Kangal Dog

Few people cannot resist loving animals and having a pet that matches your personality is a blessing. If you would search then you would be able to see that dogs are the best companion of any human being. There are so many varieties of dogs that you would always be able to find your best paw friend. You would be amazed to know that in ancient times people used to keep dogs as a guard. This thing is still alive in the present days which is great. Let’s see some Kangal Dog.

There are so many guard dogs available in the present day. The Kurdish Kangal dog is a type that is known for protecting families. Since ancient times. The Kangal shepherd dog is again a much-loved dog species. That always looks after the family that takes care of the dog which is great. 

If you are planning to have Kangal puppies in your home then here are a few things. That you need to know about them and after that, you can decide whether you want thing dog or not:

The Main Purpose of This Dog:

This dog is not at all a toy dog rather it is a huge dog that people bring just to protect their home. Also, this is one of those basic strong dogs that are not at all fancy. People who have sleeps or other domestic animals often get this dog. So that this dog can protect such domestic animals from wild animals. It is clear that these dogs are very strong and they have a protective nature which is a great thing for sure. 

Kangal Dog

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So even if you don’t have domestic animals as such but still you want a dog. That would protect your home and family then Kangal dog can be the best option for your home.

Size of This Dog:

Just like any other guard dog, this dog is also very big and it has the potential to fight with any wild animal and its body size compliments the purpose of this dog which is a great thing for sure. The size of this dog is one of the reasons that you need to be trained for training this dog otherwise things can get a bit complicated that you might not want for sure. 

If you would consider the weight of this dog then they can have a body weight of about 145 pounds or so which seems to be heavy for sure. They can have a height of about 30 to 32 inches which is again huge and so they cannot adjust in apartments rather they seek open spaces and if you would keep them in small spaces then they would fall sick and would also become depressed at the same time so you need to be careful in this case.

The Lifespan of The Kangal Puppies:

The death of a pet is hard to accept thing and it is more like losing the best companion of yours so people try to get dogs that can live for the maximum time and this dog is one of them for sure. If you would be able to keep this dog under care and maintenance then you would be able to enjoy their company for the longest time which is a great thing. 

Kangal Dog

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The average lifespan of this dog can be 12 years to 15 years. But in some cases, it has been seen that this dog can be alive for some more years as well. So you need to take better care of this dog and good meals and checkups can be the best options in this case. That you should never ignore in case you want your dog for the longest time in your life.

The Appearance of This Dog:

This dog appears big with woggle ears that are dark in color. It has a huge head with a huge black nose. This dog is covered in medium-sized fur all over its body which looks cool.

Kangal Dog

Source: evansmillcattleco.com

Color of This Dog:

This dog usually comes in a tan color though you would be able to find the rich tag and beige color as well and you would be able to see that the neck area of this dog is kind of dark and it has a black spot on the face. The ear of this dog also appears dark brown to black in color. You would also be able to find brown spots on other parts of this dog which complements the look of this dog well.

Kangal Dog

Source: evansmillcattleco.com

Training of Kangal dog:

This dog is very peaceful so it becomes easy to deal with them but this dog is not at all for the first time dog owners. If you want to train this dog best then you have to know about their temperament. Also, the way they can understand your commands. You have to start training this dog while it is still in puppyhood. As it would be easy for you as well as for the dog at the same time.


If this dog would not work out then it would keep on gaining weight since it consumes a lot of food. So, it becomes important to make them exercise regularly. You would have to make sure that this dog is getting at least 45 minutes to one hour time for proper exercise. This even includes running and you can have a good time with it since this dog is quite active which is a great thing for sure. 

Kangal Dog

Source: dogkangal.com


This dog is a peaceful one but you never know when it would turn violent. Because at the end of the time the main purpose of this dog is to protect your family. To do its duty it would go on to any extent. Otherwise, this dog is very cool and it is also good for children. This is a great thing and you can even leave your children with this dog and they would have a good time together.

Social Well Being:

This dog is quite social until something would bother it. If it would feel that his master is being threatened by anything. Then it can get violent super quick and that is the time when it becomes kind of impossible to calm down. This dog and because of such an attitude this dog is counted as one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. In many places, people avoid having this dog.

Kangal Dog

Source: dog-learn.com

Health Complications:

This dog is one of those dogs that rarely get any kind of health complication and if you want a companion that would not fall sick often then you can choose this dog for sure. Apart from hip dysplasia, this dog doesn’t get affected by any random health complications but you should always make sure to take this dog for monthly checkups as that is very important.

Kangal Dog

Source: 101dogbreeds.com

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It is very easy to maintain this dog because this dog knows how to live healthily. So most of the time it can take care of itself and would not need any human assistance for long. You might have to clean this dog once in a while at the same time. Also, you would also have to keep on trimming the nails of this dog. You have to make sure that you serve healthy food to this dog as it is most important in this case.

These were everything that you need to know about the Kangal dog. 

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