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Why Is Spaniel Dogs So Famous?

Spaniel dog breeds are fascinating and exciting, just like their names. Only a few people know that spaniel breeds were initially bred to be athletic and hunting dogs. Isn’t it interesting that all the dog breeds in the early years were bred as working dogs? f And I am pretty sure,  just because of their tremendous hardworking personalities, almost all dog breeds were appraised as working dogs.

When we discuss working dogs, the first name that comes into our minds is the Spaniel Dog Breed. They are one of those dog breeds who are incredible with all their instincts. The best part of the Spaniel breed is, they are all-rounders.

In today’s blog, we will discuss all the different types of spaniel breeds. You can find them in various sizes, shapes, colors, and coats. If you are looking forward to buying or adopting a spaniel breed, read all the types, and you will find the perfect pet for yourself.

Breed TypeLife-span
American Cocker Spaniel11 to 15 Years
Boykin Spaniel11 to 15 Years
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel10 to 14 Years
English Cocker Spaniel10 to 14 Years
English Springer Spaniel11 to 14 Years
German Spaniel11 to 15 Years
King Charles Spaniel11 to 14 Years
Markiesje11 to 14 Years
Papillon12 to 16 Years
Russian Spaniel12 to 15 Years
Stabyhoun12 to 15 Years
Sussex Spaniel11 to 16 Years

Spaniel Breeds are an exciting companion for the family that is looking for a new active member. The exciting part of Spaniel dogs is they are available in different types. Reading about all the dog types helps us to understand which matches our ideal spaniel dog list.

1. American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel: spaniel breeds
American Cocker Spaniel: spaniel breeds
GROUPAmerican Kennel Club, Sporting
EXPECTED LIFE-SPANStraight with slight waves, Silky and Smooth coat
COATStraight with slight waves, Silky and Smooth coat
COLORUsually available in different parti-color and solid color patterns

American Cocker Spaniel is always misunderstood with English Cocker Spaniel. The fact is both the cocker spaniel are entirely different identities. “Cocker Spaniel” is very popular and familiar as working dogs. American Kennel Club (AKC) has accepted them for the past 18 years.

They have unique features that make them easily recognizable in the crowd. American Cocker Spaniel is very popular for their intelligence related to fieldwork. They have been successfully serving the police force for the past many years.

Though American Spaniel is successfully serving the policing and intelligence team, they need a lot of training off the field. American cocker is very possessive and adorable when it comes to a good companion. If you are looking for a companion for your family, American Cockers are good, all you need to keep in mind is they need a lot of training.

2. Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniel: spaniel breeds
Boykin Spaniel: spaniel breeds
GROUP11 to 15 years
EXPECTED LIFE-SPANSmooth and shining, medium lengthen coat
COATSmooth and shining, medium lengthen coat
COLORpopularly available in brown, rich lever, or dark chocolate colors

Boykin Spaniel is one of the best sporting members of the AKC. They are very popular as hunting dogs. They have an excellent instinct for smell and action. Being small in size, it becomes easier for the hunting partner to travel with them.

The exciting part to know, Boykins was initially bred only to hunt. Hunting is done in quite a moderate climate, which means they are perfect in moderate climate places. Have you ever noticed that Boykins have webbed toes that are very helpful for them while swimming? Yes! You read it right, Boykin Spaniel dogs have webbed toes, which makes them perfect for swimming quickly.

Boykins has long ears that fall till their jawlines with long, wavy, or straight hairs. Boykins is charming and innocent if you adopt them as an additional member of the family. They are very protective and can nicely socialize if appropriately trained. Boykins are very active and love to keep themselves engaged. So, are they perfect for your family?

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: spaniel breeds
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN10 to 14 years
COATLong and silky-smooth coat. Feathering long hairs near the ears, tails, and legs
COLORAvailable in brown and black shades. Some of them are very cute when they have white spots on their body

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s dog breeds are more familiar now than in the past. In earlier days, they were popular as royal dogs. Most of the royal families in the United States were acknowledged as royal dogs. Cavaliers are considered one of the most miniature types of spaniels. According to the research, their toy-like features have made them one of the most admired dog breeds.

Cavalier has a good intelligence sense. They are not extremely intelligent and spontaneous like the other spaniel breeds. Cavaliers’ calm natures make them perfect as a family dog. They are very quiet and innocent.

