Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies

Important Information As Well As Facts About Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


There are hardly few people who don’t want to have a pet. Otherwise every second person in this world want to have some or the other animal as their pet. There are lots of options out here to choose from and have as a pet and dogs are one of them. It is a fact that they are the most popular kind of pets. That everyone has in their home follow by cats. There are endless varieties of dog breeds to check out and Cavalier King Charles spaniel is one of them.

Just like the royal name they look elegant as well as beautiful and their small appearance makes them one of the cute members in the toy dog family. Before their cute looks melt your heart and you decide to have one in your home. Here is few information which you should know in order to take better care of your little fluffy fur ball:


cavalier king charles spaniel

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This dog breed particularly came from United Kingdom but it has grown popularity in United States as well. With every passing time and now it is rank at number 18th among the most popular pure breed dogs in United States of America. These cute little Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies would stay with you till 10 to 14 years of time. Which is quite long as compare to other dog breeds.

They have quite long body fur which can be tie at times and many owners usually experiment with their dog’s fur. By tying them in different ways and the social media platforms go crazy with their cute pictures as well as adorable videos. They can grow up to 30 to 33 cm and both male as well as female dog grows in almost same sizes. Both of them can have a body weight of up to 5.9 to 8.2 kg. You may get to choose from a variety of coat or fur color as they come in golden and black combination. tri color of red, brown and white and you may also get them in ruby color.

They have kind of small legs and a body shape which appears to be long due to their long fur. Their main attraction is their long ears which are completely cover with furs. It makes them more adorable and it is for sure you cannot resist yourself from loving them once you see them. They even have a fluffy long tale which they always wag around while playing. Their fur seems to be curly around tale as well as in the ears.


cavalier king charles spaniel

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These puppies love to be pamper and are jolly as well. So if you would play with them then they can spend the whole day with you playing. If you own one Cavalier King Charles spaniel in your home then make sure you stay with them. Let them be alone for a long period of time because they cannot stay alone for a long time.

Though it is a toy dog at heart it is a spaniel so there are chances that it would chase small animals. Such as birds, insects, rabbits, small cats and many more are there in the list. Make sure you don’t let them be at open place for a very long time. Especially don’t leave them in places where there are small creatures. They bark a lot especially when someone strange arrives at your door which is a good quality of a guard dog. But at the same time because of their too friendly nature, they tend to get free with strangers really soon. Which makes them a bad guard dog for sure.

Make sure to have a good space because these delicate dogs cannot stay outdoors for a long time. They are so playful and active that you would never notice them sitting ideally doing nothing. Though they are small but they are fearless at the same time so it is hard to scare them. They love to be pamper so if you wish to train them you need to treat them.

Health issues as well as care:

cavalier king charles spaniel

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These puppies tend to gain weight really fast so you need to keep them on strict exercise schedules and other than this they are less prone to get any other such health complications. Their long fur tends to shed a lot so make sure to comb them on a regular basis.

These were few information that would help you in keeping your puppy healthy and fit.