Repeat With Cue Word Train Your Dog to Sit

You have to repeat these steps until your dog sits at the sight of the treat above its nose.

Now, you have to add the cue word. You can say your dog’s name and then say “sit”. Now, repeat this process several times to give your dog a practice so that he learns it fast.

Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing Train Your Dog to Sit

Now, it’s your time to put on some hard work. Spare some time daily out of your busy schedule for your dog’s practice. Take him both indoor and outdoor for short training sessions. Taking your dog to new locations will surely increase the distractions but you have to make him sit with these distractions only so continue doing this.

Just keep one thing in mind that you need to remain patient until your dog learns to follow your commands properly. Till that time, you have to remain consistent in practice.


Now, many dogs don’t just follow your commands instantly. It might not sit on its own after a few tries. But at this time, don’t get frustrated and irritated but be patient. Don’t force him to sit and also don’t punish him if he doesn’t sit.

A negative environment and yelling will confuse your dog instead of making him better. You can give better treats such as fresh meat, hot dog pieces, string cheese, or liverwurst.

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