4. English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
English Cocker Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
GROUPAKC, Sporting
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN 10 to 14 years
COATshort or middle length, smooth and shining coat. Long hairs on the ears and soft inches all around the body
COLOR They are available in black and brown shades that look beautiful on their coat

English Cocker Spaniel is an exciting spaniel breed. They are one of the best-hunting dogs. They originally come from England. English Cockers are highly active and influential. They are very spontaneous and react immediately to your orders. Having strong instincts with smell, English Cocker is good at searching or hunting dog breeds.

Unlike the American cocker, English Cocker is brilliant and intelligent off-field as well. If you are looking for a dog breed that gives you complete companionship and is competent enough, believes it English Cocker spaniel dogs are the best always. If you train them well, they turn out to be the best guardians in your absence. So, are they the ones for your family?

5. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
English Springer Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
GROUPAKC, Sporting
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN11 to 14 years
COATMid Length, glossy or shinning, wavy topcoat. Soft undercoat.
COLORoften seen in liver, black or white shades

English Springer Spaniel is very popular as a hunting dog. . They have a powerful instinct for smell and observation skills. Thus, back in the 1900s, they were bred for hunting purposes. They were even recognized as part of the Gundog Breed Group. English Springer Spaniel breeds are very popular as hunting and guardian dogs.

English Springers are very quick in learning and socializing. However, they are very attentive and observing when a new face comes into contact. They take their own time to recognize the person or the other animal and later socialize.

Being a hunting or working dog breed, English Springers need many daily exercises to maintain their health and routine. They even need proper grooming to maintain the beauty and texture of their coat. Other than that, English Springers make a wonderful family pet. They love to be loved.

6. German Spaniel

German Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
German Spaniel: spaniel dog breeds
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN11 to 15 years
COATthey have smooth and shiny short hairs all over their body and long silky-smooth hairs on their ears
COLORShades of brown and tanned blacks are very popular amongst them. Popular with shades of brown with markings of white polka spots

German Spaniel Breed is one of the dogs that has been named after the Deutscher Wachtel Hund. German Spaniels are the best at retrieving and tracking objects and subjects. They are powerful with their observation powers and smell instincts. They are as accommodating as working animals.

German Spaniel breed is small in size yet has a muscular body type. If you ever notice them closely, you will see their masculine body. Being a sporting dog is a must for every owner to make sure that your German spaniel regularly exercises.

If planning to adopt a German Spaniel, definitely go ahead. Though being an owner, you will have to invest in their grooming needs. They have a dense and silky-smooth coat that can sustain its beauty if brushed daily. Train them from a very young age to make sure that they socialize well with their surrounding.

7. King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel: spaniel dog
King Charles Spaniel: spaniel dog
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN11 to 14 years.
COATSmooth and short coat with long
COLORKing Charles is mainly seen with the brown and white patch, which is very cute. They are even available in brown shades as well

Only a few people know that King Charles Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles are different types of spaniels related to each other. Both the types of spaniels are related as cousins to each other. Unlike all the other spaniels who have been hunters since the very beginning, King Charles is living a royal life. Because of their small height and lack of energetic personalities, they were considered in the Toy group.

The royal families of England adopted Charles Spaniel. The royal personality and features of the spaniel made them the royal pet dog. Charles, since then, has been accepted as a royal dog. King Charles is popularly seen with a tan and black coat which adds a royal personality look to the spaniel breed.

If you plan to adopt a King Charles Spaniel, let us assure you that the breed needs high maintenance. Charles Spaniel, being a royal style breed, have comparatively higher grooming, living, and other needs. Thus, to help them maintain their royal personality and lifestyle, you will have to invest in them. Other than that, King Charles is the best as a family companion. Especially if you are living in apartments, King Charles is the best.

8. Markiesje

Markiesje: spaniel dog
Markiesje: spaniel dog
GROUPToy, Dutch Kennel Club (DKC)
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN11 to 14 years
COATLong, silky-smooth, and straight or wavy coat
COLORExtremely bright shiny black coat and sometimes with white patches or markings

Markiesje is very popular, yet unfortunately not recognized by the American Kennel Club. After trying its best, it was finally recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club (DKC). Markiesje is very active and they confidently stand out, just like the other types of spaniel dogs. They have the traits of the spaniel. Though they are not any hunting or sporting dogs, they carry the same characteristics.

Markiesje is small in size, but they are very active and spontaneous. If you train them well from a very young age, they nicely socialize with other dog breeds and humans around. Their sleek, smooth, and shining body and coat make them look attractive. Even small children feel attracted towards this spaniel dog.

If you are looking for a dog that loves to keep itself engaged with some of the other activities, Markiesje is the best option for you.

9. Papillon

Papillon: spaniel dog
Papillon: spaniel dog
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN12 to 16 years
COATfrilled, straight, silky, and long coat
COLORwhite, tan, particolored with various markings or patches

With the name itself, one can identify that Papillons have their roots in France. Papillons were named after their butterfly structured ears. They are full of life and energy. Please do not judge their ability based on their size only, they look small, but they are highly enthusiastic. Even though being in the toy group of spaniel breeds, Papillons are very intuitive and alert. They have high intelligence, and thus owners usually prefer to keep exercising their mental abilities.

Even though papillons are toy dogs, they have the routine of a working dog. They require daily exercise. Exercising daily helps to maintain and strengthen their health. They belong to a working breed; their traits prove it. Extremely energetic and active, Papillons keep themselves engaged in activities and games.

If you plan to have an exciting pet full of joy and liveliness, Papillons are the one. They have an uncommon life span of 17 healthy years. Proper training from a very young age will help them socialize better with others.

10. Russian Spaniel

Russian Spaniel: spaniel dog
Russian Spaniel: types of spaniels
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN12 to 15 years
COATThick, smooth, short, and wavy coat
COLORbrown, red, or white with black spots

Russian Spaniel Breeds are the complete copy of their ancestors Cocker Spaniel. They belong to the working group. Having a perfect muscular body, they are very energetic and spontaneous. Though they are not a part of the American Kennel Club, they are very good at hunting and retrieving.

Even though they are smaller in size than the other spaniel breeds, they are very energetic and active. They are the best at obeying orders. Though they need proper training, they have excellent grasping power. Russian Spaniel breeds are the perfect hunting partners.

They are brilliant and self-responsive. Russian Spaniels need not be ordered to do something, if once the routine is set, they carry on with their schedules, giving you relief. They are not just brilliant, but even loving and attractive.

11. Stabyhoun

Stabyhoun: types of spaniels
Stabyhoun: types of spaniels
GROUPAKC, Sporting
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN12 to 15 years
COATsilky-smooth mid-length coat
COLORoften seen in white, orange, and sometimes black

”Stabyhoun” – the phrase that means “stand by my dog” in Dutch. That is how they got their name. Stabyhoun belongs to the sporting group, popularly known as hunting spaniel dog breeds.

Stabyhoun makes a perfect dog for families as well. Being a working dog, they like to keep themselves engaged. They are brilliant and intelligent. You can say they are even spontaneous to the others given by the owner or their masters.

Stabyhoun makes a perfect family dog. Just make sure to take them for proper exercising to maintain their health. They are adorable and innocent when they are left with small children at times, they are even very protective and caring towards them.

12. Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel: types of spaniels
Sussex Spaniel: types of spaniels
GROUPAKC, Sporting
EXPECTED LIFE-SPAN11 to 16 years
COATfeathered ears with mid-length, straight coat
COLORgolden liver, rich, and orange with white patches

The Sussex Spaniel is the best as the Sporting spaniel breeds. They are brilliant and intelligent. They have an excellent instinct for smell and listening skills. The species was mainly acknowledged for its sharp observing skills. Sussex Spaniels have been serving in the police for many years now. They are very spontaneous to the orders they are given.

With aging factors, their speed decreases, but a proper engagement of their brains with activities will restore their smartness and mental health. Daily physical activity is a must for Sussex Spaniels. They need a regular long walk twice a day to maintain their health.

Sussex Spaniels, as a family pet, are worth being adopted. . They are very obedient and respectful towards their master. They need love and care, just as they do for their family. Proper training them from a young age can socialize with them better.

Are Spaniel Breeds the Right Choice for the Family?

We are pretty sure after reading the entire blog, you must be clear that even though spaniel breeds are working dogs, they make a perfect family dog as well. Some types of spaniels need the proper amount of training to adjust and socialize. Otherwise, they are smart enough.

If you are planning to adopt Spaniel Breeds as a companion, you can happily go for them. Every type of Spaniels has its own needs and requirements to live a long and healthy life. Just make sure to consider their needs while adopting them.

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